Episode 253: Agile Today, highlights of Dave Garrett's interview with Jim Highsmith
Published November 8, 2012
14 min
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    This week The PMO Podcast™ Featured Story presents "Agile Today, highlights of Dave Garrett's interview with Jim Highsmith," presented by Mark Perry (about Mark), host of The PMO Podcast™. Dave Garrett and Jim Highsmith need no introduction. Both giants in the industry, Dave created the largest online community of project management professionals now known as ProjectManagement.com, formerly known as gantthead. And Jim Highsmith, well if you don't know Jim Highsmith, you don't know agile. Jim is a coauthor of The Agile Alliance and a founding member of The Agile Alliance. Jim has authored many books and whitepapers and has consulted with IT organizations, product development organizations, and software companies around the world. Not long ago, Dave interviewed Jim to talk about Agile Today. This is such an excellent interview, that I wanted to highlight a few key questions and answers of the interview for you.

    The PMO Podcast™ Points Memo presents, "What is the cloud?" Have you heard the term "Cloud" or "Cloud Computing?" Of course you have. But what exactly is it. And why is all of this referred to as a cloud? Is it because we are all no doubt going to get rained on? Well, not exactly, though some of that will no doubt happen. The term cloud computing comes from the practice of using drawings of stylized clouds to denote networks in diagrams of systems and the word cloud, or I should say drawing of a cloud, is used to represent the internet and this technique dates back to more than twenty years ago. The actual concept of the cloud dates back to the 1950s, where large mainframe computers became available and accessible through fixed function, green screen, cathode ray terminals or CRTs as they were called.

    The PMO Podcast™ Mailbag answers a listener question about adding additional Graphical Indicators to the 50 or so that come with Microsoft Project.

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