Thank you, Levi Lusko, I pray that God continues to use you to speak truth with honesty, passion and vulnerability. I pray that our Heavenly Father preserves you to do his work till he takes you home. May the Wolf in your heart continue to rise! -Luke Kember
Commitment calling
This spoke straight to my marriage. So impactful Gods using your ministry for his glory. I’m in a battle of tug and war with my marriage and I waged war with Christ!
Thank you
I just attended Passion Camp which is a Christian camp and Levi preached there twice. Both of his messages were very impactful and so are the messages here on the podcasts. I’ve been listening to him for a while and I was sooooo excited that he was going to Passion. He’s such a good teacher and follower of God.
Pastor Levi’s sermons are practical and life changing if applied
I stumbled upon Levi Lusko listening to K-Love and their one minute of inspiration. I could never remember his name when I got home as I was always driving. Fast forward I moved back to my hometown in Montana and found out his church was a 15 minute walk from my house. I had no idea he was located there. Been going to Freshlife church ever since and it’s totally changed my life from a miserable life to living an abundant life. I’m so thankful for this podcast and freshlife church. Apply what he teaches and your walk with the Father will be life changing for sure.
True Teacher of the Gospel
I stumbled onto this podcast after hearing Pastor Levi on Air1 in Houston. What an awesome story and inspiration! I would encourage you to listen to a sermon. You won’t be disappointed. He is a true teacher of the gospel. I travel frequently for my job and listen to him on planes, trains and automobiles!
One of the best
Levi is a gifted teacher with a wonderful sense of humor and a big, loud love for Christ. He says it like it is and no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, he’ll say something you need to hear.
Great wisdom and delivery
Pastor Lusko delivers great wisdom with humor and it is broke down in manageable and understandable parts. Great to learn complex topics.
Fresh Life Church, Lusko and this podcast will change you. Listen closely. Pay attention.
Love the content but can you please increase the volume on these. I listen to a lot of podcast during my gym time and this podcast by far is the hardest to hear.
I’m so thankful to be able to listen to Levi regularly. It has been a few years since I first heard him at an O2 experience at PBC Plano, TX. The whole atmosphere that night was fire. It was when my son walked down that aisle and gave his life to Christ that I knew there was a difference in the way Levi presents the gospel that reaches the hearts of young people today. So grateful to be able to listen each week along with my pastor and others that truly get what’s important, coming to Jesus.
Life changing
Levi Lusko has changed my life. His teachings are so relatable and you can tell he does his research. He’s captivating and motivating. I highly recommend this podcast and his books!
Young but wise
My wife and I have been struggling with our marriage. We started listening to Levi after hearing him speak a little on klove. We are growing strong again and I hope to shake this mans hand one day and thank him for doing Gods work.
dbl mac
Amazing and inspiration
Thank you
Thank you Pastor Lusko for teaching the truth of Scripture and bringing in others who do the same. May God be praised and may He continue to use you and your family for His glory.
Thank you Pastor Levi and everyone at Fresh Life Church! Because of your ministry on podcast, my heart has been reconnected with God! God knew exactly what I needed, and he sent me to you! I’ll be waiting for a Fresh Life to open up in Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Life Changing
Rumple Strip was the first podcast I started listening to during my difficult time. Every word resonated throughout my heart. I gave my life to Jesus at the end of the podcast. I said the prayer as I broke down in tears. I will continue to listen throughout my journey. God bless you Pastor Levi and your family.
“Fresh” Perspective In every message!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Pastor Levi always breaks down scripture and communicates so effectively! His messages are easy to follow and full of life. So glad I found this church/podcast!
Love it
Love all the research and science that go into his messages! Powerful!
Beautiful Sermons
So inspirational, thank for your message!
Fresh Life For Real
I first heard of Pastor Levi at Hillsong NYC. This kind of church and worship was new for me. I was a seminary student and still am. But, what I have found from Pastors like Levi and Carl (Lentz) is a fresh perspective rooted and grounded in a passion for Jesus. I love it. Pastor Levi’s book Swipe Right has truly revolutionized my convictions on godly dating and how to pursue my dreams and God’s dream for me. Definitely check him out and you will not be let down. Allow yourself to hear the “simple gospel” and watch your life become extraordinary. Grateful for Pastor Levi and Fresh Life Church.
False teacher
Awesome ministry
Love pastor Levi and his ministry. Always so interesting how he shares his love of God to everyone.
Soooo good!
Levi is something you rarely find in pastors: real and down-to-earth. He's funny, insightful, energetic, honest, and clever to boot. His approach to Biblical teaching is both sound and, you guessed it, fresh. The inclusion of many guest speakers keeps things lively and offers many different voices on how to find life and liberty in Christ.
Incredibly addictive gospel game!
Pastor Levi’s ability to convey the word of God and truths found therein have been an inspiration for me in my darkest times! Being able to flip on a sequence of spectacular sermons and work through the gritt of real life has shaped my family and myself over the years... being away from my own home and church for nearly two years, these podcasts and their availability have helped to hold my family together by training me, through the Holy Spirit, how to hear God in the desert, how to keep on keeping on. I could go on... but I’m sure you won’t be dissatisfied with these teachings! Years old, they are still relevant!
Levi is an inspiration that helps to find the path in darkness.
Love this podcast
I love the messages of this podcast. It always is so current and relevant to what is going on in my life and the culture. Wisdom and how to is astounding teaching to be gained.
Not good
Another young hip "preacher" with poor biblical knowledge and study. Watered down message.
Messages are incredibly moving. Love his perspective and transparency. I told my husband his church make me want to move to Montana. Thankfully we live in a time that I can listen to his podcasts or watch his sermons through the Flesh Life Church app.
What every millennial needs and what every christian needs to know to have the control they need to stay the course and ultimately give the world what is in their heart.
Tribe of LEVI
This kid preaches the WORD!
Sorry, I think Pastor Levi is genuinely a Christian and genuinely trying to serve God, but I was really turned off by his hyper-American parochialism and his tin ear when saying things related to people from other countries. Pastor Levi, why would you want to speak about other people that way?
Perfect for the millennial generation
Jonathan Bade
I appreciate this podcast so much because it relates scripture teachings to the millennial generation and the everyday world! I am a 32 year old Ronan catholic with a wife and 2 kids and have been listening to the podcast for about a week now. Messages are very funny at times yet very powerful! Thank you Levi for your ministry!
Pastor Levi, is such a wonderful blessing, the way he explains the bible is easy and very realizable to this new generation!! May God continue to pour his blessings on you and your family.
So cool to have sermons to listen to at work.thanks Levi! Go Montana ;)
Thank you!
I feel a part of your ministry in Tucson, AZ. Thank you for following Jesus Christ!
Let him drive
I heard him for the first time at Christian Faith Center in Seattle Awesome teacher and minister of the word of God.
Great messages by Pastor Levi!!
Solid teachings every week! I love listening to these as a supplemental to my own pastor ever Sunday.
inspiring, motivational, real, no sugar coating, transparent, incredible. Levi Lusko is an amazing pastor and an admirable man of God.
Changes People
This guy is awesome! I saw him teach when he came to Houston this past weekend at the O2 Experience. So good!
A man of God
Pastor Levi is a great example of God's work here on Earth. When he gives a sermon, it is clear enough for new converts & yet at the same, they are complex enough to leave a mark on your life (I mean that in a good way). Levi's preachings are so understanding & his metaphors he utilizes are explanatory to everyone. One more thing: Levi bases his sermons on the Scriptures unlike other pastors who don't, Levi is a man after God's own heart. God bless him, his family, & his ministry.
One of the greats
Levi Lusko will be and in my opinion already is, one of the greats. This guy is a modern Charles Spurgeon. Don't let his age fool you, he is like a 300 year old Christian that speaks in a modern language. He is simple enough for a baby Christian yet his teachings are complex enough to teach older mature Christians deep doctrines and Biblical truths. Praise God for you Levi and the work God has done through you to change this decrepid soul.
Life Impacting teachings!
Im from oregon and i just happened to run across these podcasts and have been very blessed and encouraged by them. Thanks, keep up the good work! :)
Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Levi is an awesome pastor. He preaches the absolute truth, and nothing but that. Also he has a huge heart for the lost keep it up pastor Levi! You inspire me on a daily basis to pursue the same kind of passion for the lost and all people. Thank you.
This is great. I am blessed by fresh life church each week!
Fantastic teaching
Derric Box
My family and I moved to Montana 6 years ago and are blessed to be able to sit under Levi's teaching each week. It is absolutely amazing to see how God is changing lives here in the Flathead valley because of Freshlife church.
Gifted Bible Teacher
R. Korman
I am a member of the church Levi's dad pas
Truly gifted
I never really thought that church could be exciting until I started going to Fresh Life. Levi has a way of making the Word come to life. I have never regretted listening to any of his teachings.
Hearing the Word in a new way
Pastor Levi is great to listen to on the road! Very entertaining and it's nice to hear the Word from a unique, youthful perspective. I live in SoCal and its nice to have access to a positive podcast during my travels (I'm in sales). Thank you for posting your sermons on iTunes!
Just great awesome radical amazing wonderful pleasantful peaceful graceful teaching from Levi!!!!! Keep up the good work:)
Words of life
Levi has a gift that is amazing. Great teacher one of my fav of all time
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