This is an amazing compendium of rational thinking applied to the vast fields of pseudoscience, folklore, and alien visitation to name just a few topics Brian Dunning and his supporters have cast their skeptical eye at. The show notes provide in-depth sources.
0 stars He’s desperately grasping at straws the entire episode. It was bad..
Atreides Mercedes
This douche of a narrator is grasping a straws constantly. I much prefer academia over alternative researchers and I’m no conspiracy theorist but that doesn’t mean they can’t be on to something with the sphinx. Nothing you said proved the older sphinx theory to be impossible yet you kept reiterating that bc you said so its bs I’m not even a huge fan but to call true researchers like graham Hancock a “ ancient aliens pseudo scientist” because he might have appeared on a few episodes is so trashy and wrong and has nothing to do with the topic at least he’s open to being wrong unlike tons of mainstream academics that when pressed immediately begin throwing insults and tantrums. This guys methods are just as bad as the claims he makes about the covered alternative researchers. This episode was cherry picked and lacked huge amounts of information to say case closed its debunked. For me I don’t know its still up In the air, but they way this guy lead this narrative intentionally trying to make people like Dr. shock and the others appear as complete quacks purposely instead of using that time to show more evidence for the topic is absolutely unethical and intellectually dishonest.. 0 stars not worth the lies that come with the listen.
Smug and terrible at sourcing
This smug presenter, as a skeptic myself, gives us a bad name. He literally quotes “debunking evidence” from a lot of texts and sources that are lacking in veracity to begin with. Then he uses circular evidencing with past episodes, as if that last episode was based on quality research. This is what’s wrong with people who THINK theyre smarter than everyone else, they can’t see that their own work is faulty! Where are your primary sources?! And no, researches you agree with are not primary sources. Again, sometimes the points made are valid and are interesting, but the smugness derived from his actual LACK of knowledge overshadows a small technicality that he think proves his point. This is armchair-professionals at its finest. Do you understand, Mr narrator, that you can’t believe everything your read online?! The world needs less stupid people that think they know everything.
The Best; Hands Down
This podcast should be weekly listening for grade schoolers (and adults). I have a post-graduate degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering and I absolutely love this pod cast. I frequently tell my wife how hard it is for someone who knows everything to live with someone who only thinks she knows everything, but keeps my eyes opened wide! is informative, interesting, and entertaining. I would absolutely recommend it to EVERYONE who is not a well-educated super-genius like me (and make your children listen). I heartedly recommend subscribing and becoming a sustaining member, donating a regular amount each month to keep these good ideas in our world. The world desperately needs more Brian Dunning!
Now Frequently Just An Advert For Other Podcasts
This show was fantastic, but Dunning has lately used several of its entries solely to advertise other podcasts and paid products. Listen to the back catalogue, but don’t subscribe.
Great podcast; great information.
This podcast has been instrumental in helping me see errors in logic and to identify times when I had been relying on misinformation to inform my world view. Back in 2013-14, when I first discovered Skeptoid, I binge-listened to every single episode. I agree that the musical episodes celebrating podcast milestones are my least favorite. To each his own. I’m glad that I found this valuable information.
Cranky skepticism is good
Thanks for letting me know that I am not only cranky skeptic! Love the way you present your reasoning. I don’t always agree, but I defer to your superior fact checking! Keep it up!
Long time listener, first time caller
Skeptoid is a great resource for all the reasons others have listed. My only complaint is the musical episodes. They’re awful. I appreciate all the research Mr. Dunning and his team put into each episode, but really, the musicals are bad.
Skeptoid is Awesome!
I recently found Skeptoid and I love it! The deadpan delivery and willingness to accept criticism is just fun to listen to and it’s very informative. Brian’s rational and scientific approach is refreshing and he debunks irrational thought without being condescending. I love it!
Typically effective, but frustrated by recent episode
I generally like this podcast and find the information useful and well researched. Sadly, the recent episode on wind energy and birds was disingenuous and incomplete. There was no mention of how wind farms affect bats, which in the world of bat conservation, is a very hot topic. Bats are often unfairly maligned in our society, and glossing over the negative impact wind farms have on their populations is gross and misleading.
5 stars
If you don’t believe in climate change eat my *ss
My Go-To
Skeptoid podcast and Skeptoid Media as a whole is my absolute ’go-to’ for all topics, things, curiosities, etc. that have given me pause as to their validity and the explanation of how the said subject has crept into my consciousness. Their rigor in adhering to the scientific method and dedication in allowing only the most tested and factual studies and understandings of all things to make it to me and my listening/reading is appreciated more than words in a review can express.
A Weekly Dose of Skepticism
What’s that? You’ve happened across “Adam Ruins Everything” but you want more of science and skeptical views of topics ranging from urban legends and conspiracy theories to aliens and monsters? Look no further! With 700 episodes in the bank, you’ll find plenty here to pique your curiosity and then relieve it. The host, Brian Dunning, even has all his references for each episode on his website. Hmmm... sounds familiar. Although you won’t find the overt humor of Adam, Brian takes you through topics and turns his skeptical eye on them taking you on a 10-15 minute journey every week on a new topic.
Elliptical Orbit
Jordon Peterson
Do your research. There is no man made Global Warming. Google Elliptical Orbit And NASA. No need for any taxes. Particularly for BS carbon taxes. Stick to something you understand, Like UFOs and big Foot. Socialism does not work.
Happy Birthday Skeptoid!
Just one of many
I cannot count how many times I've sent people links to Skpetoid episodes to educate them on whatever scam/BS/misinformation they believe. This podcast has been an invaluable resource for 13 years so far. Thanks Brian!
Always thought provoking.
Learn something new every time I listen. Love the science and comprehensive reporting on interesting topics.
Awesome podcast
Been a listener for years and still look forward to each weekly addition. Covering a wide range of topics, each podcast provides a condensed deep dive into the background of each subject along with informative skeptical (sourced) analysis. Great for anyone interested in critical thinking. Enjoy.
Conspiracies declassified.
I bought your book conspiracies declassified hoping to shed light on government coverups. But all you did was try to validate them. Best example, JFK. You write in “truth” ...”All AVAILABLE evidence shows that JFK was assassinated by a lone gun-man whose psychological profile matches very closely with similar killers today. No evidence suggests otherwise. .... coming from a guy who says all jfk conspiracy theories contradict one another isn’t your statement funny? ALL AVAILABLE EVIDENCE..... NO EVIDENCE. HOW CAN YOU SAY THERE IS NO EVIDENCE SUGGESTING OTHER WISE WHEN YOU CLEARLY KNOW THAT there is thousands of documents that would suggest other wise. Not to mention I certainly hope that was written before you saw the zapruder film which clearly shows his head going back, and to the left. Not to mention it would have been impossibly for Oswald to fire the first shot when the warren report said it was fired due to the blocking of the tree below where the gun was found. So I just wanted to say you don’t believe conspiracies or that our corrupt government has done the shadiest crap on earth because you probably work for the government. I hope anyone who ever listens to you knows that you’re an idiot based solely on that book you wrote. I actually burned it after I read how the only “conspiracy theories” you acknowledged to be “somewhat true” are things the government had no way of hiding. You clearly are as blind and deaf as Helen Keller.
Everyone needs this- especially if you do not think that you do
The world needs more clearly argued and dispassionate skepticism. Mine is too often confrontational and emotionally charged. Brian reminds me of the value of calm rational thought!
Who Holds Back The Electric Car
Just listened to the electric car episode, cancelled subscription. Brian makes a weak argument from analogy, ignores the important question of tradeoffs, and goes pie in the sky in terms of best case scenario payoffs. Really disappointed.
Hellll yea
Hell yeah
I´ve been listening this podcast from its very begining, It delivers what it promises. They take a subject from the supernatural world and demostrates with facts, logic and evidence and proves it wrong. The best thing is that is not a hour and a half long, so you can listen to it from begining to end just having lunch.
Find it quite a coincidence that episode number 666 is the one on Jesus. Feel there is a lean to every episode just like everyone else.
Best place for the evidence based view of pop culture topics
Skeptoid was my entryway to logical, skeptical thinking on topics I had questioned for years. The format is focused and the episodes are just the right length to get in depth analysis, without getting into the weeds. This is the place to start for anyone interested in learning how to critically assess the information we are bombarded with every day.
Tired of being wrong
You should listen to these then. There's a podcast for pretty much everything, and if you listen to them all, you should start finding some patterns. Everything is laid out quickly and efficiently too, so you don't have to spend too much time with a bunch of unhelpful stuff.
Most fascinating podcast
Maui Jon
I have listened to every episode of the Skeptoid podcast and love them all. So educational as well as entertaining. Really teaches me how to evaluate new claims that I hear from gullible friends.
Good Stuff! The one star reviews are cheap shots
Totally Gnar Gnar
An objective podcast with accessible links to check sources; Usually interesting, and informative topics. Some of the negative reviews mention a political agenda. This is a simply a non-political show. Some of the topics viewed through a scientific or skeptical lens may be in agreement with an ideology. However, the podcast is only promoting a way to look at quality evidence and draw the most reasonable conclusion as a result of that evidence. Dunning bends over backwards to clarify his conclusions and the reasoning for drawing them. THAT'S KIND OF THE POINT OF THE PODCAST. Best yet, like a true freethinker, he self corrects, accepts valid criticism, and takes pride in doing know kind of like how science works........ -Totally Gnar Gnar
Brian doing great things.
Frankly, after reading some of the strange one star reviews of this podcast from even ten years ago, i just wanted to leave a note about brian’s potential political orientation. i don’t think he expresses opinions in his podcast which really warrant associating him with one political party or view or the other. The guy just does facts, and seeks the truth, and if this makes him “libertarian” or whatever, (like this would be a bad thing) well maybe the accuser needs to reevaluate where he stands with his own biases and how it is that, when finding the truth, and when uncovering and examining certain social or politically charged notions or stories we like to think of as plainly and self evidently true, perhaps one is led to more libertarian-oriented ideas? Libertarianism has a tradition of applying axiomatic truth finding (praxiology) to the social sciences and political theory. it leaves the “must feel good” out of politics and tries to discover “what is good” for human society. So....... maybe?
It is.
Very entertaining. Informative. The Bigfoot who lives in the forest behind my house enjoys it.
Listen and learn, premium is the way to get at that archive gold!
I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!
Love this podcast
Succinct, well researched, and a joy to the ear and brain.
Clear, concise, informative, and entertaining!
Great podcast for the science- and fact-oriented population.
Many good episodes but not all is scientific
Many god episodes especially the early ones but a few episodes seems like they are sponsored by lobbying organizations (e.g. anti-GMO labeling). So don’t take all episodes as scientific and objective even though this is what it pose as.
An explosion of knowledge
Bathe great
An explosion of knowledge can’t stop listening. Thank you for all that you do.
Entertaining but by no means the final word on the subjects covered.
Skeptoid covers an interesting array of topics, many of which I would credit it for introducing me to. The host champions the scientific method and empiricism, and calls himself a skeptic. I would characterize him as a debunker instead. Mr. Dunning will (typically after an intro ad or plea for donations) briefly introduce a topic, usually with an air of cynicism or worse yet, outright contempt. He will briefly posit a reason or three why said topic is bunk, have another lengthy and distracting mid-show commercial, then smugly pat himself on the back for solving the mystery, case closed. I was especially saddened by the episode on Oak Island, where Mr. Dunning describes the material found at the Money Pit as a natural sinkhole filled with storm blown debris, case closed. This does not agree with the eyewitness accounts, and I find it inherently unscientific for someone who is supposedly unbiased to be so flippantly dismissive of a complex and potentially historically significant topic. This is backwards of how science works. Mr. Dunning explores topics which he has already made up his mind about and has clear prejudices against. Maybe I’m asking too much. I mean, how thoroughly can you cover any story in fifteen minutes, when nearly half the show is advertising, or what feels like weirdly nuanced sub-surface conservative political rhetoric? I will keep listening, but I would urge the listener to keep an open mind and not rely on this show as the sole source of information, as it has a clear bias, intended or not.
Long time listener
I have grown up listening to podcasts and this is the only one I still listen to. I have recently gotten premium and the usb drive and I love it. This podcast has opened my mind to a life of reasonable skepticism and better research skills. Keep up the amazing work.
Great content
As someone who spends a lot of time developing online content, I’m impressed and amazed at the attention to detail which permeates the Skeptoid brand, from its articles to this podcast. It’s well researched, articulately expressed and delivered with a wry wit. Brian Dunning would be intimidatingly smart if he weren’t so approachable and affable in the way he presents his research. It’s just great stuff.
Good content. So many ads!
These episodes are brief but interesting. Just be ready for 4-5 minutes of ads and promotions for their other projects.
First podcast I've monetarily supported
If you love to learn, no matter if it supports your bias world view or not this is the podcast for you! I spent about a couple days plowing through the last 50 (which are free to anyone) then it was a no-brainer, I became a premium member. I feel kinda guilty saying this but this is the first time I've given money to a podcast. Maybe a shoutout is in order at the very least (the ones I really should support are Cognitive Dissonance, Scathing Atheist, Astronomy Cast, and Skeptics Guide to the Universe). Totally worth the investment to get the entire back log of Skeptoid and yes, it's absolutely an investment. It's an investment in your knowledge and skeptical prowess. Thank you for the great pod Brian and company
mind blowing!
Bonnie Baer
I’m almost mad that he uncovered more nonsense that I never knew was BS. Great podcast!
Skeptical of this podcast
Moria V.
I’m a nurse so I started here listening to medical subject. It seems if you want to be scientifically based, you need more than one source. Also there’s a reason second opinions are a thing in medicine. At least have a doctor listen to the finished podcast. It seemed that certain chunks of info were just the host giving his own opinion and that were where the conclusions seemed weakest. There a reason MDs go to school for years then do years of residency. It’s to have a specific background to be able to evaluate, say, a new study that even an educated layperson does not have. Even just fall back on the stereotypical “4 out of 5 doctors” say X. Dr Oz and even Ben Carson have decent backgrounds and look at the amount of false info coming from them. You need more than one reliable source. I have to wonder how accurate the host would be on a subject I know nothing about.
In time Brian
Chomping It
In time Brian will be laughed at in the bowels of history
Great Listens
Keep up the good work and save us sheeple from our own mess.
Very strong skeptical podcast
This is a great podcast, handling a wide range of pop culture claims and more modern-day urban legends like cryptozoology, UFO sightings, alternate archaeology, hoaxes, paranormal activity, mediums, psychics, vanished people, etc. Additionally, these episodes are well-sourced, balanced, and take into serious consideration the claims made by proponents before refuting them.
Long-time listener and supporter
Critical thinking isn't something at which we seem to excel, and critical thinking is especially lacking across much of the United States. The scientific skeptic movement, with its focus on the scientific method, analysis of evidence, and critical thinking is a welcome antidote. Brian Dunning's Skeptoid is a fabulous examplar of the best of the skeptic movement. The episodes are surprisingly short, given all the information and analysis packed into each one. Consider adding it to your roster of podcasts—and if, like me, you find it to be terrific, become a supporter.
Smug, inflexible and incorrect.
Critical Thinkin’
Riddled with hypocrisy. So many straw men it looks like a corn field. A desperate clinging to official narratives. Tool of the establishment. Avoid.
Blatant ads-done with this one
Most podcasters have tried to integrate advertising in their podcasts in the least intrusive way possible. Not this one. I feel like I am listening to radio or TV. After coping with this for a while I am done. The content is not worth dealing with in your face advertising.
Gone Downhill
After years of great episodes it seems like he's finally run out of good material because half of his episodes are now things like Brian's insights on skepticism, listener feedback, behind the show sort of things and other crap which would be fine as bonus content but there should still be at least one weekly episode of a skeptical look at some kind of story, fad, belief, or whatever. It's a big let down every time I wait 7 days and finally download a new episode and its something like "A Musical Retrospective: Everything you didn't know about ten years of Skeptoid musical episodes, including the reason".
Learn Something New Today
Brian Dunning is a genius and probably the hardest working man in podcasting. He has been going at it for 11 years now. Skeptoid presents facts on numerous interesting topics and allows the listener to draw his or her own conclusions based on those truths. You won’t find another podcast as enlightening and fun to listen to.
Great show
Great show that is definitely worth listening to.
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