Cody Noconi, Can Entheogens Lead to Deep Spirituality? |360|
Published September 12, 2017
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    Cody Noconi of the Psilly Rabbits Podcast on whether entheogens and psychedelics lead to deep spirituality. 
    photo by: Skeptiko
    [Joe Rogan] My first DMT experience changed everything I thought about the world.
    The Joe Rogan podcast you’re listening to is hugely popular…
    [Graham Hancock] So that’s the aliens, an utterly alien realm, filled with alien intelligences who communicate, and of course, the skeptics say, “Oh, it’s all just made up in your brain, but we don’t know that.”
    This interview with Graham Hancock drew millions of listeners.
    It’s quite a statement regarding how far our culture has come in trying to understand the relationship between psychedelics and consciousness…
    [Spiral Out 90704] Let’s go to YouTube, Spiral Out 90704 coming at you.
    But this next clip may be even more remarkable.
    [Spiral Out 90704] In one of my videos, there was a comment left asking me if I could make a video explaining why I don’t use entheogens any longer.
    It’s from SpiralOut90704 and was published for the benefit of his 342 subscribers. It’s titled, ‘Why I no longer use entheogens’, and while the numbers may not be as impressive as the Joe Rogan interview with Graham Hancock, the thousands of trip reports available on YouTube may be an even more significant statement about what’s going with entheogens in our culture.
    But what does it all mean and what are we supposed to do? Graham?
    [Graham Hancock] Can we use changes in consciousness to understand the majestic complexity of the universe in which we live? And I think the answer is definitely yes.
    [Spiral Out 90704] People need to understand that the mind is a very fragile thing, it can be bent in so many strange directions and some people’s mind can’t be bent as much as others and remain intact.
    Stick around for a show on entheogens and my interview with Cody Noconi.
    Coming up next on Skeptiko…
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    Read Excerpts:

    Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Cody Noconi to Skeptiko. Cody is the creator and co-host of the Psilly Rabbits podcast. Psilly Rabbits is kind of a play on the idea of psilocybin, which is one of the things that Cody is very interested in talking about and bringing to people on his very interesting and relatively new podcast.

    Alex Tsakiris: And you guys will have to just tell people, if they check out your podcast, it isn’t like your usual kind of psychonaut, trippy, “Hey man,” I mean it’s like really intellectual and academic and you get all of these really smart people on there and there’s a lot of references to academic papers and research. So, that’s part of the angle that you bring to it, right Cody?
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