July 15, 2020
Friend referred me to this guest and I was happy I talked with him. Super cool Reno local dentist with a passion for mountain hunting. Give it a listen ! @kingsofthesouthwest
July 1, 2020
This episode I spoke with John Lewton, a legend in the sheep world in my opinion. He tells his story on how he started guiding and how he earned his reputation. I had a great time talking with him an hope to do so again. You can see his Instagram @wildsheep_24_7_365 @kingsofthesouthwest
June 30, 2020
Quick conversation with Perry on how he started his life journey in hunting an some of his favorite hunts. He also started his own company pocket prey a handheld Electric predator call. @perrymadl @kingsofthesouthwest
June 26, 2020
Talked with Cade Smith owner an founder of TriClawps on some tags he drew last year. We talk about a hunt we met each other on an then Cade goes into detail on his sheep hunt. Let me know what you guys think! @kingsofthesouthwest @dr.cadesmith_dds @trclawps
June 23, 2020
In this episode I talked with Greg Duran from Holbrook Arizona as he fills us in on his once in a lifetime tag in Southern Arizona. He is living proof of what hard work an scouting can do when you’re persistent. Follow Greg at @hikefar_climbhigh and my page @kingsofthesouthwest
June 20, 2020
Ep #1 Talk with a good friend Riley Pearson on hunting sheep in Montana’s Unlimited units. You can find him at @Riley.Pearson on Instagram. Message me if you want to be on the podcast or have any feedback!
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