Demand Pull - GTM
Sonny L
Go To Market is a very important subject for our company. We have had a struggle on how we can build up our customer base, increase our business, and keep cost down. PMO - GTM Demand Pull helped me understand a better and faster way of increasing company awareness, get more prospects to see our offerings, have the ability to chat with prospects, close the prospect and have them become a customer, faster. Thanks for your GTM Demand Pull podcast. I look forward to speaking with Dave Larson on getting our company started with BOT's GTM offering.
The PMO Podcast - Great shows, great format
Anne Barks, PMO Manager
The PMO Podcast is well worth listening to. I especially like the ten minute format of the show which provides interesting interviews of insightful topics, pointed commentary often with a twist, and the listener mailbag, usually a question or tip. I enjoy listening to the short, information rich episodes, on the way to work from my iPod and often a second time from my PC at the office with colleagues. Your first podcast and the memo on MBWA, Managing By Walking Around, with its surprise ending was terrific. Having worked with EDS and met Ross Perot, I can see in my mind's eye how that lunch meeting you had with him went. Keep up the shows, and keep up the twists and surprises.
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