Tom the tile guy
You broke it
I’ve been listening to The Real Estate Guy’s for about two years, and have learned so much about markets, the economy, preservation of capital, and raising capital. They have the best guests, and they them selves are a wealth of knowledge. I recommend this podcast often.
Height % commercial content
So much of this podcast has shifted to paid or self promotion it has lost the value of listening to it for me. Smart guys but I just do not have the time to shift through it anymore.
Excellent Content
These guys know their stuff and the guests they bring on are high quality.
Too many commercials!!!
Just found you after hearing you on BP Podcast. Great content but I get frustrated with the quantity of commercials vs other podcasts.
Leading with Education
T Gunter
Robert and Russ are the real deal with an incredible way of teaching in a simple and understandable way. The have the best guests and the most incredible gatherings. Thanks for all you guys give to this community. You have changed our lives for ever!
Great content, but......
Use your head
I sometimes feel like I’m listening to more commercials than the actual show.
Mind blown!!
Absolutely addicted to this podcast and I’ve learned soo soo much! I can’t stop telling people about it And spreading it to everyone I know! Looking to own my own apartment building 3-4 years from now! Thank you Michael!!
Great podcast
Really enjoy listening to these guys and their content.
The Best Real Estate Investing Podcast
Robert and Russell are highly experienced and provide their listeners with high energy, top level investing advice. No. 1 real estate investing podcast. Thanky you guys for providing high quality content.
Must Listen
J S Duncan
By far my favorite podcast around, it’s a must listen for me every time a new episode is released. I’ve learned so much from the RE Guys in the couple years I’ve been listening. They have a great knack for breaking things down in RE and the economy and helping you read between the lines so it all makes sense. If you’re not listening your missing out on an invaluable education!
Long Time Listener
These guys are great. I not only learn more about real estate investing, I often pick up insights for running my existing business. I highly recommend.
Attempt to sell seminar tickets
Where are my card
This podcast is basically just an infomercial where they try and sell their seminars.
Inspiration and Information
Karen Briscoe, Author
Real Estate Guys is a must listen for inspiration and information to achieve a higher level of success in business and life! Karen Briscoe, author and podcast 5 Minute Success
Mixed feelings
Although I respect the hosts of the podcast. The podcast it’s self isn’t focused enough to keep listening. It’s just too many advertisements and banter. In one hour episodes 20 minutes could easily be cut out.
Excellent Information!
Really would like more than once a week. You guys have so much wisdom to share. Thank you!
Top quality information and knowledge
Great podcast with high quality guests and huge amounts of knowledge and experience
No content
Joe Mand79
At best 5 min of content. The rest is a waste of time.
One of the best...
SU Gully
One of the best real estate podcasts out there
Great guys!
I loves this guys and all you can learn from them!
They are the best, period!
Big Bad Tad
I have listened to these guys for years. I look forward to each podcast. They offer a down to earth approach and while they primarily focus on real estate, the will also from time to time cover other facets of investing. I can't wait to meet them someday!
These guys are fantastic! I listen every week and wish they had even more episodes. Extremely informative, great production, and always entertaining. Definitely check them out
So much great information
This show has improved my life. Robert and Russel Changed the way I view money. They have interviewed so many great guests that I end up researching everything their guests do also. If you’re interested not just in real estate but just overall great mindset and thought process you will look forward to this show every week. Thanks for doing this show guys!!
great people
Jaime Frausto
Thanks Real Estate Guys , you guys are a testimony that when integrity is in the for front of ones self- great things happen. Thanks a bunch for what you do. -Jaime Frausto
Great Podcast
Very informative
Oregon Loyal Listener Review
Russell Gray and Robert Helms are class act investors and teachers in real estate education. I have been a Real Estate Investor for over 42 years now and still learn a lot each time I listen to one of their Podcast Programs. I have had the privilege and honor of meeting both of them at events. They are true mentors to others which I deeply appreciate. My family appreciates the fine service they provide to all listeners.
Great Content, But WAY too many ads
I really like the content, but I've never seen this many ads on any podcast before. Please guys, cut the ads back to just at the beginning or end instead of all the way through. It's extremely frustrating to listen to so many ads. You have great content but it gets lost in all the ads. Please, please, please cut back some of the ads so we can actually enjoy the content.
Highly recommend!
The Real Estate Guys Radio Show shares actionable and inspiring lessons on how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach your financial goals (and live your ideal life as a result)!
Offers not fulfilled
The podcast episode was offering a free report via email. Email twice and was never responded to with the offer.
Best Real Estate Podcast
My husband and I listen to The Guys religiously. Super informative.
Very Knowledgeable
907 Nick
These guys really know what they are talking about.
Awesome Podcast
Brooke Craven
The Real Estate guys, Robert and Russell, highlight all things real estate and investing in this can't miss podcast. The hosts along with their expert guests offer insightful advice to their listeners.
These guys are super knowledgeable
I learn so much listening to these guys every week. They get some really smart guests on their show. This podcast is invaluable.
Scott Mednick
The real estate guys is the best stuff out there, they have info that no one eles has and conections that are second to none. If you only listen to one podcast, this should be it.
love it love it love it
I look forward every week to hearing your podcast. I love the guests that you have. Robert gets the most out of every guest. Russ's left brained input balances out the show. I learn something every week. Thank you, Keep up the great work. Felecia
Life Changing!
I love this podcast and can't wait for the next week's show! My husband is in the real estate development field and we're interested in building our business with multi-family home investments. I've learned so much in just the few weeks I've been listening to this show. These guys are so knowledgable and have the best guest speakers. It's not only educational, it's incredibly motivational. These guys are awesome and I really do meant it when I say they've changed my life. I hope to attend at least one of their events this year. I know, it will be worth every, single penny!
I love the real estate guys
Real Estate GEM
The real estate guys podcast is the premier podcast for real estate investors. These guys know their stuff. With years in the business and top notch guests, they touch on everything you need to know to be a success in real estate investing.
Awesome stuff.
Just found these guys and their knowledge, network, and commitment to excellence far exceeds expectations
Invaluable real estate lessons
Chris J H
These guys are experienced and understand real estate. Anyone interested in the industry can learn a ton by listening to them.
Great Podcast
Insightful. Well worth the weekly listen.
Listener since the first iPod mini!
Mark Krupa
I'm a long-time listener. These guys are my real estate mentors and educators. I got educated, developed my personal investment philosophy, found my team, property and manager. Now I'm "in the game". These podcasts have helped me over 8 years. Good insights. Wish I lived in the USA to attend a real Estate Guys' Event. Thanks for the real value you provide.
great show
Tom Morkes
Always love tuning in and learning something new. They are both great, engaging hosts full of ton of information.
Enjoyable and insightful regardless your experience in investing
L-Train Feevah
They help you get the foot in the door and achieve greater things
Awesome real-estate show!
By far the best real estate show on podcast! These guys are thoughtful and insightful always looking forward in the marketplace. I have learned a ton from this podcast.
Smartest guys in Real Estate
I haven’t heard anyone that has more experience or a higher level of knowledge and perspective than the Real Estate Guys. There isn’t an episode that I haven't walked away with an idea that I can’t use in my investing career.
Best podcast for me
egpjc's Account
I started listening a couple of years ago and have now gone to several events. I continue to learn more, network more, find better ways of thinking and looking at my entire life than from any other source. I have tried quite a few podcasts and have found the ones I find most productive, know Robert and Russell. I look forward each week to their podcast as it always has something interesting and valuable to me. Thanks “Guys” and Kara too!!
The Real Estate Guys Rock!!
Adrian McMillian
I’ve listened to the Real Estate Guys, since I bought my first property, in 2002! They have been an invaluable resource, in my investing career! Robert and Russell, have a wealth of experience and knowledge! I sincerely appreciate all the information, and advice, that they’ve given me, over the years!! :-)
Great Podcast
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
As for the bad reviews, all I can say is... The podcast is free. You can get great information without paying for a thing. If you're in Real estate or any business, I highly recommend you subscribe and listen. The answers are so simple. Success is inevitable if your actions are correct.
The Real Estate Guys have opened new doors for my mind that have In turn opened new doors of opportunity for the future of my family. Thank God for selfless men like them. God bless the Real Estate Guys.
Guys are outstanding
Only podcast I download and listen to IMMEDIATELY it becomes available. Love the top down view they provide to real estate and investing on the whole. Great advice and perspectives!!
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