July 16, 2020
Join us for a conversation with Therese Powers, acupuncturist extraordinaire, as we look at different ways acupuncture can help alleviate common MS symptoms. Learn about how acupuncture works, what a typical session is like, and all about the tools of the trade.
July 8, 2020
Join us this week while we look at Gary Chapman's Love Languages. Did you know that each of us has different preferences in how we both prefer to GIVE love and RECEIVE love? It can be very helpful, especially during challenging times, to have a current understanding of our own - and those whom we love - love language preferences.
June 25, 2020
This episode is dedicated to self-care. We discuss the concept of fountains and drains to help us better analyze our relationships with others to evaluate the healthiness of those relationships.. We also look at MS research to see what researchers are learning about how our environment (and toxicity) play a role in autoimmunity. Lastly we look at strategies to ensure our self-care is comprehensive and well balanced.
June 18, 2020
In this week's episode, we take a deep dive into gratitude. Did you know that in giving to others we also reap the benefits? Come fly with us and learn more about the many health benefits of practicing gratitude as well as many fun examples of ways to infuse more gratitude into your life.
June 11, 2020
Listen in to our continued conversation about Mindset. In this episode you'll learn several strategies that can help us develop a stronger growth mindset. Figure out which ones you like best and add them to your tool box!
June 4, 2020
In this episode, you'll get to hear from Dr. Susan Payrovi, an integrated medicine DR at Stanford who also has MS! Learn about her proven tools to help those of us with MS to learn to live better and improve our health.
May 28, 2020
This episode, we'll examine our Mindset, and use Carol Dweck's teachings to help us develop a growth mindset and a strong healing orientation.
May 17, 2020
Welcome! This introductory podcast will introduce you to our host, KT Sloan, and the importance of building a strong support network of like-minded MS folks to both help you through the hard times AND celebrate your victories. Join us!
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