Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, God and the Afterlife – Science & Spirituality Have Collided |327|
Published September 21, 2016
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    New Near-Death Experience research from Dr. Jeffrey Long challenges science’s understanding of the afterlife.

    photo by: Skeptiko
    We’ve covered a lot of Near-Death experience science over the years, but I can’t think of a more important book than Dr. Jeff Long’s, God and the Afterlife. Jeff is not only a medical doctor, but a meticulous researcher who’s not afraid to follow the near-death experience data wherever it leads:
    Alex Tsakiris: Dr. Long, you’ve written this second book, God and the Afterlife. We’ve covered a lot of your background, and your long-time experience studying near-death experience science … and that you’re a physician, and that you’re careful about your research, but with that title, a lot of people are going to assume, this is a religious book. Did you have a religious agenda with this book?
    Dr. Jeff Long: Absolutely not. My only thought was I was developing the research behind the God and the Afterlife. I just wanted to know the truth. I set out with a commitment that whatever I was going to find, I was going to publish. Wherever that path would go. Somewhat to my astonishment, as I kept digging into near-death experiences, I encountered God. And I was amazed once again at the consistency at what was being described. I have two hundred seventy-seven near-death experiences that either were aware of or encountered God. It’s not a small study. So I just really wanted to publish what I found. There’s no religious agenda at all with this. In fact, if you talk to people that encountered God in their near-death experiences, it really seems to be, while it’s God, it doesn’t seem to be related to their prior religious beliefs. Whatever religious belief they had doesn’t seem to affect the probability of them encountering God or what will happen when they do encounter God in their near-death experience. So God seems to be in near-death experiences very independent from religion.
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    Alex Tsakiris: Dr. Long, in 2010 you published Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences. New York Times’ Bestseller, a game-changer really, for science, because the evidence you presented was very straightforward and very compelling. Your conclusion, by every way we can look at it, [is that] consciousness seems to survive death for these people. These people who are experiencing near-death experience, but I still get e-mails all the time from people who don’t know that. For example, you investigated people who were blind from birth and the first and only ...
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