Very informative with a side of humor
Scientific American has a stellar reputation so I expected this podcast would be amazing. I love the variety of topics and the way the information is delivered with a touch of humor.
Wait for the pun
Besides providing interesting information in short segments that can easily be a part of a daily routine they always seem to wrap it up in a laudable pun. Well done
remove the ads - will get me back as a listener
quality has been going down the last decade, adding the ads into 69-sec video is a slap in the face. good-bye
i hear it everyday and it give me many information about the science
Science is not politics
Dr SteveT
That’s the funny thing about science, it’s real whether you believe it or not. Great podcast on ALL things science. And who doesn’t love a good (bad) pun once in a while. Keep it up!
Got political, lost a sub
Odd time
The topics lately are not really science based any longer. It sounds like your PhD student cousin telling you about something.
Interesting fun facts
I live for facts that are current in today’s world and this podcast are quick snippets of information that I sprinkle in conversations
Dumped episodes
Either you guys or Apple just dumped 394 previous episodes in my feed. First, please undo it. Second, don’t do this again to listeners and subscribers.
Cool stuff
Old F'er
It’s fun to listen to each episode. I’m learning new things.
About double the “60 Seconds” but worth it
Oakey San
I love the condensed versions of scientific findings and have enjoyed sharing these with my wife, kids, and friends. They have led me to subscribe to the weekly podcast so I could get a bit more detailed background. Keep up the great work!
60 seconds, occasionally
I formally loved this podcast, but now there is more non 60 second posts. The info is good, but not doing what the title of the podcasts says.
Perfect for those who are Inquisitive but Have Short Attention Span
Pocono Charlie
Great bits of interesting stories in easy to digest format. These episodes have led me to research a variety of topics I may not have considered on my own. On my Must-Listen-List.
Great mix of various sciences.
Great mix of various sciences. Tid bits but not just a bit of quick science trivia. The stories are timely and entertaining while being educational.
Good intel in concise snippets
Don’t let the name fool you, the podcast lasts about two to three minutes but always packs an interesting punch. There are plenty of longer science podcasts out there, but they have commercials.
60 it is
I love the terse coverage of topics. I listen to a lot of science podcasts, and this one is always worth the time and attention. Your range of topics is always interesting and so is your delivery. Thanks
Short and Easy to Understand
Love these short episodes, a nice quick summary of a cool science story, always described in a simple manner, wish all science stories could get covered like this.
60s Science, 30 seconds of Ads.
Oof - this podcast needs a new name as it's experimenting with putting 30 seconds of ads at the start of each summary. This on top of the fact that everything by Steve Mirsky is basically flogging a summary of a prior SciAm publication or meeting.
Love it. Absolutely.
In the episode about plants detecting an attack from a distance. Is it possible they get signals from the mycelium they share the soil with?
Love the show too short
longer and more subjects
At least put several of the same subjects together
Peace Out
Came here to change my 5 star rating to 1 and unsubscribe. Ripping Bill Nye was childish and partisan and now anything you say is suspect in my mind. This is not because of love for Nye (although I do think he’s an ok guy). Science is supposed to be above politics and now your comparable to a religious institution preaching partisan politics. Bye.
Brilliant shorts
A huge range of fascinating subjects !!
High School Freshman Turn On To Science
Vienna Ann
I cherry pick episodes and use them three times per week for warm-ups in class. I teach in a very low income area. After a few false starts (and after they were convinced I was really grading their work), they are doing a much better job. I love the podcast so much because it gives students (and me) a window onto how science gets started, how it moves forward, and how conclusions are reached. All done with occasional tongue-in-cheek humor and good fun. I like it! Thanks SA!
podcast not downloading
What's going on? Shows recent episodes in the store, but not in the feed, and the few it does show never actually download (arrow goes gray but nothing ever happens). Anyone else having this problem?
Correlation vs. causation or journalism vs. science
The show seems to struggle trying to decide if it’s going to “be journalism & activism” and appeal to everyone’s emotions in order to change the world (as 20-somethings & 30-somethings have been trying for 60 years), or if it’s going to be a science podcast & present the facts without editorial.
Short and informative
Dylan Fair
Fun way to keep up with scientific news
Great little dose of science
Love hearing about all the different studies and all the bad puns
So informative!
Quick snippets of info I wouldn't otherwise hear about. I love it. And I love their sporadic cheesy jokes.
Bite-sized knowledge nuggets
We need more
My family and myself need more! Thank you this is a really amazing podcast!
Mandatory 60 seconds
Mohammed Taha Faridi
In my opinion, everyone competent should spend a few minutes learning about the academic and scholarly researches about the world around us.
60 seconds awesome
Terrific quick-hit on the latest science news
Want to know what’s going on in science? Listen to this. Quick hits bring you up to speed, and they’re clever. Great podcast.
Really nice podcast
A perfect way of getting science updates!
Quick and informative
Science sound-bites
Podcast for MTV audience
Poorly produced, too short and too political. Sometimes one can hear folks typing in the background.
Very Informative
World Traveler Expert
Good reviews but some controversies.
New (quick) things to learn everyday!
I like listening to this podcast as I get ready in the morning. You don't have to keep up with it religiously every day but there are always new episodes to catch up on. Sometimes I'll listen to 5 or more before going to bed. It's just quick info on all varieties of subjects that you never knew would be cool to learn about. Subjects range from animals, technology, brain/thinking, biology, quantum things, space, the human body, food, organic patterns.. Etc. I never regret listening.
Love it!
This is a great short podcast (around 2 min) that I still learn things from.
More please
Thanks so much for this and the past "60 Second" programs from Scientific American and the regular podcast. Why have you cut back? More please!
No 60 seconds
Stephanie Kajpust
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. my only complaint is that it's not 60 seconds! Most episode lately have been 3 minutes long. I suggest they change the name!
Stop Downloading the Same Podcast Over and Over
I love the content. But you continue to download the current “Whale Poop” podcast after I have erased it. We’re at 10 times at this point. Please make it stop.
Stuck in 2009
Middle of Illinois
For the last few weeks, I haven't been getting any new content (although I can clearly see it on the website). All that is downloading are podcasts from 3-5 years ago...even the feed is only showing podcast from 2013 or earlier. When the issue gets fixed, I'll change my rating.
Can not download the new episodes!
Every single new episode I downloaded, is actually the same thing as "60-second health by David ...", different title through.
great podcast
Saj in ny
small bites of goodness
Quick Brain Snacks
I find these great to add as bumpers between my longer podcasts. Well grounded in solid science.
1 Minute Is Perfect
Great podcast for on what's going on in the world related to research and discovery. I'm a CPA that disliked science classes that loves this podcast.
Could only be better if longer
How about Five-Minute Science?
Weird ‘Science'
A Maya Angelou tribute poem? … Seriously? ...
Great content and production
The content is always fresh and the production/editing is great making the hearing experience great!
Long time favorite that's gone missing
The Scientific American podcasts top my favorite podcasts list with 60-Second Science in the lead. Unfortunately, recent changes in iTunes have undermined the reliability of the downloads. The updates often fail and the listings are no longer accurate. I guess science is not sufficiently "hot" to warrant support. Hope someone can repair the links so the podcast downloads resume. Some listeners prefer learning about scientific discoveries instead of being blasted with promos for cheesy TV shows (which never fail to download easily). Please fix the Scientific American podcast downloads.
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