The People need more...
Amèrico A.L.
This is a great source of news very entertaining, very educative, and very helpful however we need more than four minutes perhaps between 7 and 10 minutes of news would be a 5 start App.
The constant NS commercials will drive you insane I’m deleting so sad.
I have had this podcast on my phone and listen to it when I need reliable news. I had to stop listening because of those d*#%!n Nsuite commercials. If the company wanted people to know their name mission accomplished. If fox wants to drive people who otherwise appreciate their news crazy, mission accomplished. I am deleting this app, the same ad over and over leaves the one commercial to actual News ratio not worth the trade-off in time and annoyance. Fox should listen. It bothered me for a long time and I never write reviews. Stop listening and maybe they will get the message.
Very short and mostly just ads come on at least put more content 50% ads and 4 minutes total is a bit outlandish
Ditto Rannondale!
I listened a couple of times a day, I own a business, I really hated it when the ads were read by Dave Anthony and were so nasty, so I went to Oracle’s website and wrote a note about the tactic...the presenters are varied, they aren’t stressing your stupidity for not buying their product, but they are still totally annoying! Something positive from another advertiser or two would really help! Get with it FOX NEWS. You can do better!
Too Many Ads
90 seconds of ads (same ones) on a 300 second podcast are too much; very annoying.
Quick news - helpful; repetitive & ANNOYING ADVERT
I used to listen to this podcast 2 times a day. Not anymore. The annoying advertisement is always the same and ALWAYS irritating to me, a small business owner. Alright already, I get that their software is the best. Marketing in 101, get in front of your audience consistently. DONE! I’m not buying it. FIND ANOTHER ADVERTISER AND I’LL COME BACK.
Great tid-bits of information!
J. Maricle
A great show for keeping up to date with current events. Not too long and not too short. There are ads, but I totally get it. The podcast is free so ads are necessary.
If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your BUSINESS
What you don’t know, could KILL your company. Do you know how revenue is pacing against last year? Serious entrepreneurs trust Netsuite by Oracle. that’s netsuite/fax Once again that’s netsuite/Fox For those in the back that’s netsuite/fox Just throwin it out there that’s netsuite/Fox
Too many Ads
No adds!
Drum storm
Too many advertisements
2 min of news 4 min of advertising
2nd Amendment
Thank you for reporting on the Virginia Democratic attempt to ban semiautomatic weapons. The only national news who didn’t take sides but reported it as a news story. Instead of the other national news who made gun owners sound like crazy red necks. And those trying to change the 2nd amendment like angles
Commercials are horrible
oracle hater
I love Fox News but hate the oracle commercial. Almost never listen because of the 2 minutes of repeated, day after day, commercial. They have played the same one for almost a year. I’m okay with commercials but switch them out. I’m forced to listen to npr and cnn just to avoid the commercial. Please change it!!!
50% advertisement instead of news.
The advertisement portion of the podcast has now equaled the news portion. Please scale it back!
Awful advertising
There are simply too much advertising
Total garbage
Great podcast if you’re drinking the Republican kool-aid and have less than three brain cells. Complete garbage and rampant lies.
Going downhill fast
Angie syacsure
Commercial is longer than news updates. Weekend broadcasters are horrible.
I am so tired of hearing more and more of the same ridiculous Netsheet comercial I am deleting this podcast permanently!
Garbage editing, repetitive commercial
This five minute podcast usually contains two minutes of commercials, always for the same product, Netsuite by Oracle. Today, the first commercial interrupts itself to play the commercial again, then continues on with the first copy of the commercial, then it plays it a third time at the end. None of the other short news podcasts see the need to interrupt the broadcast in the middle with a long, annoying commercial. Remember, if it’s free, YOU are the product, and Fox sure is greedier than its competition.
Making Liberals Cry
Old folks don’t know what podcasts are. Why do you even try?
Miami RSA
Me:He has got my vote😁 Democrats:😢😭 Trump:🤬🤭
Don’t fear your inevitable political extinction!
christopher noel
So you guys think the CROOK that paid millions back to his ‘students’ he ripped off at his fake college, who has loads of friends that helped him become president in the slammer, and pays off porn stars he bangs while his Russian nude model wife is pregs is a righteous fighter of corruption?!!! Bahhhhh ahaha!!! sweet lord you guys are desperate dweebs. Don’t be so scared of going extinct, when Democrats regain power this year and retain it for generations (since the right is dead save for trumps twitter feed which you all dread) leftists will be compassionate to you. This I can assure you. DONT BE SO SCARED OF THE INEVITABLE FUTURE, tacos are delicious
Voting with sense
Donald J. Trump 2020
Trump 2020!!!!
Shut up about Netsuite
I can’t stand the constant, repetitive, and overbearing use of the same netsuites advertisement in every episode. Literally every thirty seconds I hear that stupid “if you don’t know your numbers” line. It’s like 50% of the newscast. Netsuites would be a great fit for my business, but I went with a competitor specifically due to their commercials.
Thanks for the facts!
Finn 1234
I think it’s great that one media source continues to give us the facts each and everyday. They are not bullied or intimidated by the delusional left that is unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Keep it up Fox WE THE PEOPLE desperately need you to keep us up to date on the facts. Much appreciated! Keep up the good fight, against the day to day propaganda machine of the left!
Definitely watering down truth...thank God for Breitbart and OANN
Our family is turning more toward Breitbart, OANN, Epoch Times, Chris Plante, Rush and AleX J. for non-hateful reporting about Pres Trump and activities in the nation. Fox leaning too Lefty for us these days. Too bad
Growing Weary of Trump “News”
I had trusted Fox News for at least a decade to provide balance to the liberal media propaganda. Unfortunately, Fox has migrated their interest toward inflaming their conservative base with Republican propaganda. Trump’s tweets can NOT really be “News” every day! I dare anyone to listen to this podcast one week and mark down how many Trump tweets are cited. I’ve been a life long conservative but this media ratings gamesmanship is not fair, balanced, nor an American news source. Go back to providing news and I’ll come back to Fox.
Fails to report the truth
Nothing but a propaganda machine spewing disinformation at every turn. It is pathetic how this network has sold themselves out and will say ANYTHING just to get more revenue, market share and serve Trump. It is mind blowing that they support Trump no matter what he says. They spin everything to fit their agenda. No facts, just lies. Sad that a news company has lost its ability to be fair and impartial. Murdock should be very ashamed. What will it take for the network to grow an conscience?
Re: Turning Lefty
Brian L Braun
@Eddo Let’s not forget Mr Wallace
Fox turning lefty?
Eddo's IPOD
I feel the ground shifting , all we have left is Tucker, Levin and Laura ....toss Juan Williams please and judge Napolitano ....
Not much news or actual reporting
Ads & insignificant news
Too many quirky stories that don’t matter (an unexpected guest at a birthday party?). I expect global news in a 5 minute podcast. Especially when 2 of those 5 minutes are advertising. No thanks. I’ll stick to the Rundown and NPR’s hourly 5 min pod.
Missing out
Why doesn’t Fox News podcast Tucker Carlson on ITunes?
Great, quick summary of the latest news
Th3_ €Dg3_ ^_^
In under 5 minutes Foxnews will catch you up on what’s happening in the U.S. and the world. Great go-to podcast if you don’t have time for deeper analysis & opinion.
Can I give negative stars?
puuuuuh leeeze!
Fox News is pure propaganda. The other side is as well but Fox spews forth whatever dribble Trump tweets and acts as if it is a news story! This is the most horrible podcast ever! Think for yourselves!
The Best
I love Fo x News!!!! Only place to get the facts correctly! Love everyone EXCEPT Shepard Smith. He belongs on NBC with his very biased comments!!
The fastes runner sonic
I think that Fox News knows a lot of stuff because trump tells them the story and I think it is better on TV 📺 right? maybe I can think of a podcast on Fox News like Diana prion or git field but yeah seems so good!
Thank you
In a country run and being destroyed by leftists and leftist propaganda, this newscast is a breath of fresh air.
Serious trash.
Listener 415
It seems some “Trump Haters” haven’t even listen to this podcast. Just jumping to conclusions lol and accusations. I love this podcast. It is very to the point and no bullsh** bias political talk.
It’s just news.
News that’s to the point and with sound bytes from all sides of the political arena.
Fake news
Ha HA Ha
News feed.....👊🏻
Love the fast no BS news feed!
Serious Bias
Disappointed with Bias
If u want to listen to Trump propaganda then this is the place! I will say that if not taking about politics the reporting is ok, but it’s honestly not worth it.
No Audio
No audio until a TD Ameritrust commercial around the 2 minute mark. This has happened the past few weeks. Please fix this!!!
McCrack Attack
Props to folks like Tucker and Gutfield for talking about things in a way mainstream media typically doesn’t .
“unable to play”
“something went wrong. try again later.” i get this error msg OFTEN. who’s uploading these podcasts??? never EVER have a problem with any other podcast. get your &$#@ together.
Great News Podcast
Brief comments on news headlines
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