Too Politically and insufficiently Economically correct
Hero Norbert
Too often while reporting the news they completely ignore the way economics actually works in favor of being politically correct
Too many commercials for too little Show
Drunk Report
The content is not exclusive, insightful, compelling, or dense enough to justify its constant commercial interruptions. WSJ is great but this broadcast packaging is a misstep for the brand.
Stop telling me about celebrity homes
Do you really think your listeners care about some actor’s wine cellar or indoor basketball court? This is not the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
Great but way too many adds
Love it but you barely get a minute or two of content before they shift to an add. A third of a podcast should not be adds. Otherwise it’s a five star podcast.
Obviously well funded
holy moly in canoly
Way too many commercials during each short episode. Very annoying.
Not up to paper’s standards.
I love the Wall Street Journal newspaper, but this podcast is lame. Most of the time it consists of stating the obvious or spouting platitudes.
A minute of annoying ads in 7 min??
“BREAKING NEWS: Spotify has podcasts” really?????
Love commercial interruptions, here’s the pod for you
If you love commercial interruptions you will get lots from WSJ. I can’t stand to listen anymore.
Better Content Needed
Sometimes the tips and topics discussed are interesting and helpful. Other times the info seems ridiculous — like the recent episode about taking a vacation with a significant other... that episode was such a waste.
Monday’s episode about millionaires
Bklyn guy
The episode released 4/15/19 about millionaires was poorly done. There was no evidence to support the myths that was denounced by the guest and the host. To suggest millionaires never earned six figures in a year but didn’t inherit money makes no sense and there was no attempt to explain it. The suggestion that contributing to retirement plans through employers would make teachers rich is even more insane. Bad work by the guest and bad work by the host.
A very concise and informative podcast, always brief but to the point.
Simon C72
This podcast is of the adequate duration, without any unnecessary chatter
It’s what you’d expect
Journalists are typically nice people that are great at reporting the facts. However, this podcast drifts into opinion, and at that point our friends reveal themselves as non market participants. Please just report the facts and I’ll stick to asking uncle Ricky if I want uninformed opinion.
Follow the crowd reporting
More an more follow the crowd reporting no new interesting and enlightening topics
Off Topic
Too much off topic with attempts to sway political thinking. Not interested.
Needs a lot of improvement
The host just reads what is written down but doesn’t seem to pay attention with well formed questions during interviews. Also, STOP with the drama keywords. TERROR, FEAR, GREAD, etc. Lost respect for this podcast because of the deliberate trigger wording that you use to spike people’s emotions.
Helps me understand predatory financial motivation
Great, quick update!
Diva Sharma
The best I’ve heard in the market.
Short and informative. Great podcast!
J.R Whalen does a great job
Great topics, but too short
I enjoy the podcast, but wish that the discussion would go deeper/longer. Overall worth subscribing to.
Easy to listen too!
Great information, easy to understand :) and not too long!
Interesting and helpful, but sometimes topics are all over the place and too much Wall Street speak.
Short & Worth the Time
Some topics and guests are much better and appeal to your interests much more, but even the not-so-relevant or -interesting episodes aren’t long enough to be too bad. Keep up the good work!
For real
Stop talking about how to reduce credit card debt... you really think people with CC rolling balances listen to wsj podcasts? Know your audience...
Unable to play episode since iOS update
I enjoy this podcast,, but haven been able to listen to it since the last iOS update over 2 months ago. The episodes just don’t play in either Apple podcast or pocket casts.
Nice Resource
Robert Henry Holtz
Good podcast
I feel like they give you advice without doing it themselves. Like they say these things without any context. Then turn around and come to find out they did it also but they’re is no repercussions for them because they ran the article.
Mrs.In sokunthea
Very good
Love this podcast
Don't mind the ads, useful content!
I see a lot of reviewers are really annoyed at the ads, but I don't mind them too much. Plus you can just skip over them if you want. I listen to this pod in conjunction with WSJ money beat. Great stuff!
Fav podcast
Everyone should subscribe! Great way to get your news.
Decent content bad sound mixing
For the love of listening, please modulate and mix the ads better. I don't mind ads but do they have to blow the ear drums out. Either that or up the volume of the content itself.
It's Finance 101
Very basic information, boring.
Useful, quick updates
I don't know if he's the same announcer people have been complaining amount, but Charlie Turner is a fine, professional broadcaster. Must everyone sound like a faux-casual millenial? There is a relatively unubrusive 20 second advertisement about halfway through, I can live with it (or click past it). Overall solid informational podcast.
Bias or just lacking variety?
Decent reporting until you realize the last three or four weeks of all involve some story projecting negativity because of the new president. Personally I don't care which party has a presidency I just wish you would stop blaming everything on one person who is not going to change the entire market. Change the name to "political money matters" instead of the current title. One star until you shape up
I love it
Great listen in a short amount of time
Great Podcast
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Good information. Don't mind the ads too much.
Was this podcast cancelled?
Doesn't seem to be refreshing with new episodes in 2015... too bad was very enjoyable.
Decent content, way too many ads
They publish 2-3 episodes 4-5 minute episodes per day which contain 2-3 minutes worth of ads in each. That formula gets old quick, I would recommend to other listeners only is the format was changed.
Tyrone Johnson rocks!
LA Times Subscriber
WSJ has hired a new announcer: Tyrone Johnson. I think he's great. When I hear his voice on the podcast, I can't help but pay attention.
A minute of advertisement on 4 minutes of podcast...
Good content and brief
I like the brief and concise content. I miss Jim Chesko.
Used to be good but no more
What happened to posting a new podcast every weekday?? There's only two or three a week at best anymore. Listeners, DON'T WASTE YOUR TME, and advice for the Advertisers: Don't waste your money.
Great market & news summary
Excellent source of getting the overall pulse of the market & the main issues of the day. Good enough for getting your morning started.
Too annoying
Some okay information, but as a whole, not worth it. They do a 30 second music and headline intro. Then cut to a 15 second commercial. Back to news for 45 seconds and onto to an incredibly lame 1 minute commercial that has the creativity of a "Head-On" late night advert repeating the tag lines over and over. But if you can make it through the commercial, you will be rewarded with a final 45 seconds of so-so financial news.
Less than 1 star?
DJ Fresh - NJ...UPS
Really all I hear in these slivers of "news" is how screwed the average, hard working 99% are. The real estate market is showing a come back as investors are buying up the houses and renting them out. So as rents rise it may be wise to own a home as opposed to continuing to rent. Really? 99% can't afford it, can't make ends meet, but go buy a house like the rich. Then go for the 15 year mortgage at a lower interest rate as they explain. Only a few more hundred dollars in your payment per month to lock in a lower rate. The rates are to high, LIBOR anyone? The fraud and greed in the LIBOR RIPOFF going unchecked and unregulated is astonishing. But do you hear that here? No of course not. There is 1 source for FACTUAL news and that is TYT. This terrible podcast sounds to me like, "hey you should try and do these things to help yourself be in a better financial position." Except 99% cannot because of their financial level. And taking for example the lower mortgage rate over 15 years benefits the banks the most. They get your money faster. You loose, big banks win. DON'T YOU SEE THAT??????
Too commercial !
What happened ? You were once good but your commercialization has ruined your product. I am unsubscribing.
30% Ads is too high
Not worth it to sit through a 1 minute of ads for 2 minutes of content.
why so many adverts?
ruined a great podcast
this used to be a great podcast, but now is a long advert with minimal content added. Disapointing. I will unsubscribe and look elsewhere
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