Evan Carmichael, Entrepreneurship and Truth-seeking |393|
Published October 26, 2018
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    Evan Carmichael has channeled his success into a passion for helping entrepreneurs.

    photo by: Skeptiko
    Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Evan Carmichael to Skeptiko. Evan is a successful entrepreneur who’s channeled his own success into a passion for helping others succeed in reaching their potential. He’s created an enormously successful YouTube channel and two excellent books. I really enjoy, Your One Word: The Powerful Secret of Creating a Business and Life That Matter and The Top 10 Rules for Success.
    Evan, welcome to Skeptiko. Thanks for joining me.
    Evan Carmichael: Thanks a lot Alex, and that voice, man, I should have had you do my audio book. That’s something special.
    Alex Tsakiris: Really? I just drank a smoothie, maybe that’s it.
    Evan Carmichael: Yeah, keep it. Yeah, keep the smoothie.
    Alex Tsakiris: So, you were just joking a minute ago, Skeptiko is generally a show about consciousness science… these “who we are, why are we here” big picture stuff, but in some ways that’s really just a cover story because what I’m really interested in is truth-seeking and truth-seekers and I think there’s a wonderful overlap with the stuff you’ve done about believing and about entrepreneurship. I was wondering if we could talk about that connection. So, right off the bat, do you see a connection between truth-seeking and this believing/entrepreneurship/reaching your full potential?
    Evan Carmichael: Yeah. I think everybody has Michael Jordan level talent at something, but we just done, one, realize what it is, we don’t try enough stuff, or two, we don’t believe in ourselves to go after it. I think the question of human potential is the world’s biggest problem. I think something like cancer should have been solved already. I think the woman who solves cancer is an accountant right now and hates her life, but she either, one, never tried biology, never got interested in it, never got the opportunity or she went after it but then it seemed to risky, it was a safe bet, somebody talked her down from it and she took the safer path to go and be an accountant.
    So, I think that’s everybody. I think Michael Jordan is just as talented as everybody else. I think we all have that ability inside of us and so that’s the path that I’m on, is trying to help people uncover that. Whether they become an entrepreneur or something totally different, that’s okay, but I think everybody has a well, a deep well of talent inside them and are meant for greatness.
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    Alex Tsakiris: Awesome. I don’t know if that really gets at the truth seeking thing, but that was so beautiful,
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