The gold standard of radio journalism that tells great stories
I’ve been listening to this American Life for many, many years. Great, interesting stories told very well.
Anatomy of Doubt
I love this American Life . It’s interesting, informative, touching, funny but mostly amazing. The end of Anatomy of Doubt almost made me lose control of my car . I was cursing and yelling out loud . Thank you every day 💕
ring tail cat
Boring liberal agenda
Episode 656
This review is a rerun I did back in 2016: Ira hasn’t had an original idea since he insulted me at a 2015 meet and greet.
In response to “Anatomy of Doubt”
Peggy, own it. You damaged a young woman based on your feelings. Feelings are not facts. OWN IT.
Politics, really?
I love the stories, I just wish they would hide their hatred for Trump a little more.
Do Not Joke on Chernobyl
Yiyu Zhou
I do not like episode 678 which said "It is easier to get people into Chernobyl". Do not joke on the heroes who saved our life.
Lazy and has been all reruns all summer
There hasn’t been an original story in the longest time! It’s mostly re run previous shows all summer of 2019.
You make this stay-at-home mama very happy. Even while doing dishes and laundry and rocking babies to sleep. Thank you. Keep up the awesome, thorough, entertaining work.
What Happened?
Eunuch Mastersons
This show used to be about American Life. It made me feel good about people who live in our country. Now it seems to be about the whole world and all the problems in it. It’s a bummer and I no longer look forward to each week’s episode. I hope it’s a rerun from when the show was heartwarming.
Wow how things have changed!
Brother Ibis
This used to be a good show but like most things these days it over plays its agenda. Disappointing.
Love it!
I seriously love this show so much! I want more! I think that the only thing that would make it better is if they had more unarchived episodes.
Loooooong time listener!
I’ve been listening to This American Life for over twenty years, and I’m always fascinated by the topics.
We hate trump
Dappled pelt123
Trump is an idiot and deserves to be in jail. He’s a ugly stupid rich person. Trump supporters are racist lunatics who are white and only care about themselves.
Used to love this show.
I used to love every episode for its variety and just crazy real stories. Quality reporting with clever twists and sometimes humor/ sometime tears. Then politics came creeping in and I rarely listen anymore. I the older days when politics was nonexistent. .
A Lovely Podcast
I rediscovered This American Life about 2 years ago, and have been an avid listener pretty much ever since. I just can’t get enough of this show! (And for good reason). It’s just incredible, and I love the thought that’s put into each episode. There’s just so much for me to love about this podcast...the stories, the themes of each episode, how the show is structured by being split into acts, the way this podcast makes me feel...I honestly don’t know how to put my love for this podcast into words in a way that does it justice, but I’m honestly just so hooked. I genuinely admire the work that Ira Glass and his team are doing here, and I love the fact that they aren’t afraid to dive deep into whatever set of stories they’ve chosen to cover. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who thoroughly enjoys content that makes you think, stories that pull at your heart strings, or are just looking for their next podcast to binge-listen and obsess over...because if you’re someone who’s seeking to find just that out of a podcast, you’ve come to the right place.
Norman Rockwell paintings in the modern era
Lady Wordwiz
This show is so sweet, and sad, and powerful! It is like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life set in the modern age. Stories of real Americans, real struggles, and slices of real life. I’ve rarely been so moved and so enriched by a podcast.
HAPPY LAND DISCO 🎵 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Kidnapping of Frank Sinatra jr
Your interview with the kidnapper of Frank Sinatra Jr was deeply offensive. Mr Sinatra was unfairly accused of staging the kidnapping, and the event had a major impact on his life. Shame on you for giving a forum to an amoral, heartless criminal.
What happened to ten sessions?
I was listening to ten sessions and it suddenly my stopped and now is nowhere to be found. What happened!?
Loved this not so much.
Have been listening for years and loved each episode. Unfortunately the past few years the show has been unapologetically political - left leaning/liberal. Probably will be unsubscribing if it continues.
Dark Sky not worth it
Re-runs. Re-runs. Re-runs.
My favorite show on NPR
Maggie in sc
Glad to find it here on podcasts. Who needs audible when u have Ira Glass???!
Love this show
Keep it comin!
double no
pink panther why
Eeee is the weekend
Liberal Programming
I have been a listener for 5 years but for the last two years this podcast has been loaded with far left ideologies that leave anyone right of Ru Paul in the line of fire for constant insults.
Sup! Rump I mean trump
inclusive -D
I find it concerning that trump has a continued farce with Kim jung inn that attempts to lay a blanket of fear amongst his constituents (and others) that Kim lung would do something it’s merely a distraction tactic so thinking about it makes one wonder is the purpose to keep people from putting 1 and 1 together?? So much in fear they don’t want people to think about the Chinese over in Africa with guns on a people to mine cobalt for cell phones I.e slavery (paid) slavery. The continued white fear of “black shall not rise” is no longer the option and the Black guys (can’t call them men) with dollars that are tossing it to the wind and whites is not a basis or bottom line it’s their own ignorance but there are others and these youth intend to take control of the “resources” of Africa and are coming to demand a seat at the tables of business they intend to be “inclusive” they intend to begin with the self and naacp and not with those passive folks but intentional cabinet. Every race creed color have ignorance and as other races do blacks the same are looking beyond the ignorant . We will talk about brutality next time.
I’m done with this show.
Usually effete with every narrative reading trying to outdo the David Sedaris style.
Always interesting
Most episodes I enjoy hearing. I like the shows most when they tell a story about different Americans and what happens. I do not like when they read a fictional story. Even if it fits with the theme, I'd rather hear about actual people. One of my favorite episodes was when they sat in a diner for 24 hours and interviewed all the guests and employees. Thanks for such a good podcast!
Jamie Lowe’s story “Ten Sessions” was truly remarkable. I’m amazed by her storytelling ability and vulnerability. You’re talented and wonderful, Jamie! Thank you for sharing this journey you experienced with the world.
Obviously the best storytelling around .
The end. Laugh and cry - thank me later.
Please stop playing really old reruns
They’re not as good as you think they are! This podcast is indeed fun and humorous but less so when it appears production is getting lazy, which means the content is then tiresome and sleep inducing! This isn’t ASMR, it’s radio storytelling so please, keep the oldies on the shelf.
This American Life
Kit D Kat 100
The first podcast that I found a couple years ago. I’ve heard every episode and enjoy them all. Thanks for a great show Ira! Kathy Pflugrad
Why so many reruns?
Love the show, it is creative and makes one think. Unfortunately, it seems that this podcast is on cruise control and primarily repackages old episodes. Getting tired of episodes that I’ve heard from years ago.
Extremely biased
This used to be a great podcast but ever since the fall of 2016 this podcast has been extremely biased in favor of liberals, which was almost certainly due to the rise of Donald Trump.
Dedicated Listener
A Chicagoan. A writer. A major reader. This American Life has been my regular listening diet for years. Humor. Insight. Intelligence. Irony. Tragedy. Moments of total revelation. It’s Glass & team. So glad you’re here!
What happened?
TAL used to be a can’t miss podcast. But it’s become tedious and emotionally manipulative in a way that has strained my loyalty. And does everyone need to demonstrate vocal fry skills before becoming a “producer”? Good grief.
The Grandaddy of Excellent Narrative Radio
The best narrative audio being done in the US.
Driveway widower
I cannot count the number of times I’ve arrived at my destination and opted to sit in the driveway to finish an episode.
Ten sessions in one hour
L&L Cult Jam
I normally steer clear of listening, watching, or reading anything about sexual assault or abuse. As a victim myself, I just couldn’t fathom taking in someone else’s trauma. Not sure why I decided to listen to this episode, and I did so with great trepidation, but I’m eternally grateful I took a chance. Powerful and sad, this episode struck a chord with me I couldn’t even have imagined. Although each victim’s experience is unique, the aftermath has so many similarities, and I was able to tap into emotions I have suppressed since I was a child. Thank you for sharing your deeply personal story. Courageous doesn’t even begin to describe you.
Ten Sessions with Jamie & Dr Casein
What an absolute heartwarming, raw, emotional piece of art Ten Sessions is. And what beautiful souls both Jamie and Dr Casein are, I wish them both a life of happiness for being open to this experience being public.
Thoroughly enjoyable
It’s hard to describe exactly why I love this show, but I’ll give it a try. It’s smart, creative, interesting, thought provoking, clever and real rather than over sensationalized. Thank you for making this show!
All for a good story, but get to the point was my take.
The weight of words was a tough one.
The show didn’t change, the audience did.
Andy 4069
It’s really interesting to me reading all the reviews on here complaining about TAL becoming too left wing and too political. As if this hasn’t always been an NPR program that sometimes talks about current news and politics. Conservative snowflake’s brains explode if they ever hear someone have a negative opinion about their dear leader, or any opinion they don’t agree with. They can’t accept that some people view the world differently, and take an opposing opinion as a personal attack. When did reactionaries become so fragile?
Ten Sessions
Nancy from Texas
Very powerful. Very courageous of you to share your therapy. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to you!
Sundays are for This American Life
I started listening about two years ago and have literally never missed an episode since. Great work. ❤️
By far my favorite podcast
Piper Skunky
I love this podcast, it teaches you about so many different aspects of life without even knowing you ever needed to know them. The most recent episode, “10 lessons”, was very moving and eye opening. Great podcast!
best podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts ever
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