Funny, fascinating and profound guests every show
Funny, fascinating and profound guests every show
Awesome podcast!
Fish de Schaumburg
Luke & Elena are superb.
Please, STOP saying LIKE!!!!!!
Local 5 Jeff
This is mean, dismiss me as petty, whatever makes you feel good about yourself, but; like,like, like, like, like, like, he was like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like,... think it’s an exaggeration? Give one of your episodes a listen and count them. Guest comes on and most of the time they also resort to; like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like,.... At least you don’t resort to the vastly over used “literally” as much as some other podcast folks, I’ll give you that. I gave your podcast the old college try, there’s much that could be enjoyed here, but but the experience is ruined by the hideous overuse of “like”, it just is, and you can dismiss me as a crank, fine, you can try to rest on the notion that “this is how people talk now”, sure, but not challenging yourselves into a bit of constructive listening of your own show, condemns it to sounding as though it’s produced by enthusiastic teenagers who’re clinging to a forever state of tentative adulthood, as if you’re afraid of speaking DIRECTLY, and resort to forced metaphor (that’s what “like” is) because direct expression of thoughts is either rude or I don’t know,... It’s an affectation that a segment of the population of young folks, mostly white too, have taken on, probably in the same mindless way that previous generations took on speech patterns,... Please, at least consider the idea that there are different ways to speak than resorting to “like” for every sixth word.
Great podcast
Easy to listen to. Smart content. Luuuuuuuuuuke !
Are there any women on this show?
ida hennessey
Maybe one in ten guests. This is becoming a boys' club show. Male voices are all I hear on the show, while the credits name numerous women, and the donors, too. How about a little equal representation, eh?
Always fun, funny, thoughtful and entertaining
I have enjoyed hearing Luke on Wait Wait for years and always found him funny. With Livewire he has created something wonderful that is a perfect showcase for his, and others, talents. His skills as an interviewer and host are spot on. Having a highly enthusiastic audience really helps give the show a sense of momentum not found on most podcasts. As a person who recently moved to Portland Oregon I have very much appreciated the local focus blended in with the national guests and themes. Luke shares a vulnerability with the audience that lets you know this is the real deal. I have been introduced to so many cool musicians, comedians, newscasters, podcasters, artists, sewer workers and sheep famers, amongst others, with all of them being given their chance to shine. The band is tight and so is the production. Watching the show live once was a blast as well and I look forward to attending more tapings. I can’t wait for the next season. Thanks
Great show!
You get a nice variety of music, comedy, and interesting interviews with this show. The live audience gives it a nice energy. Enjoyable!
Great variety show. Great guests. Host Burbank is hilarious.
Where are the new episodes?
I just listened to the labor day episode with a fantastic interview with Joey Harrington on my local affiliate KUOW. This needs to be in my podcast rotation again!
Is this still being update?
trying to find the newest episodes!
Just boring and not usually very funny. They do have good music artists on however.
A highlight of my podcast-listening week!
A hilarious and endearing radio variety show. Fun interviews with interesting guests, excellent musical acts, and awkward-funny anecdotes from host Luke Burbank. A great way to spend about an hour. One of my favorites.
It’s a fun show!
I came to Live Wire Radio via TBTL (Too Beautiful To Live). It is very refreshing and interesting. I like the format and variety of guests. I hope more NPR stations pick it up. I wish I had discovered it sooner.
Super Fun show!
This is a fantastic radio show. I'm so glad it's a podcast as well, as it's not broadcast in my area...YET! The host (Luke Burbank of another really great podcast, Too Beautiful to Live, and Wait, Wait, etc.) is funny and always entertaining with his personal stories. They have terrific smart and funny guests and always super music! So much to enjoy!
I laugh, I cry...
Fawnapril makes me think. This is one the best podcasts out there. Great guests, smart staff, plus new music every week.
So Funny
About half the new Portland bands I discover come from LiveWire. Love Luke!
Get your culture fix!
The show is fresh, funny, and full of heart. Excellent guests, great music, and Luke Burbank is a charismatic host. It's like one stop shopping for your cultural fix!
Love the New Format!
I love the new format. I've always thought podcasts should be different than LIVE version. If you went to a taping of Livewire, there is a so much more in the podcast. Nice interview with Sir Mix A-Lot to add to the whole Baby Got Back Glee story. Luke Burbank is making this show rock!
Great show
Interesting and funny and sweet. Such an awesome couple and great gross history.
Have been going to the live shows since the early days at the Aladdin Theater, receive the podcast and listen to the actual radio show whenever possible. I love the variety, the quality content and the humor. Hats off to the hard work and creativity! Live Wire is a real WIN!!!
Keeps getting better
I really like this show, but I live here in the Pacific Northwest. Authentic, funny and very listenable. Great to have in the headphones during a workout session or on the radio during a drive. While I miss Courtenay as the host, Luke Burbank is growing on me. If you're ever in Portland for a live taping, it is worth the $25.00.
Pre-Portlandia Local Entertainment
Live Wire! has a wonderful diversity and continues to pull in excellent guests. I've been listening to this both on the radio and via podcast for years. (As well as some live performances.)
Funny and engaging
Live music? check. Sketch comedy? check. Funny and engaging interviews? check. All of that on stuff crammed into my iPod? -- check check check! "Live Wire" is a great way to be at a live radio variety show without actually having to attend a live radio variety show. Well done!
Great on air and in person
Live Wire is a great combination of music, humor, and literary criticism. It never fails to satisfy my hunger for intelligent humor and new music. We never miss a show and we love to see it live when we can. We even listen to the shows we attended when they air. Is that too much? The writers are most talented and the folks who book the guests have a firm thumb on the pulse of Portland lost and found.
A labor of love
Livewire Radio takes sketch comedy, live music, and fascinating people and stirs them together to create a tasty gumbo that they then use to nourish and revive the fading art of Radio Variety Programs. Have a taste won't you?
Don't both, it's too hip for you
Me of corse, me
When a show like SNL makes fun of someone or something it's because it's funny. When Livewire makes fun it's because they think they are better than everyone, and every thing that came before. Just a bunch of hipster ______.
Smart, fun, and funny!
I feel like this show respects my dignity and intelligence while still allowing me to laugh at a few childish jokes along the way. Some folks think of this show as smug, pompous, or what have you. This is a misinterpretation of the shows refusal to assume that its audience is stupid or uninformed. And no, they don't have guests of the celebrity status that Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me has, but they don't have the audience size that Wait Wait has. A few more good reviews, bigger podcast audience, and hopefully other NPR stations will pick it up. Then (perhaps) you'll have a hilarious interview with Ice T.
Live Wire entertains for decades!
I love the urban, grittier take on "A Prairie Home Companion" style live variety shows! I've been following this show all through the '00s and appreciate its musical guests and interesting guests.
Pompous and lacking dignity
Calista Sallinger
I don't like being pandered to. Live Wire! never reaches a happy medium. It is either too smug and too good for you or it panders to you and begs you to think that it's funny and it hardly ever is. Sometimes it's a little better than this if you see it live but most of the entertainment should work in podcast too but really it doesn't. I want to live Live Wire! but I just don't.
Yawn. Sure it's "edgy" if you think of Sesame Street as PG-13.
You have to love Portland. They try really hard to be hip, modern, and relevant. Yet for all of their effort, this is the best they can do. A few episodes featuring the same tired old Pacific Northwest dinosaurs. Dan Savage? Oh come on. Storm Large? That ship hasn't sailed yet? Please. Portland deserves better. It's too bad they always feel the need to promote the mediocre so that everyone feels good about it. OPB's rather conservative Think Out Loud show puts this to shame, at least it makes you think. Live Wire! just leaves you feeling like you want your hour back.
live wire, indeed
Most Stumptown natives and many folks not fortunate enough to be born in the Northwest know that Live Wire! truly rocks. A tiny band of radio soldiers battle big icky corporate radio programs and not only win, but stick the corpse on a stick and dance around it. You listen, you'll agree.
Bare with Live Wire for a few good jolts of creativity
octane creative
Better writing than Prairie Home Companion - more youthful and edgy. And none of that irritating breathing through the nose every few words like PHC's famous self-infatuated host. Not every skit or premise is spot-on, but that's the nature of creative experimentation. Bare with it and you'll have at least 35-40 minutes of good solid entertainment every show from a wonderfully talented ensemble and show guests.
Electric Live Wire
Reminds me of Saturday Night Live back when it was funny. Playful skits and clever interviews. LOVE the Bruce Campbell and Darkhorse interview. The comic book goddess in me was very pleased. Part corn, part fluff, all va va voom. Flirty and fun this podcast is completely worth your time.
Luv It!
Thank you for this wonderful show! Keep it up.
So Glad To Find LiveWire! Podcast
Chief Ggler
Been a big fan of the live show from early on but never find myself at home when it airs on Saturday night. Great to be able to listen to the shows when I want. I love the Faces For Radio sketch comedy bits. And to see Courtenay is to love Courtenay...
Just like a Hot Pocket...
I like the filling, but not the crust. If you can get past the smug, smarmy and self-congratulatory tone of the show, they actually feature pretty talented and entertaining guests. I'm not a fan of Prarie Home Companion, and Live Wire! verges dangerously close the same schtick at times. But hey, that may be exactly what floats your boat.
Makes Driving Enjoyable!
Wonderfully entertaining! The shows are funny, poignant and informative. Thanks Live Wire!
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