Best science pod cast out there
started listening in high school.... continue 10 years later love it love it love it
Lucky coins
I love how I can listen to this and learn fun astronomy facts and news at the same time. This podcast has increased my knowledge, intriguing to listen to, and have me new ideas for observatories to visit.
Outstanding podcast
generic carbon based life form
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I am trying to catch up to current releases as I am still a few years behind. The hosts have great voices and wonderful chemistry, they cover a huge range of topics that relate, sometimes tangentially, to astronomy.
100% Awesomeness
Gandalf the Alien Grey
Great content on the latest astonomical science and space missions and entertaining dialogue from both hosts. I love this show!
Best Podcast
I adore this podcast. I listened to it when I took an astronomy class and it helped me SO much. I love listening to it now because it helps me remember all the cool and freaky stuff about space.
Awesome Show
Really really great show! They talk thoroughly and interestingly about science, physics, and astronomy. A great way to learn more about the world around us. **ONE RECOMMENDATION** it would be so awesome if you guys could organize the podcasts by season! I am powering through all the episodes from the beginning, and it stinks to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a 500 episode long list.
Great Show...Far Too Much Time On Commercials
Bass setup
This was such a great show but as time went on I learned far more about Caspar mattresses than about astronomy each episode. Shame really.
Excellent topics covered well
Good overviews of interesting and timely astronomy topics. Occasionally I hear few errors on items that are a bit outside their areas of expertise but in general it is on point.
Long intro
It takes 5-6 minutes of talking to actually get to the podcast. And the co host is extremely redundant. Fraser: good radio voice and easy to understand. Co host: can’t keep a consistent distant from microphone and whispers half of her phrases. If I turn up the volume to listen to her extremely dynamic tonalities I get blown out when ever Fraser talks.
My favorite podcast right now. Great chemistry between the hosts. The topics, and Dr. Gay is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate in covering each one.
Fall Into Space!
The most likable people in the universe tell you the latest in the universe... what’s not to like?!
Little astronomy
I listen to the show yesterday and I had very little astronomy and it was talking about science-fiction and Stargate SG one I’m rambling on nothing about astronomy come on if you’re going to call yourself an astronomy podcast stay focused on astronomy please
The smugness is overflowing
I listen to this podcast only for comedic value. I’m sure the hosts have good intentions, but I laugh at how self important and smug these people sound as they explain their interpretation of life. It’s only worth two stars.
Dumbed-Down Astronomy
While I love Dr Pamela’s beautiful speaking voice, and Fraser Crain’s quirky style, this is Dumbed-Down Astronomy at best. They go too far in trying to make the science palatable and drop a great deal of real content in the process.
Perfect for Backyard Astronomers!
This podcast is the perfect springboard for backyard astronomers. There is enough detail in each episode to give you a good understanding of the topic, and it fuels your curiosity to dig deeper in the topics that interest you. Frasier and Pamela are such kind and fun tour guides to the cosmos. I can’t recommend it enough!
Good info
...but I have unsubscribed. I can’t bear another minute of the cutesy interplay between the hosts and I’ll scream if I hear them mispronounce Charon one more time.
My Mum counts this as school
Me mum counts this as school it’s so good
So very informative.
This show rocks
Love it! This show inspired me to get a telescope and get in to astrophotography Keep killing it.
Bill Smyth
Very happy with this. I have been listening from the beginning.
Amazing!! My favorite.
I’ve been listening for past couple years, but when they started doing their update episodes, I finally took note of all their older episodes, which are great! I went back and started from ep. 1 and am working my way through. I credit this podcast with getting me re-engaged with my love for science.
Frasier and Pamela do a great job making astronomy and space science understandable and interesting.
I love this show!! I’ve always been interested in astronomy but I’m not an astrophysicist so it was difficult to find a podcast with subject matter that I completely understood. This is definitely it! They give great info thats easy to understand!
Tea girl kisses
There is not one thing I don’t love about this podcast. As a fellow star nerd it’s so wonderful to have my ears filled with so much knowledge delivered in such a fun and passionate way.
My First Podcast
Astronomy Cast was my first subscribed podcast. I started listening at about episode 225. I have gone through all episodes twice. Fraiser and Pamala present interesting topics in an interesting, informative, and casual manner that will keep you entertained. I look forward to each episode weekly.
Too simple. Too much inter-host chat.
With a subject like astronomy, I'm with the guys of the old TV show Dragnet, When I used to listen to this, I used to want to say,"Just the Facts, Ma'am," about once an episode. I don't listen to it any more.
One of the best of the best
This is amazing podcast that delivers each week. I can’t wait for each episode to come out. If you’re just finding it, even better, because the archive contains 500 episodes. After I stumbled upon it, the previous episodes kept me busy for months. I can’t praise the podcast enough. You also have to give them major credit for being podcast pioneers... they’ve been at it a long time.
This has become an Advertising Podcast
When the show started, back in 2007 I think, there was no advertising, and I had finally found an alternative to TV and radio where one can learn the Science without being inundated with advertisements. This show has, over the years, evolved and taken on the same concept used by all other mediums to integrate advertising in the show. It is so annoying that just when you've gotten into the subject matter and focused on the topic on hand, they start talking about some product that breaks the momentum of the show, and for me, just ruins the whole experience. This is not what made this show what it has become over the years. I am begging the hosts of this show...PLEASE, with cherry on top, get back to your roots and stop the advertisements. I don't know about other subscribers but I literally fast forward every advertisement, and it leaves such an annoying taste in the mouth that it ruins the entire show for me. I have tremendous respect for the show and the hosts, and please don't take my review personally. This is an honest constructive feedback that your show needs. Don't lose your fanbase for $$$.
I can't believe how long this show has lasted
מיכאל נווואל
The Voyager of Podcasts. Thank you.
Swim frsda
Divorce lawyer by day, pretend astronaut by night. I just love this show. I especially like the explanations of how we know what we know. It is so much better than just stating facts without background. Bravo!
Best show for astronomy!
Love the explanation and detail offered by Dr. Pamela Gay and the great moderator abilities of Frazier Cane. Keep up the great work!
This is my favorite podcast.
I'm not a scientist, but I love how they break down the science so that lay-people like me can understand it, but they don't "dumb-it-down".
Great podcast!
The FireKing
This podcast is pretty good! I only gave it a 4/5 because I feel like they talked like just a little tad too slow. 😉
This has to be one of the top five podcasts on the web! I literally listen to this podcast every night! The subject matter is thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time! If you ever have thought about wanting to learn anything about astronomy, this is the place to be!
Plain Talk
Factory Rat
I appreciate Pamela's down-to-Earth presentation: "Some alien star is throwing rocks at us..." I hope she and Fraser will do an in-depth show on the kilonova. It's nice to know that it put out gravity waves, then gamma, then visible etc. But why? Were internal processes changing? Or was the debris cloud just thinning out so other parts of the spectrum could get through?
Love it! Intelligent yet with humor. Poignant.
Love this show!
Lol Jimmy
Just discovered this long-running show. Loving the episodes going back over a DECADE!
Astronomy Cast
Michigan Reviewer 2.
Incredibly entertaining, enthusiastic, and informative podcast. I subscribe to about 50 podcasts, and this is one of the top 3 on my list. One of the great things about this podcast is it puts things in terms that I can understand. I have no background in science, yet I have learned so, so, so much from this podcast.
Highly recommended!
Love your podcast, I've been listening for more than a year; always look forward to new episodes, keep it up guys!! 👍🏽😊
The best space related show hands down
I don't ever write reviews for anything but I am for this show just so it gets exposure and to tell how great it is. I've started at the first episode and loved every single one so far (at 51 rn) Pamala does a great job with easy to visualize explanations and Brandon does is a great host and does a great job leading into subjects and supporting her in her explanations and is pretty funny too. I've tried a lot of astronomy podcasts and I promise this is all you'll need. Brandon and Pamala please keep up the good work you've got my full support. They mention Phil Plait a lot he's great too check out his show on YouTube, Crash Course Astronomy I've rewatched it a few time just cause it's so good.
Science, of course
A great podcast about space and astronomy. Fact-based goodness.
Can't Get Enough
Jonathan Byrd
Two really smart people talking about physics and cosmology in every day terms. Well recorded and easy to listen to. Great topic flow throughout the feed history.
Love this podcast
I love space and all things related. I love the way they make it fun and easy to understand. I have started from cast one. It's cool to see some of the stuff talked about come about. I hooked for sure. Thank and keep up the good work.
My review
CE in NJ
This is my favorite podcast of all time. Frazier is a great interviewer and Pamela simply delivers complex answers that I can understand. I listened to all 400 episodes in three months. Then did it again. They are also good to fall asleep too! And I donated too.
You guys are awesome
I've listened to you both for years and hope to for many more. Great rapport, fascinating topics, well explained information. Love this show
Thanks for the varied subject matter and clear discussions! Keep it up!
Best astronomy podcast ever
Love listening to this podcast. They do a great job presenting the material. Hope the podcast never ends Pamela and Frasier have really done a great job of rekindling my interest in science and astronomy
Exceptional value!
Educational and entertaining. Fraser and Pamela do a wonderful job of bringing the wonders of astronomy and science as a whole to a level that anyone can understand and enjoy!
I'm glad the host finally has Pamela's title down when introducing her. It only took him 700 episodes. Now if they could learn that not everything that comes out of their mouths is cute and funny ("What advice do you have for those of us in mortal danger from a tsunami? Ha ha!"), then maybe I'd take it a bit more seriously.
Fantastic podcast
Frazier and Dr. Gay provide a fresh approach, and I always learn more about things I thought I already knew!
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