I know he’s putting together a quality show, but I just wish I could get my dose of hardcore history more frequently
A deep insight of historical topics
If you really want to learn about some historical topics this is your podcast. His massive 2 - 3 hour episodes could be divided in more but shorter podcasts. Yet, it is still enjoyable (I listen it in chunks) With a plethora of references, the listener can go and read more about any of the episodes and expand his knowledge thirst. Very well researched and narrated, Dr. Carlin podcast is a jewel.
Just the best
The Great Glass Alavator
It really is. The greatest argument for cloning is to make more Dans so we can get more HH.
Best history podcast
pw abbenhaus
I could listen to Dan give a four hour history of the turnip. Research is first class and delivery is even better. Thanks, Dan.
More please
I burned thru the podcast episode available in less than 2 weeks. I have since gone on to iTunes and purchased all the Punic wars, wrath of the Kahn’s, and death throes of the republic. I can’t get enough! Keep them coming Dan (and staff) and thank you for this. A true pleasure
The Countdown to Armageddon Series
Is Pulitzer worthy
Whoah, man
This is DEEP. Love it though. I kinda wish the episodes were a bit shorter.
The best podcast ever period!!!
Great Man, Great Podcast
Literally the Greatest Podcast of All Time, listened to over 100 podcasts since 2011. Just found this podcast this year. This stuff is goooood. Makes you able to picture yourself in moments in history to actually understand what happened a skill none of my professors ever really had. Brilliant!
The best kind of history, unabridged.
Guru of Time
I have had a hankering for history yet the kind of history from public school text books that I got always left me wanting to know more, with a sour after taste of unanswered questions. Dan Carlin’s take on history leaves me shaken yet satisfied with getting into the mindset of nearly any one and every one involved, including spectators. Great recommendation from Woolie.
Great content but we need more.
I recently finished Supernova in the east II and I hate being left on a cliff hanger for several months.
Dan Carlin is a master narrator. He makes the listener feel like they are there, living in the moments he is describing. He add drama and emotion to his narrative. Always a treat to listen to; I’ve listened to Blueprints for Armageddon twice already!
The best podcast out there
From the topics to the content and extensive context, this podcast will make you rethink how you view history and what it means for the present day. A must subscribe for anyone remotely interested in history.
The most entertaining, exhilarating, hari raising podcast ive listened to. Dan is the man, period.
genghis khan
Rafael Torres Jr
So how do I purchase episodes ?
The Undisputed King
Baby Teeth
This man somehow made me forget that music ever existed....
Overwhelming superb!
William Evan C.
This podcast team is absolutely phenomenal at what they do! Dan Carlin keeps me riveted for every second. I listened to all 6 episodes on WWI, which were very long and packed full of information, and at the end I was sad and almost hurt that the ride was over. Additionally, I love the touches of humanity introduced that this team focuses on. I’ve had to pause this at work because my eyes start watering when I hear about a man writing his last letter to his wife... I can only say good things about this podcast and recommend it to everyone that wants to learn history while experiencing the thrill of a passionately delivered story.
It’s fire.
This show slaps for 5 hours at a time. How is that even possible.
Blueprint for Armageddon was amazing
Scott Jackson
The entire podcast is amazing, but the Blueprint for Armageddon episodes were simply perfect. Those episodes detail the complex history of WW1 in the most thorough yet clear way possible. Any history fan should give those a listen. The Supernova in the East episodes are also amazing. Would love to hear some episodes about revolutionary France through the end of the Napoleonic Wars.
It’s interesting subject matter and topics and subtracted from, as others have said, by the odd way in with he tries to make the content sound dramatic. This modification of his voice is very distracting and disappointing and I wished I wasn’t so bothered by it but it’s very annoying to me when he does it almost every sentence. Otherwise it’s a cool show
Best History Podcast
Washington Esquire
I listen to these over and over learning something new each time. I especially enjoy how lengthy and in depth each podcast is.
Simply the best history podcast
Hands down the best. I can not recommend this podcast enough. Carlin’s series on the Mongols and WW1 are top-notch. Just great stuff.
Hard to follow
He rambles a lot and switches between talking speeds and volumes constantly. I’m okay with just speeding up people usually but when you switch between talking fast and leaving full seconds between words adding in yelling and then talking quietly for drama it makes the story almost unlistenable
Blown away
I’m a new comer to HCH and have been blown away by the content. Starting with the Persian wars to WWI these series have been very informative. I’ve recommended to many. Keep up the great stuff that I certainly missed in reading history!
Can’t get enough!
My friend recommended Hardcore History to me back in 2014 and I can’t get enough of it. Been religiously listening to it and can’t wait for what’s next.
Link up
Awesome delivery and breakdown.. Can’t wait for more....
Really excellent
Just discovered this podcast. Highly recommend
Killing it
In a word Genius!
Thank you!
I’ve been missing pieces of perspective throughout history and you’re helping to increase the angles of my perception. It will undoubtedly contribute to my future understandings of human evolution and society. I will be a much better President because of it.
Jershon Baldomero
I have listened to the majority of Dan’s Hardcore History episodes up until this point and even purchased all of Dan’s old episodes because I liked them so much. The sheer detail that he provides on each topic that he covers is world class and unmatched by other history podcasters. What he excels at most in my opinion is that he doesn’t just simply relate facts in a chronological manner, but also shares his own insight which provides the listener with a lot of “aha” moments. It will literally change the way you view the world. He not only does that, but also tells the stories in such a way that it’s easy for the listener to put themselves in the shoes of those individuals that actually experienced the events that Dan covers. If you are looking for a solid history podcast with a lot of wonderful insights, then this is the one for you. I hope Dan keeps the episodes coming for a long time to come.
It’s great.
Totally engrossing enjoyed every episode.
Very pleased!
This guy is good! Im happy I chose this podcast
This is OUR History
Dan is passionate about all of the topics he dives into. His passion is as infectious as a Middle Age Plague! He has changed my perspective on humanity. I will never be not listening to Hardcore History. Thank you Dan.
The best
The best ever.
So easy to listen and learn.
Dan Carlin for President! Never would I feel more comfortable, that someone could lead our country. Knowing the mistakes and successes of the past will make a great leader. And Dan knows both
One of the best history podcasts
Xenophon of Baltimore
Listening to the rantings of a historical genius has never been so enjoyable. I still find myself thinking Dan Carlin sounds & speaks just like comedian George Carlin. I checked & they’re not related to googles knowledge.
Best history pod ever
I have tried almost 10 minutes of almost every history pod but this one stood out and now I can’t stop listening
Hardcore history makes history understandable, entertaining, and dramatic
I listened to the shows on WWI, the cold war, the Spanish-American war, and the Anabaptist uprising in Germany. I learned a lot. These episodes summarized the history in a way that was understandable and interesting. I like how Dan tries to be fair to the historical figures in these shows. He doesn’t seem to have a political agenda. He appears to look at the history from multiple points of view. He does his homework and it shows.
The - Best - History - Podcast - Period
There is nothing remotely like this in the seemingly bottomless pit of podcast content. If you want a refreshing and non-partisan overview of a particular period in history, this is unparalleled. I wish he could put out content with more frequency, but quality takes time. The work that goes into each episode certainly shows in the product.
Nobody can beat Dan
AdVe 1450
Dan Carlin has without a doubt the best history podcast I have ever seen. He takes the time to thoroughly research all of his topics and always manages to make you think about the narrative that earlier historians and modern historians have spun about whatever time period he is talking about. Excellent podcast every fan of history should listen to this!
Easy Hardcore Listening
Dan has an amazing way of pulling you into the history of each episode.
My Number one podcast
This is my favorite podcast. Dan's shows provide a narritivie, a commentary, or a background on anyone of a number of places, events, or concepts. This show has taught me history I never would have otherwise cared to learn, but have greatly flushed out my understanding of history.
Two Words and Punctuation.
Mr. Get After It
Blitz: Rasputin
Great info! But...
I really love Blueprint for Armageddon - such great info and I was kept interested. But why do you practically whisper when talking, then yell when reading quotes? I was constantly adjusting my volume to make it tolerable.
Next Level
The amount of time and energy put into these speeches are simply beautiful
Epic podcast, love it
Can't think of a name lol
Just listen to Armageddon1-6. Was hook from the start. What a great listen!!! Can’t wait to listen to morei
Just wondering your thoughts on Greek historian Herodotus. He commented on the specifics regarding the fall of babylon, but you states that it did not happen the way the Bible states. Thanks
Blown my mind
All I could say is four hours gone and riveted the whole time.
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