Great Show
I have been listening to this podcast for about 8 years now and I really enjoy it. Mark Levin is a smart guy and I always look forward to hearing his perspective on politics and current events. Levin is truly one of the leading thinkers of the conservative movement. The one thing I hate about his show is when he takes phone calls from the audience. He almost always criticizes and demeans callers, even when they’re well intentioned fans whom Levin happens to disagree with. If you don’t want to hear what people have to say, don’t take their calls!
I have learned so much about our constitution just listening to Mr. Levin. Because of his intellect and passion for our Constitution I have been inspired to read it again as well as the Bill of Rights and Amendments thereto. Mr. Levin reminds me each time I listen to his podcast how wonderful and lucky I am to be a citizen of our great Republic.
The Great One!
There is a reason why he is called this!
Superb Podcast
Mark Levin is intelligent, passionate and patriotic. This is an amazing podcast from one of the premier conservative voices in this blessed country.
Tuesday and Wednesday’s podcasts will not connect. Censored?
Bless your little heart.
Thank god Levin Shapiro
Mark is brilliant, the only podcast that explains how out of touch the Libby’s are. Thank you America for Mark Levin
He’s preserving our great nation!
Mark is inspirational and his importance to defending our great nation will not go unnoticed. God bless him. Haters, remember you are all members of the party that will FAIL to ruin the USA. There’s more of us than there are of you.
The Great One
What can I say about the great one Mark Levin he is without a shadow of doubt the Best when it comes to standing up for the United States Constitution. Mark’s insight on the constitution and history of America is great I highly recommend the Mark Levin Show!!!
Negative Reviews
I only read the negative reviews, can’t believe the ignorant responses with no fact based analysis. Echoes of the media... Thankfully we have a lot of informed Americans who faithfully listen to your show...kudos!!!
The Great One
The Cash Money Life
Mr. Levin is Progressive Public Enemy #1. The Left says, “Thank god for The Deep State.” Conservatives say, Thank god for The Great One.”
Great Show
Bob AZ.
Mark: please keep speaking the truth we the American need to know the TRUTH and JUSTICE Why does Shiff and his side have IMMUNITY???? Thank you and God ( Jesus Christ ) Bless us all.
Separation of Church & State Is in the Constitution
Feel sorry for the sheep that listen to this rethug crap. These ppl r CONNED easily. Sad. So so sad. Todays Red hats equals yesterdays brown shirts & they all belong in jail.
Bad for the country
You need to be send to Russia. We don’t need you to divide our great nation. Shame on you.
Great one. Mark from Irvine, CA here. Keep up the great work. One correction, as I am from Irvine, Irvine is in the 45th district and is represented by Katie Porter, D, who won with something like 15,000 last minute “found” votes. Katie Hill represented the 25th district which includes Santa Clarita (sometimes referred to as Irvine North), Simi Valley and the lovely Lake Los Angeles. Hopefully we can put Porter on the unemployment line in 2020.
High pitch buzz
Can you fix high pitched buzz in Wednesday Dec 18, 2019 podcast with Bongino?
Mark, shut your dog up.
Why won’t you debate Nicholas J Fuentes?
Mark Levin & Ben Shapiro - The Best!
Mark is absolutely the best along side with Ben Shapiro. Mark and Ben can save the Republic from the lunacy of the Democratic Party and the leftest liberals. Thank both of you for the brilliant analysis and education you provide! God Bless you both!
Mark levin
Mark is the most knowledgeable American Citizen I’ve ever listened to We as Americans need this review he gives of the Real News that’s harming us today in the United States. The Forefathers have said the most dangerous evil that can hurt our Democracy will come from within. Mark tells it as it is. MA
5 Stars
How do I give 6 stars? 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Smartest man on radio
Mr Levin educates us on the WHY and HOW of whats going in in law and politics like no other personality. Both self effacing and witty, he uses facts and humor, and sometimes anger to deep dive every important issue facing america.
Whines to much!
Stretchmarks around your mouth
Eats food on the air and it makes him sound like a sexual predator when he’s talking chewing and breathing hard into the mic. Love the show even though sometimes I gotta turn it off because of the reasons above.
Mark Levin - unsong American Hero - The Best Constitutional schalor
Mark Levin is making America Great again, listen to your show everyday and i recommand this show for all American's, specially for those who are naturalized in last 20 years.
Mark Levin
He’s numero uno of all Conservative broadcasters ....The best in analyzing all things AMERICAN
Good golng
sammy mo123
l Like it
I’m 30 years old. This show is so refreshing compared with the entitlement culture of many in my age group.
Best Constitutional Commentary Available
Mark is a real patriot and scholar! He fiercely fights to spread real facts and information everyday. This podcast should be at the top of everyone’s list everyday!
Former fan...
It worries me how many people listen to this man. This show is for people who want to reaffirm their right wing beliefs - not for anyone who wants to be challenged. I encourage all Mark Levin listeners (I used to be one) to be skeptical of all news media and to supplement this program with left leaning programs too. I know that when I used to listen to Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, and even old school Bob Grant, I thought liberals were dumb and misguided. It took me years of balancing my news intake and listening to a variety of perspectives before finally having a complete shift in mindset.
Thank you
RC Lamb
Me Levin does not just give you his opinion, we all have that. He is always lining things up with the Constitution and History. I used to listen to Limbaugh but he is only opinion I need facts to make decisions and Mark Levin gives just the facts man. Thank you Mr Levin!
The Great One
If you want to separate fact from fiction listen to Mark Levin.
The Great One
This man is incredible. I listen to every podcast and even though it is the same on the night before on radio, KSFO & WLS, I cant get enough. Sunday night with Mark on Life Liberty& Levin is outstanding. We get the straight scoop from Mark. His frustration mirrors mine. I’d like him to work with Attorney General Wm. Barr to prosecute those criminals within. Thank God for Mark Levin!!! We Love You.
Love this man!!
Danny Kellenberger
Thank you so much, Mark Levin!! I absolutely love listening to you talk!! You are brilliant and hilarious all wrapped in one!! Keep up the wonderful and important work!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Brilliant and constitutional
I am never disappointed in Mark Levin’s content. Mark understands the Constitution and is a true patriot
To the 1 Star reviewer who “stopped listening” . . .
Obviously, to those of us who listen to Mark, you haven't listened. As Mark declares to the ignorant, "Let Me Educate You!"
Thank God for Mark Levin!
stevi snagit
Mark pushes through the weeds in the swamp and succinctly and clearly exposes the lies and fake news being fed broadly to us. Understandable...clear...concise...he objectively keeps you engaged and affirming that you are aligned with the success and patriotism that the Constitution affords all of us. If you are second guessing at all what you think you learned in your civics class back in the school he will educate and give you support that our country and Constitution is a wonderful and blessed...that must be protected so we as Americans and our democracy can continue to flourish!
daily lessons in US Government
mom Ganuza
Must listen to Mark he’s an excellent Constitutional scholar, but careful he doesn’t suffer fools nor Democrat Socialists
the man the legion
Mark Levin is a talented intellectual who tells you how it is. He holds nothing back he presents the facts and breaks it down so even a liberal can understand it. His back ground as a brilliant attorney makes it even more interesting when he presents his case against liberal non sense
Mark, great show for truth justice and the American way!!! Why does Shifty Shiff have immunity?
Too many commercials all he does is try to sell his book and make money
ernest goins
I stopped listening I
Great coverage
Thank you for digging the truth
Voice of Sanity!
I LOVE Mark Levin! I have been listening & learning from Mark for years. Particularly in this time of such extreme hatred & vitriol for President Trump, Mark brings the voice of experience & deep knowledge of constitutional law to lead a rational debate on the issues of our times. AND, he’s been know to rant from time to time, which makes me super happy & my husband really uncomfortable.
.. I am receiving an education! Mark is the ultimate ‘American Citizen Champion’ and the smartest man I’ve never met. And he’s pretty darn funny.
Iommi boy
Mark, you bring ABSOLUTELY THE BEST of common sense plus incredible knowledge of just what the Hell is going on in our proud country. Your ABSOLUTE knowledge is what allows you to mock THESE IDIOTS. Knowledge IS POWER. And THANK GOD, for the rest of us mere mortal “Levinites,” that “the man upstairs created you! I am going to FREAK-OUT when you RETIRE! As you so kindly ask for GOD, “to bless, each and every one of us,” Mark, I hereby would like ask for GOD to bless YOU!
Votes and talks conservative
Ann Coulter is the omarosa of 2019! Good job calling out the rino chatters like Ben Shapiro, Glenn beck and mike medved who make money talking conservative but don’t vote for Trump! What conservative about letting libtards win and destroy this country?!
Absolutely Brilliant
Fuzzy Reviews
Mark Levin is blunt, brash, concise, honest, and extremely knowledgeable about the law and the Constitution. He’s absolutely brilliant. Nothing more to say.
Don't raise the volume of your voice, improve the quality of your argument! You cannot purport to be educating people on what is going on in the world when all you can do is think on one side of your head. Very biased analysis of the truth on the ground. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. I refuse to be brainwashed!
Great Conservative!
Mark Levin is one of the greatest Voices in conservative talk radio. I listen to Mark every night at work. I like how Mark gets frustrated with the direction the Democrats are steering our nation in to brain rot and false narratives. Keep up the good work Mr. Levin.
The best
Steve in Maine
Listening to him is excellent and crucial to understanding our laws.
Anastasi T
Nobody can break things down like Mark can. I tried to find someone that was close to the depth of knowledge and failed. Just listen and you’ll soon be one of the people that are most knowledgable in almost any room, on most everything in Politics. He is very rarely wrong, and only talks truth. He is one of the most influential people in my life. May God bless him.
Smart and honest
Mark levin is very smart and honest. The análisis and the information is the best you can get in the country.
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