August 3, 2020
Want to see what Quality Content and a good social strategy can achieve?  In this episode, Parker is breaking down just the beginning of our strategy around creating good content - especially video content! 1) Check your lighting & sound quality - and don't be afraid to record a test video to make sure you sound okay, detect any of your bad habits, and to make sure there are no weird shadows or bright spots! 2) Make sure you have good "actual" content in your video - speak with a purpose and know your Perfect Person! Don't forget a clear call to action! 3) Know the data - what platform are you using and what does your audience look for on that platform?  4) Watch yourself improve - when you watch your own content (even when it's painful!) you will get better! You'll notice your areas of opportunity to improve and then you can work on them. 5) Repurpose content. As long as you know how to use content effectively on each platform, there's no reason you can't do a little editing here and there to re-use the same content across multiple platforms!   WANT MORE? JOIN THE CHALLENGE!   Create Quality Content: 5-Day Challenge By Parker Stelly   What will you learn? You will learn how to create high quality video content that can be repurposed and reused for multiple platforms. Whether it be Facebook lives or recorded videos - we will walk you through the tools, guide you through the steps, and teach you the important metrics to keep an eye on. When is the challenge? August 24-28th at 6pm CST each day. How much is the challenge? The 5 day challenge is a one time payment of $20.  
July 30, 2020
Today Damon is getting the whole story from Melissa AKA Mellie Mel of Sincerely Creative Mom about tips for starting out, selling online compared to selling in brick and mortar, how to partner with local boutiques, imposter syndrome, and what being a maker has done for Melissa's life. Follow Melissa here (and make sure you follow her so you don't miss her e-book about selling your products at local boutiques!):   
July 27, 2020
What the heck is SEO? Today we are giving you a crash course to Search Engine Optimization... that means, how your customers find you on the internet! SEO can be pretty complex, but don't worry, we kept it simple and actionable for you today! We teamed up with Christine to give you all things SEO in a convenient handbook... so if you want to dig in to this stuff, check out this resource we put together just for you:  
July 23, 2020
Today Parker sits down with a different kind of maker! Meet Christine Jerry of the Virtual Collab, a specialist in blogging, website development, and SEO. She even helped Parker & Damon with their book about SEO, which you can find here: Check out the Virtual Collab Hub: Follow them on Facebook: And stay tuned for Christine's upcoming course all about Scalable Blogging, for folks who have websites but want help with direction and strategy!
July 20, 2020
Parker is here to drop some knowledge based on his new eBook (available now at!) all about Scaling Your Business... with assistants! 1. Examine and Control Your Budget 2. Invest in Yourself & Your Business If you are interested in working with us, check out our coaching options at 3. Hire Help When Needed - did you know you don't have to do everything yourself? You do not have to be a solo-preneur! What is your time worth? And how to calculate it! How are you spending your time? And how to track it! What do you like to do, and what do you *hate* to do, that you might be able to hire out?   Buy Parker's eBook here:    Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you are notified when we drop a new episode!
July 16, 2020
Today Damon and Rhonda Nickerson from Rhonda's Creative Corner sit down to talk about her journey, from Etsy to Youtube and everything in between! She breaks down how her business has helped her feel closer to her family, how she juggles the demands of being a Maker while also maintaining her "9 to 5," and tips for new business owners who are just starting out! Follow Rhonda's Creative Corner on Facebook here: Check out her website here: And make sure to check out her Youtube where some of her videos have over 80,000 views and her channel has over 30,000 subscribers!:  
July 13, 2020
Our friend Warren is good at a lot of things - but one thing in particular he has really mastered is building a community on Instagram! His tips today don't only apply to Instagram - so wherever you've built your community, sit back and enjoy the ride because this episode has got lots of great suggestions for your business! Get Warren's free download (Want to find & attract your SUPER FANS on Instagram?) here: Check out his Instagram here:
July 9, 2020
On today's episode, Damon sits down with Andrea Brown, AKA the Queen of Joy!  Andrea shares her top 3 tips for those just starting out, the biggest obstacles she's faced in her business and how she overcomes them, and some insight into what exciting things are coming up in her business... Make sure to get on her wait list for her e-book How to Choose Joy here: You can also follow her on Facebook (don't miss Coffee with Drea!) at: Check out her craft supply website here: 
July 6, 2020
Make sure your page is talking to ONE perfect person. Your IDEAL customer is the FOUNDATION of your business! Did you know we have an awesome training for you to figure out who that person is? Go to: AND podcast listeners can use the code "MMB8" for $10 off!   In this episode, we also talk about the THREE pillars of content to engage with your ideal customer: 1. Event Based Content 2. Engaging Content 3. Educational Content   Was this episode helpful? Make sure to leave a review and let us know! And, don't forget to share this episode with anyone you know who might benefit!  
July 2, 2020
This week our girl Lauren Kilgore is breaking down how to sell more on Etsy. She talks about the biggest lessons she's learned along the way in her own business and gives plenty of advice and tips for those just starting out. Plus, she is offering a giveaway for help with keywords for Etsy sellers listening to this podcast! Check it out at   Learn more about Lauren:    
June 29, 2020
If you liked our interview with Gretchen in Episode 006, you're going to LOVE this bonus episode from Parker! We want to make sure that each episode lights a fire for you to take action in your own business - so today, we are bringing you some ideas for ways to run ads relevant to your own business, and also challenging you with three ways to take action right now! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube by searching for DecoExchange! We are all over the place and we can't wait to see you there. Also, don't forget to hit subscribe so you get notified whenever we have a new episode!
June 29, 2020
Does spending money on Facebook ads feel like a big black box of unknown for you? Do you feel like you're gambling? What amount of money is the right amount for ad spend, depending on where you are in your business? Today, Parker debriefs with our friend Gretchen Wheeler - the brains behind DecoExchange's Facebook ads strategy - on how to tackle this topic, even if you're just starting out! Hire Gretchen: Find us on Facebook: Don't forget to hit subscribe so you get notified whenever we drop a new podcast episode! And, if this is helpful for you, take a moment to leave us a review and to share this episode with someone else who might benefit from it :) 
June 25, 2020
Today Damon chats with Clara-Nicole of She's Crafty Too. Listen in to hear all about her journey from a corporate 9-5 to craftypreneurship!  Today we cover topics like: How to push through the struggles of selling - it hasn't always been easy! What's up next for Clara-Nicole 3 Tips for those who are just starting out What being a maker means to Clara-Nicole
June 22, 2020
Today Damon got a chance to catch up with our long time friend and the poster child for Makers Mean Business, Kari Gustafson of Hot Mesh Mom. Today we cover topics like: What Kari knows now that she wishes she knew when she first started  Who has helped Kari push through when this business gets hard 3 Tips for those who are just starting out Where Kari's business is headed in the future    Make sure to follow Kari and check out her monthly subscription here:
June 15, 2020
Welcome to the Makers Mean Business Podcast! In this episode, we are talking all about: Who is a Maker Ever doubt your ability? Who encouraged you to make it possible? Something I wish I knew when I started: Imposter Syndrome 6 Tips to Battle Imposter Syndrome Catch up with us on Facebook and Instagram @decoexchange and join us next time to hear the biggest failure I've experienced to date in our business, my best advice on how to get started, a myth that needs to be busted, and to find out what being a Maker means to me! If you found this episode helpful, don't forget to hit subscribe, leave us a review, and share with someone else who might need to hear it, too!
May 18, 2020
Do you make your own handmade crafts, have your own small business, or even consider yourself a craftpreneur? If so then HIT SUBSCRIBE because starting June 15, every Monday we will be releasing a new episode of MAKERS MEAN BUSINESS - a podcast about all the challenges, struggles, rewards and benefits of running your own online business. Each week, Damon Oates & Parker Stelly are going to be talking about overcoming obstacles, what we've learned along the way, and even interview friends of ours who have built their own thriving crafty business. Make sure and subscribe on your favorite app for listening to podcasts! Next time someone tells you your DIY passion is just a hobby... Let them know that you are a maker and you mean business.
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