July 26, 2020
This week we’re joined by Stelios Karantonas who is a trained goldsmith. He trained in Greece before moving over to London to set up his workshop. He has his own jewellery brand and is a very knowledgable and talented jeweller. Today he shares some of his journey to encourage us. Let’s get into the episode!   EPISODE RECAP   Tell us a little about your journey into jewellery making (1:42) You trained in Greece and live in London. You sell your jewellery in Hatton Gardens, is that correct? (3:09) When you were doing your training in Greece, what were the key things you learned? (4:14) Tell us a little bit about your business now (9:10) Can you think of any mistakes you’ve made in business and what you learned from them? (10:20) A question we get asked a lot is - what is the different between calling yourself a jeweller, a goldsmith, a silversmith, etc.? (12:09) What was the first collection you ever made? Is that still running? Tell us a little about your evolution as a jeweler. (16:43) We talk a lot in the membership about identifying a signature style as a jeweller and nurturing that as time goes on. Do you feel like you have a signature style? (19:33) If you had to go back to your 26-year-old self and give him one piece of advice from your jewellery career, what would that advice be? (25:08) When you start a jewellery business, it seems like there’s always someone who has something to say that’s not helpful. For me it made me more determined. (27:33) What achievement throughout your jewellery career are you most proud of? (29:21) It’s important to remind ourselves that the work we do matters. It’s not just making pretty things, it has an impact.  (32:15) I know Stelios because he’s been teaching with the Jewellers Academy (33:58) You’re one of the incredible mentors on the Diploma Course. Can you tell us a little about that and what it’s like to be a mentor? (36:14) Something I always say about Stelios is that he’s one of the most talented jewellers I know, but is so giving with his knowledge and skills. (38:13)     RESOURCES Diploma In Silver Jewellery Course  Nikos Koulis  Stelios Karantonas Stelios Karantonas Instagram
July 19, 2020
This week on the podcast we’re joined by the jeweller Karen Young. Karen had a successful corporate career and has made the transition to following the thing she loves - jewellery - and now has two thriving businesses. If you are considering making a transition from your job to a handmade business then I know you will find hearing Karen’s story fascinating.     EPISODE RECAP Welcome (2:14) Tell us a bit about being in a corporate career and transitioning to being a jewellery designer? (3:11) We often have a lot going on - do you think the first step is to stop and realize it’s a lot? (6:36) Did you feel any guilt about leaving your job? What kind of feelings came up for you? (7:44) How did the idea of being a jewellery designer come about? (10:22) How did you train to grow a business while you were working? (13:52) Sometimes people who come from a corporate job think they don’t have skills to run a business. But you have so many skills! (17:15) Were you concerned about how your friends and family would judge your decision to leave your corporate career to start a business? (18:41) When I first said I wanted to start a jewellery business, people thought it was a hobby. Did you experience any of that? (22:05) What lessons did you learn in the first year of your business? (24:45) Take the time to look how far you’ve come (29:07) What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about starting a handmade business? (31:00) You have two businesses - can you tell us a little bit about them and what’s next for you? (33:39) Any final advice? (39:41)     RESOURCES Karen Young Jewellery Karen Young Photography  Karen Young’s Instagram Karen Young Photography Instagram  Jewellery Photography Course
July 12, 2020
Episode 5 is all about how to nail a model jewellery photoshoot. Jewellers often photograph their jewellery with props but using a model can really elevate your brand, give your jewellery a particular look and make it more desirable for your customers. Join me in conversation with jeweller Elin Horgan who has experience of working with jewellery photoshoots for her own brand to pick up her valuable tips and advice   EPISODE RECAP Welcome. The importance of model photography for jewellery sales (2:02) Can you tell us a little about your business? (4:07) What would you say to someone starting out about how to find a photographer? (6:47) Tell us a little about the shoot - do you attend the shoot yourself? Is it just you and the photographer? Do you have a stylist? (8:48) How do you find a model? Is it okay to use friends or do you find a professional model? (9:59) How much does a model photoshoot cost? (12:07) How do you plan the shoot with your photographer? (14:17) Are your shoots in a studio or outside? (16:40) Do you have to worry about permission for your location? (20:10) How do you prepare what shots of your jewellery you want, make sure you get the shots you like and look after the jewellery? (21:56) A good model shoot really elevates the brand (25:45) Where can we find you at, Elin? (26:29) Does the model bring clothes? Do you buy clothes? Do you rent clothes? (27:05) Elin has made a checklist of how to prepare for a model jewellery shoot (29:25) At what stage in our business should we do a photoshoot? (29:48) Any final tips to share? (32:45)   RESOURCES Elin Hogan’s Jewellery  Elin Hogan’s Instagram  Elin Hogan’s Facebook Free model photoshoot checklist
July 5, 2020
So much is changing right now about how we do work. Many of us have something we’ve created that we sell physically, but now we’re looking at how to pivot to have a strong online offering. Join us as we talk about some of the top tips for taking your business online - without discounting all you’ve created so far! EPISODE RECAP The first step to turning an offline business into an online business - start with what you already have (3:01) Use your knowledge and market research during physical sales to gain understanding about your customer (6:56) Talking to people online is a very different way of talking to people than offline (8:25) Try and take yourself out of the situation and see it as being about your customers and how you can help them (10:06) You’re already an established business with products. So you know what your customers like, think about how you would speak to someone in real life if you were selling to them (11:30) Pick one key social channel and be present in that channel every day (12:58) This one is non-negotiable - get people onto your mailing list and that’s where you sell them (14:10) A common mistake people make when starting out is having a website, an etsy store, etc. and there are too many places to manage (15:23) A few more things on this topic as we close(17:40) Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it - you’ve already run a business and you can do it! (19:26)   RESOURCES Jewellers Academy Facebook Group Jewellers Academy Email List Launch Your Jewellery Business In 20 Days Instagram For Jewellers   
June 26, 2020
Today we’re joined by Stuart Pool to talk about ethical gemstones. Stuart is the founder of Nineteen48 - an ethical gemstone company. He is a passionate advocate for this work and gives his time to teaching us how we can run more ethical businesses, what ethics means and specifically colored gemstones and their supply chain. I’m very excited to share this today, join us as we get into this topic.    EPISODE RECAP Introducing Stuart Pool (2:03) Let’s start by learning about the process of how we get a gemstone (3:21) How do we know what an ethical gemstone is? Is it about the mining being ethical or the whole process? Share your thoughts with us (7:58) Where can we see your ethical statement? (12:25) Every step is a step in the right direction (14:46) Let’s say we’ve made the decision we want to source ethical gemstones - how do we go about buying these stones? And is it possible to get less expensive stones? (16:43) You sell ethical gemstones - what kind of stones do you sell? (21:33) Ethical gemstones usually cost a little bit more but consumers seem to be asking for them (23:33) For me and a lot of people listening, it’s worth the price to help the industry move this direction of ethical gemstones (26:44) Think about your own values and what matters to you and build that into your business. This topic of ethical gemstones is a wonderful one to raise and talk about (29:53) As independent jewellers, are there things we can do in addition to sourcing ethical gemstones? (30:44) If people want to find out more, where can they go? (33:12)   RESOURCES Jewellers Academy Facebook Group Nineteen48  Nineteen48 Facebook Nineteen48 Instagram
June 26, 2020
Today we talk with Anna Campbell, the founder of Jewellery School Scotland. She has worked with me for years and is the community manager at Jewellers Academy. She has a wealth of experience in jewellery, teaching and is also a psychologist. She has a some great points of view around mindset and how we deal with things. Change is inevitable and dealing with change in the best way is a super power that we all want to have. Join us as we jump in and talk about change! EPISODE RECAP Welcome Anna Campbell, the community manager at Jewellers Academy (0:53) Tell us a bit about your experience and how you know about change (3:02) What is the concept of change and how do you think about it as a psychologist? (4:35) What is the Change Cycle? (5:55) Sometimes people get stuck in one of these phases of the Change Cycle. What is happening there? Did they not give themselves time to grieve properly or is it all different things? (18:04) So much of this depends on the support networks you have around you, doesn’t it? (20:00) Are there any examples in your life when you have seen this cycle? (20:46) So once we’re flying, do we fly until we’re a caterpillar again? Seems like there’s more change coming all the time (22:46) How do we make decisions in times of change? (24:33) Tell us some resources if we want to learn more about this (31:24)   RESOURCES Finding Your Way In A Wild New World - Martha Beck Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers Books by Byron Katie Jewellers Academy Email List Anna Campbell Instagram Jewellery School Scotland
June 22, 2020
This podcast is to help any designer, jeweller or handmade artist to grow a thriving business, to be able to support yourself through this passion craft you have and to learn about jewellery making. This is our first episode and we’re talking about how to use Instagram to grow your handmade business – a topic I am particularly passionate about. Join us as we kick off this podcast and dive into some practical tips for using Instagram. EPISODE RECAP Who is this podcast for? (0:59) How to use Instagram for your handmade business (1:57) Why Instagram? Why is it good for your jewellery business? (2:45) How to get started with Instagram and tips to get going (3:35) A few tips around Instagram stories (12:49) Why it’s important to make good use of your highlights (15:05) Some encouragement on what to expect and to keep going! (16:20) Try and share the best images possible (17:45) What to do about your captions (18:23) How to set up shop able links (21:25) Thank you for joining our first episode! (24:08)   RESOURCES Instagram: @JewellersAcademy Canva WeTransfer Collect by WeTransfer Planoly Later Free Course: Instagram for Jewellers
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