I went cold turkey and I never came back
The Dice Tower is a podcast about board games Pros : It's been around forever. Tons of info. There are many different contributers to the show. Cons : Too much begging for money. With all those donations, why is the sound quality on Tom's end still garbage? Where does all that money go? Many of the contributers are painfully difficult to sit through, so I'm constantly fast forwarding through each episode. Episodes are far too long. Tom is such a butcher of the English language that it's to the point where I almost feel sorry for him. Conclusion : If you are into board games, then you undoubtedly already know of this show and you already like it, so go ahead and down-vote me because I'm not a sycophantic fan-boy like yourself. But ask yourself, why are you reading reviews for a show that you already know that you like? That's just plain weird. Anyway, I've listened to this podcast from the very start (though, I did take a few months off because co-host #2 Sam was unbearable), but about 2 months ago I decided to try not listening for a while and I'm glad I went cold turkey. I haven't gone back since and now I'm officially unsubscribed. Still, it's a very good resource for gaming info, so I'll give it three stars. 12/16/15
Solid every time!
Dicetower is a win every time. Loads of episodes and haven't hit a groaner yet. The Grand Poobah of gaming podcasts, give a listen then travel down the rabbit hole to meet the rest of the network. You won't be sorry!
Great Podcast
Tom does a great job of providing board games news and information. He was the first podcast I began to listen to and have expanded since then to other podcasts in the Dice Tower network. Keep up the great work Tom and Eric.
Fun, Addicting, and Informative
The Dice Tower but BETTER. I've just started to get back into board gaming and stumbled across this podcast. I LOVE IT! You can tell that the reviewers and contributors love games and love to play them. An excellent resource for anyone veteran or nube to the world of board gaming. Also guys the 24 hour live gaming is great. How about more of those and give away a seat at the table as a prize on the show?
Our go to for game reviews
john n deb
This podcast is a favorite of mine and the most consistent source for reviews and game play info. Thanks to your podcasts and videos we've found some of our favorite games for our game group and our family. We're hoping to find even more great gaming ideas from your future shows. Keep doing what you're doing guys.great show!
Best Podcast
This is my favorite gaming Podcast!! Well...my favorite podcast actually! =) Tom is so wonderful with giving great game reviews and opinions that everyone can relate to while inserting humor! LOVE IT! It is definitely a must listen (and I never thought I'd listen to podcasts) =) It's fun, it's informative, it's entertaining...what else could you want??
Dice Tower
Love it! Great info. Board Game Tales of Horror is my favorite section. Thanks Tom and Eric for a great podcast!
Great show on games
Enjoyable podcast about one of my very favorite hobbies, tabletop gaming! Tom and Eric make a great team and have interesting, colorful, well balanced and complimentary points of view on the subject and fames reviewed. Like most podcasts though, each episode runs a bit long. There are a lot of podcasts out there to listen to, please try to keep it under an hour.
Gaming info with a bit of everything
I love the variety of segments and topics covered in this podcast. The interaction between the hosts is great and they've got a wide variety of contributors so you get a good mix of viewpoints. The technical quality is also top notch.
Fun and funny!
This podcast is great. They have serious conversations about gaming but they also keep it fun and funny. The banter is great. You should definitely listen!
I love this podcast! Extremely informative on everything board gaming related. I love the review opinions.
I love this podcast!
These guys are great! Very informative!
Best of Category
I've dabbled with listening to other board gaming podcasts but I tend to lose interest. But TDT has always kept me coming back.
The Standard
Thomas A C
This podcast is the standard against which all other gaming related podcasts are measured. If you want to know what's going on in the board gaming world, this is the place to find out.
Very good board game podcast
Tom and Eric do a great job with this podcast. Every episode has many different regular segments that are always interesting and entertaining. I find out about new games and learn more about the hobby and industry with each episode.
Great family-friendly board gamer cast
I've listened to many of the board game podcasts out there, and the Dice Tower podcast with Tom and Eric is hands down the most informative. What makes them special is their 20-30 outside contributors (board game designers, publishers and fellow podcasters) that jump in to answer questions of the week and contribute to their topic. Every other episode includes a top ten, so you can find your favorite genre of game and listen to what Tom and Eric + their contributors think are the cream of the crop in that genre. Finally, they don't curse! And now because of them I'm listening to a few of the other podcasts in the Dice Tower Network, a network of podcasts Tom has created to bring information to the gaming public. These guys deserve a medal for their public service. Thanks Tom and Eric!
Great Fun - just like great board games
Great information on new games. Tom and Eric are great together, and they are not afraid to disagree with each other, which provides great insight. Love the top 10 lists. Keep up the great work.
The podcast that gave me a new love.
Tom and Eric opened my life to the joy of board games and have earned my trust on which games I should spend my hard earned money on. The podcast is entertaining and informational.
Best board game podcast
There is no question, the dice is the best gaming podcast.
Amazing board game podcast
Out of all the gaming podcasts I listen to, Dice Tower continues to be my favorite. Tom and Eric have great chemistry together and never cease to entertain. They do nice review and overviews of games, updates on the big news and their top 10 lists are great. Highly reccomend.
Stellar board gaming podcast
If you are a fan of the board gaming genre, this podcast is a must-listen. Tom and Eric are excellent hosts, crafting a show that is informative as well as entertaining. Each episode brings us industry news, discussion on recent releases, and segments that run the gamut from the best party games to the science of gaming mechanics. The tone is light, family friendly, and always funny. Highly recommeded!
Best Board Game Show!
Great top ten lists and helpful reviews!
The best.
Well I could write a nice long review talking about all the different cool stuff the dice tower talks about but I'm just gonna sum it up. The dice tower is the best podcast about modern board games (in my openion). Give it a shot it's free!
Hit no miss
I listen to this more than I actually play board games.
so entertaining
I've been listening to this podcast since February 2011 and I have to say it's my favorite. Tom and Erick have great chemistry and keep listeners in the loop with board gaming news. I especially love the enhanced version.
A Variety Show for Boardgamers!
Tom & Eric do a thorough job of addressing all of the various aspects of modern-day boardgaming. Design (and designers), stores, conventions, and many other play aspects are addressed in numerous ways: through interviews, top-10 lists (my favorite), and thorough game reviews. Further, they incorporate excellent essays and commentary from BG bloggers from throughout the US and Europe (I find Moritz' work particularly insightful). Many references to other podcasts and websites make this a "Must Listen" show for anyone who enjoys serious boardgaming. Cheers! Vivacious (Jerry Palmroos)
Great podc
Kurt from Connecticut
Erick is a great podcast, the other guy seems to have a thick korean accent.
Board Game Podcast
Great site to get info on all the different board games available.
Old Faithful
The Dice Tower was the first podcast I listened to, several years ago. I have added many others to my playlists, and some have been favorites for a time. But The Dice Tower always reclaims my number one spot eventually. It's like your favorite T-shirt--unassuming, but so comfortable you never miss a chance to wear it. Plus, Tom's industriousness has established him as one of boardgaming's leading dignitaries. Check out his podcast, plus his audio, video, and written reviews.
The dice tower, a perfect 10!
The dicetower is a GREAT show for board gamers. Each week there Tom & Eric each share a fun list of 10 board games that are there favorite on a common theme. The interaction between Tom and Eric is great as they banter about new games... or (to Tom's dismay) discuss Merchant of Venus one more time. There are a host of contributors that also share their perspective and unique view points on a common theme, or something completely off the wall. One example is Geoff Engelstein explores statistical sides of games, but it is amazingly enjoyable. And Mary, Mark, Giles, Moritz... all of the contributors are all great. If you enjoy modern board games and want to hear about new games, classic games, and mostly enjoy hearing about the people who play games, this is a great show for you. Now I must "Shut that door."
The definitive boardgaming podcast
If you are interested in modern strategy boardgames, this is a great source of news, reviews, and opinions. Tom and Eric are excellent hosts, and they have a really interesting lineup of contributors from around the world commenting on games old and new. They cover a wide range of games including Euros, wargames, party games, dexterity games, and more.
I really got into gaming....
...just a couple of years ago and it is only now that I'm finding all these wonderful board gaming podcasts...Of all of them, The Dice tower is top notch. A pretty professional production. Great reviews. Don't worry about the 40-60+ minutes of the podcast; when you start listening you just don't want the show to stop. Give The Dice tower a try-The show is pretty awesome.
The premier Board Gaming Podcast
Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer put together a fantastic podcast, talking about everything board game related, including reviews, sessions, opinions and even design. Their guest podcasters are top notch, providing different views on each topic. If you only get one Board Game podcast, this is the one.
Don't miss it
A top notch, well produced podcast about the boardgaming hobby. News, reviews, features - its all here. Plus, Tom and Eric (well, at least Eric) are engaging and enjoyable to listen to. If you are interested in what's new in boardgames, don't miss The Dice Tower.
The Best Boardgame Podcast Out There
Great podcast about boardgames. Tom and Eric do a fantastic job of reviewing lots of games. The contributors are funny and informative. The top 10 lists make you think about games, or categories of games you normally wouldn't. Keep up the great work.
THE podcast for board game lovers
I have been listening to this podcast since it's inception. I have always found it informative and entertaining.However Tom, and most recent co-host, Eric have hit a stride that's hard to beat for anyone interested in board and card games. This show has had three stages of development through three different co-hosts. In it's youth, Tom and Joe were finding there way. Different theme songs and segments came and went, sound quality was pretty poor, and reviews were given in a hesitating, not so sure of myself kind of way. With Sam, Tom was more practiced, like an adolescent, but still searching for a solid format. The Top Ten list has been the best and enduring feature of the show, and Tom wisely decided to keep this going. But again, segments were tried and thrown out. The reviews and top ten segments could be really, really, really rambling and convoluted. But the show, basically Tom, was improving all the time. That brings us to today. The Dice Tower has reached adulthood. The show has a professional sound now. Eric is a top notch speaker. No Sam rambling and mispronunciations. Love Sam, but not a great speaker. Eric also discusses some quirky not often mentioned titles which is a refreshing change to Shadows over Camelot or Descent. Tom has progressed to where he could be a paid professional reviewer. Very sure of himself, strong opinions, well spoken and engaging. He also stirs it up with Eric just enough to be funny, but not a bully. The contributors have improved, the segments are more funny. Every aspect of the show is just better. Simply put, you're missing out on great gaming discussion if you miss this podcast
The BEST podcast for board gamers!
If you love board and card games, you simply have to subscribe to this podcast!
If you are going to listen to just one boardgaming podcast....
...this should be it. Sure, it's got the occasional lame joke or comment, but it is the best out there. With slightly opposing but oh-so-well-complemented points of view, Tom and Sam present news, reviews, and session reports of the latest and greatest designer board games out there. At the same time, their top 10 list of games by categories will help remind you of the classics of yesteryear. The occasional commentary from 'experts' in the hobby add even more variety to an already comprehensive show full of informative segments. I only wish we had more on wargames... but then again, there are other podcasts out there that scratch that itch.
Great podcast!
Tom and Sam are not only entertaining, but also informative. I particularly like the international perspective they bring. (Both of them live in South Korea.)
On my top ten
This is a entertaining and informative podcast. I was just getting into gaming and the reviews and top 10 lists were very helpful for me to decide what kind of games are available and fun to play. I recommend it highly.
Great show
Tom, Sam and the crew put out a great show every two weeks and it's chock full of boardgaming goodness. If you are even remotely interested in the hobby this is a must have.
A "must subscribe"!
Contests, news, top ten lists, special guests, and more. Tom and Sam and engaging hosts, the podcast production value is high, and they always have excellent information. A great way to keep up to date on the pulse of the board game hobby.
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