Ideal Educational Resource
Vylinh Nguyen
I am a MS and HS speech and debate coach. I recommend your podcast to all my students, so they can hear what nuanced, witty, balanced discourse sounds like. Your guests are knowledgeable and diverse, and the Oxford-style format with audience polling before and after is perfect. Thank you for this ideal educational resource for both my students and me.
Highly Recommend!
This is a great podcast if you want smart, reasoned debate about a broad range of fascinating topics. They do a fantastic job at getting experts across all fields and perspectives to provide thought-provoking commentary on some of the most challenging aspects of modern society.
Live the civil discourse
Florida is weird
Love this podcast. Sometimes it makes me change my mind. It always makes me think.
no longer debates
This podcast used to be the I2 debates and they were often quite good. Now it is increasingly interviews. I'm not sure why they would do this... why not create some other podcast for non-debate content? Also, it seems the quality of the debates has become less interesting over the last year or so.
More Jake Sullivan
High level, evidence-based, respectful discussions. Worth your time.
Important today
There is little of importance in this world that can be considered a black and white issue. Even when you think you’re all in on one side of a debate, just by hearing the other side you can better understand the full context of the topic. When you hear a debate like this, you’re bound to be more aware of the complexities of the issue which you can incorporate into your own discourse on the topic. And maybe you’ll change your mind!
Need some rigor and balance on the issues?
Rigorous debate in the best sense of the word- balanced, aggressive but respectful, evidence based in most cases. Makes you think and get off your high horse assumptions
We all need more IQ^2
I enjoy podcasts like JRE, Tim Ferriss, and Sam Harris, but, with no disrespect to the aforementioned authors, conversational podcasts are a unique type of echo chamber. Intelligence Squared is something that is sorely needed in today’s world- by bringing highly qualified individuals to the stage and sharing the shift in votes, IQ^2 truly helps one develop a more sophisticated, and patient, discourse around contentious topics. Cheers!
I love the debates
My only complaint, I don’t live on the East coast; no ability to attend.
Brilliant podcast
Best podcast I’ve listened to in a while- each time I listen to an episode I learn something new. The structure presents a balanced viewpoint and the speakers are experts in their respective fields
Good but becoming bias
The Masochist in us all
Used to love this podcast, it now skews very left though. Still has more integrity than most news outlets discussing these issues.
I’ve listened to many podcasts, how ever the debate version of this podcasts is the best and simple way to understand the topic. The moderator does the best job than any news network present in recent days. There are no unnecessary arguments except one or two debates which they conduct so far. I strongly recommend this to “millennials” because some of them lack a clear direction of what’s right and what’s wrong these days (just a concern, not pointing out flaws). Thank you IQ2 for the best podcasts and debates.
Breath of fresh air
Are you sick of hearing biased media portray their viewpoint? Are you tired of sensationalism? Do you miss hearing real and intelligent discussions about today’s real topics? You found the place: Intelligence Squared. I’m only disappointed that I didn’t find this podcast sooner. It’s refreshing to hear real debates without the slant and doom and gloom. I do wonder whether the audience, whom votes on the winner, is somewhat biased based on the geographic location the debate takes place and the prevalent political views of the area. With that in mind, it is still a great podcast.
What happened to debate?
Doug Goldstein
Although I have greatly enjoyed many debates on the podcast, I tuned in to the episode, “Hate speech in America,” which completely shattered the even-handed reputation of the show. Having a conversation with two people who can make unchallenged assertions ends up being a politically charged show instead of an educational event. When Thane suggested that CNN and the New York Times were purveyors of truth instead of progressive mouthpieces, I had to stop listening. Please bring back real debate.
Alyssa 😺
I can’t believe I didn’t find this podcast sooner. I absolutely love it! This is what people need - to hear both sides of controversial arguments displayed by experts in those fields. In a culture that is increasingly ignorant to other’s perspectives, this is an oasis of open mindedness and informed, civil discussion.
Bold and interesting proposals, but better when there is no Audience
Bretty Brett
Some debates are held in front of a live audience. This is not great. Debaters, as human beings, can’t keep themselves from playing to the audience - witty jabs, whataboutism, and demagoguery. It’s all unproductive for debate. It’s distracting, and needlessly frustrating. The most interesting debates are the one-on-ones with no live audience. They should do that more.
Turning into merely a platform for leftist views
Alden Guy
Used to enjoy this podcast. The last few episodes have been horrible. For instance the one entitled “Has the TransAtlantic relationship been irreparably harmed” just turned into a bunch of whining by two leftists about their dislike of Trump. The moderator did a horrible job. Never once did he bring up the fact that part of the disagreement between America and Europe was the fact that Europeans were not paying their agreed share of GDP for the defense. The fact that they were freeloading off of the US taxpayer! This sad podcast has just turned into a leftist a screed.
EVERYONE should listen to this!
We need more of this type of podcast/radio programming. Intelligent debate by educated people who are experts in their fields. I simply love to listen to different points of view when the person who is stating them is not shouting. Sure these debates are spirited but never mean-spirited. If you consider yourself a political centrist, a learner or a curious person you will love this podcast and will want to subscribe immediately. If you are a political extremist or do not crave knowledge you may not want to listen but you really should, you will probably surprise yourself on how you feel on an issue once it’s been intelligently debated.
Fake Dog
doughboy duda
I have two fake service dogs whose names shall remain anonymous who love the intrigue of it all. It’s all really sad, my boys are highly trained by me, yet you call my carnales fake. Maybe you’d like Pepe and Osito on your show and test them with your real service dogs thank you for the info but we don’t need no stinking badges, vests or papers
Outstanding and engaging.
I often find myself being tickled by a few of the quick wit jabs here and there. But, it all makes it so engaging. This podcast has also challenged me to look into certain topics, and actually study them. I’ve written down and ordered some of the books from select episodes on subject matter I would probably be too afraid to approach. But, this podcast has encouraged me to tackle subjects I thought I wouldn’t be able to understand, and has allowed me to engage others in very stimulating conversation and debate.
Well informed debates on the topics that matter
Solace from the Storm
In a time when buzzwords like “fake news” and “polarization” have left us unsure of truth, centrism, and compromise, iq2 is there to provide diverse and thorough viewpoints on otherwise difficult-to-swallow topics, like abortive care, illegal immigration, and the U.S. economy. We need this!
Always interesting topics!!
Great topics with knowledgeable guests.
Always well done. Moderated, intelligent, civil debate between experts in each field, about interesting and timely topics. Thought provoking, informative, and a model for discussion and civil disagreement that we can all benefit from. Sincere thanks.
more important & controversial topics please
Oyster Anpu
This program is awesome in so many ways. I particularly love conversations about tough issues without the word “racist” being thrown to the other side. Update: this is the best podcast ever, hope you guys could choose more bold topics like before, do not cave to political correctness! Thanks for the great work.
Well done
Worried this might go down the “Crossfire rabbit-hole” that Jon Stewart so famously destroyed with his single appearance on the show back in the 2000. However, I’ve listened to two episodes so far and this show sticks to debate principles that isn’t just the “debate for the shake of debate” sideshow we see on cable news every night.
So enjoyable!
Raman Pfaff
I really love hearing every episode. So refreshing compared to the daily insanity of our society.
Still Relevant
Enjoy Goin back And Listening To The Debaters Discuss Topics Currently Affecting Us More Profoundly Speaking To Which Speakers Were Correct Most The Time
Fair and respectful debating!
The debates are very clear and concise; there is no fighting for the spotlight or pointed comments. You can tell that each of the debaters have respect for each other and are willing to have a conversation about their different opinions which is very rare in the current social climate. This podcast is great for anyone to listen to, whether you are well versed in politics, or just a novice. The debaters articulate their thoughts well, and back up their opinions with facts to further explain their points. The follow up questions seem to be fair between different opinions as well, not one side is favored. It was a very engaging debate and kept me interested the entire time, even when I was in disagreement with the debater. It's interesting to hear opposing views bounce off of each other and how one side views the same concept differently than the other. I definitely learned a lot about both sides and opened my mind to different points of view on current issues in the U.S and around the world.
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates Review
Natalie Garrido - MDC
I appreciate the podcast of Intelligent Squared U.S. Debates Unresolved National Security. It was a real engaging and informative and appeals to students as well as business professionals. The panelists were at times critical and expressed their true concerns for our national safety. The brainpower in that room was impressive! It was at times funny as they bounced ideas at each other. Other times it was passionate, while expressing credible and informative information. It seemed like more of a conversation than a debate which for me and was very enjoyable. I learned so much in such a short amount of time of what is going on in the world around us. There are so many things for us to be concerned about. I liked the podcast so much, that I watched the video as well to see the faces behind the voices. Thank you so much for posting this!
Apolitical, insightful, and respectful. What should be the norm, but isn’t. A great way to learn about a variety of topics from experts in their fields.
IQ debates can open your eyes to a different point of view
par in dc
What I love about Intelligence Squared debates is how it can open you up to a different point of view. More than I few times I came to a debate with my mind already made up about a subject, but after listening carefully to the debaters, choose the opposite side by the end of the debate. And when I end up sticking to one side, at least I understand the argument for the other side much better. Very mind expanding. I also recommend going to see a live debate if you can. It's a fun show....and you get to vote!
Most recent episode on Silicon Valley
Normally I find this podcast to be a great place for debate. The host is even handed and is down the middle. This is in spite of the fact that every issue you can’t at least come in with an idea of where you stand. I’ve listened to episodes where I’m whole heartedly on one side of an argument but respect the debate on both sides and appreciate the host calling balls and strikes. The most recent episode however on Silicon Valley has forced me to unsubscribe and write and review this podcast. I’ve listened for over three years and have respected John Donvan until this episode. I don’t know if Intelligence Squared is getting donations from Silicon Valley or what, but I’ve never heard Mr. Donvan more opinionated in a debate where it felt like he was trying to tip the scales. Also the to debating for the proposition were two of the worst debate duo I’ve ever heard. I hate to say this about a podcast I’ve loved for a long time, but I’ve lost respect for the host and the integrity of the show. And those two things are the most important tenants a podcast like this can have.
What happen to intelligence?
I used to love this program, they created insightful debates about important issues like health care and international diplomacy. The quality and preparedness of the debaters offered real insight. I always finished the show feeling like I had learned something. I recommended Intelligence Squared to all my friends. This season they are dealing with tough issues like: “Is Trump Bad for Comedy?” Huh? What happened? I can’t express my disappointment enough. Hoping I can start posting five star rating again soon.
You Bias Is Showing
I used to love this podcast when it was even handed and unbiased - or at least when it appeared to be. Now the anti-Trump rhetoric is inescapable, even in a place where vigorous debate is supposed to prevail. Hell, I didn’t even vote for the guy, but I’m just so tired of the hyperbolic, nonsensical, evidence-free, liberal hatred of all things Trump masquerading as intelligence. It’s gross. Its as if they still cannot figure out how Hillary lost and they’re frustrated hatred is oozing out uncontrollably. I’m done.
Brilliantly moderated
An insightful and stimulating podcast with an excellent moderator that keeps things impartial and civil!
Used To Be Good
I used to listen to these debates almost daily a few years ago, and there was some extremely good content. Recently, however, this platform has taken a clear left-wing bias, and the debates now feel more like political speeches to win votes than they do conduits of facts and information. Please, get back to neutrality and objectivity.
The best
Love this podcast!
Debate Lovers
Loving Liberty
Reasoned, structured debate at its best. Issues are fresh, debate is vibrantly cerebral on a variety of issues. And the best part is you aren’t distracted by viewing and casting decisions based on visuals.
The Great Debate(s)
Great podcast if you love solid debates and learning from opposing view points. Guests are well mannered and the moderator does a very good job. I would definitely recommend it to friends looking to hear both sides to a topic.
A respectable forum for people to debate relevant questions without all the talking past each other you see on cable news.
Cordial debates
The debaters are typically top-notch! The audiences can get out of control and their voting seems, at times, to be dishonest. People asking questions are often simpletons interested only in making political comments.
My favorite piece of media out there
Great discourse on relevant and interesting topics with a fantastic panel selection and phenomenal moderator. This podcast not only maintains the true spirit of debate but amplifies it and raises the bar for discourse in a day and age where it is much needed. I have had many deeply held beliefs brought into question, I have sometimes changed my mind, and I have always listened and learned. I love when in the course of an episode I find myself switching sides numerous times! Thank you for the intellectual and ethical stimulation.
Setting the Bar
What a different world it would be if our collective expectations of how we receive information and discuss issues mirrored the spirit of these debates. Thank you for this podcast.
The highest praise possible
Flando Maltrizian
Sometimes, the arguments on theis podcast will actually change your mind.
Left vs Lefter, every week, both sides, passing cheap shots at the president and his administration. Semi-interesting debates that have the potential to be much more.
Important. Amazing. Stimulating. A+
Civil discourse for the win
Intelligence squared accomplishes in less than an hour what a year of hours worth of TV news and presidential debates can’t. Well done.
One of my favorite podcasts.
Jérôme J.
Well-structured and interesting debates on timely subjects.
An Oasis of Civil Society
Thank you for the immeasurably important work you are doing to bring civilized debate to the world, perhaps when we need it the most.
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