Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/17/19
Published April 18, 2019
112 min
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    On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, The media continues to set the stage for the redacted Mueller Report. Nothing good will come from that report; the President didn’t collide with anyone, he wasn't charged and he wasn’t even subpoenaed by Mueller. So what was the point of it all? Was it to distract the American people by talking about this pseudo investigation for two years? Will we now spend two years talking about this redacted report? It's likely that the media will push the obstruction of justice narrative. The problem with that is that the prosecution declined to prosecute because they had no case for obstruction, no case for conspiracy to collude. It's that simple. There should not have ever been an investigation of any kind; Trump was not a perpetrator, in fact, he was the victim in this unsuccessful soft or silent coup of his campaign and presidency. Mueller and Andrew Weissman added the obstruction wording to the report as political sabotage since they couldn't prosecute. They included information that they knew would need to be removed if the report were to be made public. Plus, John Solomon, Executive Vice President and Opinion Contributor of "The Hill" calls in to discuss his new article in anticipation of the Mueller Report being released. Senior Justice Department officials who have seen the report have commented to Solomon that it was written to be more of a political document than a legal document. The most obvious question here is: how could President Obama's White House not have known their own staff was conducting all of this counterintelligence surveillance? After, Louis Farrakhan came to the defense of Ilhan Omar with a 2017 YouTube video questioning the veracity of the 9/11 attacks.
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