July 15, 2020
An otherworldly oasis in the desert. Water, wildlife, wonder, responsibility, and possibility. Zac manages Fly Ranch in Nevada. He shares about stewarding the majestic and extreme natural sanctuary. Elizabeth and Robert direct the Land Art Generator, and challenge artists and engineers - anyone - to design aesthetic and harmonious energy infrastructure for prototyping in the extreme environment of Fly Ranch.
July 8, 2020
Stuart talks with one of the Founders Harley K. Dubois about how Burning Man evolved since the 1990s... and what now… Power, money, and consumer substitutions for real experiences. Rain and rave camps at Black Rock City, and living under a lucky star. Maker Culture, social capital, and seeing ourselves through the coming changes.
July 1, 2020
How does the Burning Man community engage in the fight for racial justice? What skills do we have to share? Senior Communications Manager Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley speaks with three guests who have devoted much of their lives to these questions. Élida Margarita Bautista, Erin Douglas, and Marlon Williams discuss the current landscape of the Black Lives Matter movement, where we are as a country, and how the principle of Radical Inclusion plays into it all. Andie Grace distinguishes between being open and being welcoming.
June 24, 2020
Stuart and Logan talk with DA about Playa Restoration, the team that returns the desert to a pristine state after each Black Rock City, and the meditative pride that comes from it. They recount launching a burning piano from a trebuchet at the world’s largest Leave No Trace event, and they share about DA’s 85-mile Black Rock MOOPATHON that is starting this week.
June 17, 2020
Stuart and Andie talk with Duncan Trussell about The Midnight Gospel, the secret of Black Rock City, death, gurus, absinthe, “Drunk History” and Terrence McKenna, and more!
June 10, 2020
Stuart and Andie talk to leaders of the Burning Man Regional Network about how organizers around the world are out-weirding the pandemic. Iris Yee, Head of the Regional Network Steven Raspa, Associate Director of Community Events Clovis Buford shares about being the keeper of the hat - Burning Man founder Larry Harvey’s iconic Stetson hat. LIVE.BURNINGMAN.ORG
June 10, 2020
Stuart and Dicky talk with temple builders of Black Rock City. Yes, a temple at Burning Man, based on humanist principles where ritual is a vector for culture. Temple of Direction (2019), Empyrean (2020): Lawrence “Renzo” Verbeck Sylvia Adrienne Lisse Galaxia (2018), Catharsis (2020) Arthur Mamou-Mani LIVE.BURNINGMAN.ORG
May 31, 2020
Stuart Mangrum and Andie Grace talk with a Founder of Burners Without Borders Tom Price, and the Director for Civic Activation for Burning Man Project Christopher Breedlove. They discuss BWB's response to crisis, from Hurricane Katrina to COVID, and how Burning Man is a permission engine for people to develop new attributes and expressions, and surf the chaos. Pyrotechnics and Fire Expert Dave X talks about making the impossible possible and firing up a jet engine under a bridge... Caveat Magister shares about radical self-reliance and teddy bear profanities.
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