January 27, 2007
Finally....Episode 2! Craig and Colin discuss Chapter 1 of the "The 13 Steps To Mentalism". Apologies about some of the editing, but the original directors cut was epic! Email feedback to
January 1, 2007
This is Episode 1.5. A half way mark between Episode 1 and Episode 2. We're still working on the full version of Episode 2, but thought we'd give everyone a nice little New Year's Present as a reward for their continued support with an effect from Colin. Craig and Colin will return in Episode 2.
November 23, 2006
Our very first episode! Just a more detailed introduction into the type of things we're going to be doing with this podcast over the next few weeks. Also, you'll get to meet your hosts - Craig Steele and Colin McLeod - as they prepare to begin the journey of "The 13 Steps to Mentalism" Check out the site And please email us See you again in Episode 2!
November 13, 2006
The preview episode for the 13 Steps To Mentalism Podcast Series
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