Long time listener
I have listened to this podcast for years. Unfortunately, this pod has become very conservative but tries to hide that with the guests it has on. Still a pretty good source for morning news.
Good they report the news not make the news.
Long time listener - Goodbye
The quality of the Wall Street Journal has declined significantly. I can no longer listen or read such poor effort! Goodbye to the idoit management group guided by the bias owners! Two years ago I spent $300+ for Wall Street Journal narrative, Today it is $0. Feels good
Favorite podcast to start the day!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost 4 years - it’s my favorite podcast to start the day! Unbiased news reporting & great coverage of local/national news.
Every Morning, Every Day
This is normally the first podcast I listen to when getting started in the morning.
Audio levels
I don’t think this show has an audio technician watching levels - every telephone interview is TWICE AS LOUD as the interviewer. Super irritating!!! Wake up WSJThis AM!!! Listen to your own show!!
The best!!
This is the best morning show available on Podcasts hands down in my opinion. Gordon, Jennifer and Mike are pros and have been doing this for so long that they make you feel like your morning is incomplete without their reporting. Insightful, smart, humorous and to the point. Great every single day! Love them!
My first of the day
This is always the first podcast I listen every day, I only wish it was the full broadcast and not just the first hour. My only other problem (request) is that they give the date at the start of the podcast. When I travel I can’t always get the days podcast, so when I get to an area with WiFi I download a stream them, knowing what day it is really helps. Especially since Apple’s lasted update, sometimes the app picks up podcasts that I have already heard (takes a while to be sure it’s an old on).
Great info but Terrible Audio Quality
Gordon, Jennifer and the rest of the on air staff do a great job. But the audio quality of the guest reporters that phone in is so bad! It makes it very difficult to listen to. If they are in the field gathering news and writing pieces can't they find a land line for crying out loud? They must call in on cell phones because their audio is over saturated, muffled, has poor dynamic range, etc. It is really distracting to listen to. Otherwise thumbs up :)
I love this show
Who did what?
I discovered this show by mistake while living aboard. It was always my go to podcast everyday. I returned to the States and completely forgot about this podcast. Got up early one morning and found out that this show that makes it this podcast was on my local station. That morning at work is when I downloaded the podcast and it’s been on every morning since. I love the podcast. Gordon... Stay cranky my friend!
Entire Format
D Humphry
This podcast has become much too much liberal for my likings! Also has way too many commercials. I have been a long time listener.
My morning update
Just what I am looking for in the morning. A quick update on what is happening in the world.
Has become very right-leaning
I used to enjoy this podcast, but the reports, comments, questions and contributors are now blatantly right-wing. It would be much better if it remained neutral and/or balanced.
News with just enough personality
Gordon is a master. I've listened to this podcast (used to be WSJ This Morning) for probably 8-9 years consistently, every morning. Great way to get the facts, latest news, and enough personality from Gordon to keep it fresh. Keep going Gordon!
Just news
Just news - no agendas
Mmmmj Nahnnghhhtmmhhmhmh
Must listen
I have four podcasts that I must start my day with, every day. This is one of them. They do a great job of providing not only up-to-the-minute news, but also interesting topical pieces. I find it to be an entertaining program, as well.
No podcast available
I love this podcast and I listen to it every morning - well, at least when it is available. Please sort out the dowloading issue to iTunes. I have already communicated this issue to the WSJ. Many days the podcast is not available in the morning! Thank you, Lynn
America's First Newa
Don't bother with cable TV or NPR in the morning just tune to Gordon and team for the morning headlines and more. I find myself telling people about stories I heard on AFN all day long. They have great reporters as guests a go deeper than just sound bites. For those wanting it earlier, you probably don't know that the show is carried by 100's of radio stations across the country who don't want to pay for a show that can be heard for free without commercials at the same time. My station carries it at 4am, plenty early for any early bird.
Best news podcast around
Smart, witty, and informative, @GordonDeal and team deliver every single day. No spin, no pontification, just the facts. And done with some fun. The absolute best.
The most disappointing part of the podcast is the audio quality of any "guests". They seem so amateur, background noise, um, oh, and hearing them breathing into the microphones. Poor quality.
So. many. ADS!
I've been listening to this podcast for a year and a half. The content is usually good, though sometimes it focuses a little too much on national politics for my taste. That being said, in general there about 5-6 news stories each day. There is an ad read between each and every one. I always hit the skip ahead 15 seconds button to blow past the ads, but is is still annoying to say the least. It seems the ads have only increased in the past 6 months. Almost 25% of the podcast in terms of time/duration is ads. It's too much for a 25-28 minute long podcast.
My favorite podcast...
I listen to it on the train going to work evertyday and am always the most informed person at work. Granted sometimes they don't get it up before 8 when I leave, but over all love teh show.
Had to stop listining because of Deal
I love the content of the podcast. It's been the first podcast I listen to each morning for a couple of years now and my day doesn't freel complete if I haven't listened. That being said, Gordon Deal's commentary and story telling has gotten so bad to me I just deleted the podcast and am now in search of another morning podcast to catch me up. I do not tune in to hear opinions on the stories, I tune in to get the news. Deal's commentary and stories have gotten so long I've begun fast forwarding to get through them. Not only does he take up too much time, the things he says are usually irritating and sometimes crosses the line on the personal attack comments he makes. I like the other reporters on the show and feel bad for them sometimes when they get pulled in by him. Too bad that such a great place to get information is no longer a place I want to go.
Best Daily News Podcast - Period!
Long time listener and subscriber, I followed the show when it left WSJ and make this a part of my daily routine. Why get your news here? Well, they combine a thorough summary of current events with snappy analysis and interesting guest speakers providing a very well rounded overview of what's happening around the world and in your backyard. Next to my coffee, This Morning is an essential part of every day!
I listen everyday
Thx Gorden and the rest of the gang!
Serious Attempt at Being Objective
I have been listening to this podcast for around 4 years--usually with a waterproof speaker in the shower. If u like news that at least attempts to be objective and fact-based, this is the best US podcast I have found. There is generally never a liberal or conservative bias to it. If anything, it is more of a pro-business bias. But really, I have no idea whom Gordon Deal and his cohorts voted for in the last elections. They avoid political judging and editorializing.
Review and request
First, I enjoy your Podcasts. I listen to them most days when I am getting ready or in the car. Some of the special interest topics are skipable in my eyes, but everyone has a different taste. I heard Jen ask for reviews after the Podcast today. One question I always have while listening to your podcast is around the Michigan commercial. It would be interesting to run one of your special interest segments on their ‘burdensome regulations’ they removed in an effort to get businesses to move to their state. Some questions could include: What were the regulations that were removed? Did the regulations removed only apply to one sector of business (automotive is the sector that comes to mind)? Why were the regulations put in place in the first place? What will the state do to prevent future regulations if/when businesses move to their state with their own special interest groups and lobbyists? It may be bad for business critiquing a sponsor’s ad like that, but I cannot be the only person who asks those questions when hearing the same commercial every time, they listen to your podcast.
Gordon Deal for President
Based on the current plolitical climate I nominate Gordon Deal for President rather than voting for the Sweet Metor of Death for President. Good job Gordon
Good despite the host
Nymeria M
This is my go-to podcast for news. I like their guests and the selection of stories. I could really do without Gordon Deal’s creepiness and mean-spiritedness sometimes though. He comments occasionally on women’s looks in a unsettling way, and he is not shy about being critical of celebrities. Honestly, I wish it were solely a news program without his commentary.
I love waking up with Gordon Deal. This is the best daily news podcast out there, very informative with the top story of the day and breaking news but also diverse stories related to personal finance, sports, social, etc. It's not all about politics which I personally appreciate. Thanks for a great podcast!
Best Daily Podcast
Period. No better morning news podcast. Gordon, Jennifer, Mike and company are awesome.
This is how we start our day in SF!
Impact Labs
Quality content made interesting with a great team!
Gordon rocks!
This is my morning routine out here in San Francisco. Thanks for a great podcast. Very Socially-Selective!
Cool and calm Deal
Chris from NorCal
Not quite a man crush, but I do find myself needing to hear Gordon every morning. Jenifer keeps him in check, especially when making college Twister remarks.
One of my favorite podcasts
Great news podcast. One of the few I regularly come back to.
Great show
Great way to get the headlines and top stories but still fun. Also no apparent political bias which is refreshing
Too Much Politics!!
I am so tired of listening to a 10 minute commentary everyday on the presidential race and politics! What a waste of time. They are obsessed and can't seem to ever get enough. Other things happen in our nation besides this and it would be nice to hear more about them instead of about who will be our next Idiot in Chief.
Good headlines recap but back away from microphones
Ms P 2017
Content is decent - I use as recap of day's newspaper (WSJ) - but Gordon really needs to tell a few of the regular content speakers to back..away..from..the..mic and stop spitting and beatboxing; sounds gross; I don't see how they do not hear that feedback; it really ruins the audio.
My favorite morning podcast!
I start every day with this podcast. It's a nice summary of headlines with a few interesting interviews thrown in. Gordon is great but my one complaint is that many of the female reporters he interviews need to learn how to speak more professionally. They sound like teenagers. You would think if you're writing for the Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch or the Boston Globe you could talk like an adult.
Great podcast but unpredictable
Love the content but they apparently have issues with dropping the casts consistently.
The morning news, period.
W Morgan
This is your best choice for morning news, and has been for years.
News highlights
I listen to Gordon each morning. I love how it's just quick hits on a variety of news and the guests are consistently interesting. And I find Gordon relatable. It's a nice change of pace from standard newscasts.
News with out the bias hype
I listen daily. It’s a great summary of the news - presented straight forward, and without all the hype. For the most part, Deal takes a non-partisan position an the news. His occasional snarky comments are oak by me, and typically reflective of a rational thought process. Good job, glad to see many of the WSJ carryovers.
Great podcast
Enjoy starting the day with these guys.
Required Listening
This is the best podcast out there to get a rundown on what is happening in the world. It's daily required listening.
Great news show!
Gordon's got the perfect personality for a news show. Serious, founded news, with a personable delivery! Great job Gordon.
Great podcast
I love starting my morning with Gordon Deal! Great 30 minute podcast. Perfect way to get a quick daily dose of news.
Essential part of my morning commute!
I love this podcast. Gordon Deal gives the news brief each day with a great selection of news-worthy items that make my morning commute fly by! Well worth downloading every day!!
Please fix the podcast
Jess K1130
I've been listening to this program for years and love it, but it's too often that it's not available until later in the day. Why can't this be available EVERY day before 8am, instead of sporadically? I've been trying on the stitcher and apple podcast apps, and neither have been working consistently.
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