July 28, 2020
FontAwesome, the internet's most popular icon toolkit, uses Elixir behind the scenes. We talk with Rob Madole to learn how they got there and Rob shares insights to what goes on behind-the-scenes. We cover how they teach Elixir to their team, Rob shares helpful resources, tips on giving good code reviews, pairing, how to find great talent, adding in OTP later, and much more! Show Notes online -
July 21, 2020
We talk with Ricardo Trindade about learning Elixir and GraphQL. We discuss learning on personal interest projects, GraphQL vs REST, executing Ruby or Python from Elixir, helpful learning resources and much more! Show Notes online – Elixir Community News * – The Surface Library recently proposed scoped CSS * – Conner and Frank were able to spike up a Flutter UI on top of Nerves * Lots of small project updates * – Jose Valim was interviewed on the Changelog podcast episode #402 * Elixir master updated: Calendar module; added is_exception guard which builds upon the is_struct guard recently added. * – Elixir now pulls git dependencies by their default branch instead of assuming the master branch, if the branch is not specified. * – The proposed runtime.exs file change was merged. * – Oban 2.0 and the Introduction of Oban Web+Pro * – Reminder to fill out the Elixir ecosystem survey! Open until August 11th. Do you know some Elixir news we don’t? Tell us at @ThinkingElixir Interview Resources * * – Ricardo’s blog post about building a GraphQL API * – The Nintendo Switch game being discussed * – Tool for building GraphQL frontend client code * – Udemy training course * * – Elixir wrapper for ImageMagick c...
July 14, 2020
ElixirConf US 2020 was announced! This will be our first virtual one. We talk with the organizer Dr. Jim Freeze to get the behind the scenes information on how it will work. We cover the current challenges facing conferences, how do you replicate the “hallway track”, submitting topics, what they are looking for this year, how going virtual changes things, and much more! – Show Notes Elixir Community News * – a new config file is being proposed for Elixir * – Elixir 1.10.4 bug fix release * – Follow-up on Elixir 1.11 feature “Compiler checks for Application Boundaries” * – Take the Elixir Ecosystem Survey if you haven’t yet Interview Resources * – ElixirConf US 2020 * – ElixirConf MX – Mexico * – ElixirConf EU – Europe * – ElixirConf JP – Japan * – ElixirConf LA – Latin America in Colombia * – Jim Freeze on Twitter * – ElixirConf Twitter account * – ElixirConf Facebook page Find us online * Message the show – @ThinkingElixir * Mark Ericksen – @brainlid * David Bernheisel – @bernheisel * Cade Ward – Github
July 7, 2020
Elixir 1.11 is shaping up to be a huge release with a number of “big deal” features. We are joined by Wojtek Mach to help us understand the significance of some of the new features. These include an improved recompilation process, when alias is preferred over import, improved compiler checks for structs, Erlang help docs in IEx, and more! – Show Notes Elixir Community News * – ElixirLS 0.5.0 released with improved autocomplete * – German Velesco published a WIP book on TDD for Elixir * – Elixir’s website is going to start publishing case studies. The first one is on Brex. * – Kaffy provides a quick way of spinning up an admin portal to manage your resources. Works with Phoenix contexts. * – ElixirConf US 2020 Announced and CFP. Tickets on sale soon. Will be a virtual conference. Interview Resources * * – Understanding the recompilation problem. * – Wojtek’s blog post on re-writing imports to aliases. * – Jose sharing compilation improvements. * – Changelog podcast testing out LiveDashboard: “Let’s take Phoenix LiveDashboard for a spin!” * – Phoenix LiveDashboard * – Where Wojtek has been spending his time recently * – Dashbit * – Wojtek Mach on Twitter * – Wojtek Mach on Github Additional Resources *
June 30, 2020
REST Controllers vs GraphQL. You’ve probably heard of GraphQL but maybe you haven’t played with it yet. We talk with Ben Wilson, co-creator of Absinthe, a GraphQL library for Elixir and the book Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe to get a better idea of how REST and GraphQL compare. In this episode we discuss benefits of GraphQL, familiarity of REST, making requests over channels, getting versioning benefits, aggregating disparate data, reduced payload sizes, some of the challenges, the impact of macros on Absinthe, and much more! Show Notes Elixir Community News * New Book: Testing Elixir by Andrea Leopardi and Jeffrey Matthias * Elixir Ecosystem Survey 2020 – Write in the ThinkingElixir Podcast! * ElixirForum announced a new discussion platform for the Elixir/Erlang communities * Apple WWDC, new processors moving to ARM. What does that mean for Elixir development? Interview Resources * * Interview on Elixir Fountain * ElixirConf 2015 – Streams, External Services, and OTP * ElixirConf 2016 – No REST for the Wicked. Building a GraphQL * ElixirConf 2017 – Live APIs with GraphQL Subscriptions * The Big Elixir 2018 – Trapped By Our Tools * Ben Wilson – @benwilson512 – on Github * CargoSense – @cargosense Follow-up article: Find us online * Message the show – @ThinkingElixir * Mark Ericksen – @brainlid * David Bernheisel – @bernheisel * Cade Ward – Github
June 17, 2020
Welcome to the Thinking Elixir Podcast! My name is Mark Ericksen. This is our first official episode together. We cover the community news and introduce ourselves. Subscribe in your favorite podcast player and join us! Show Notes Elixir Community News * * – Episode #165 – Interview with José Valim * * * * * * Find us online * Message the show – @ThinkingElixir * Mark Ericksen – @brainlid * David Bernheisel – @bernheisel * Cade Ward – Github
May 26, 2020
Welcome to the Thinking Elixir Podcast! My name is Mark Ericksen. This is just to announce the launching of the new show. The Thinking Elixir podcast is a weekly show where we talk about the Elixir programming language and the community around it. Whether you are already experienced with Elixir or just exploring the language, this show is created with you in mind. We will discuss Functional Programming, transitioning from OOP, coding conventions and what’s new in the community. Guests will visit the show to help us challenge our assumptions, learn about new developments and grow in the process. Please subscribe now to join me on this journey and I’ll be back soon with the first episode!
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