July 14, 2020
Chris Egi is a graduate of Harvard University with a phenomenal sports resume. Chris’ journey to Harvard was not an easy one, but by trusting the process he was able to excel at the institution. During his time at Harvard, Chris led the Men’s Basketball Team as team captain, he started a Community Organization that demands institutional change that disproportionately affects Black Americans, and he also gave the commencement speech at his graduation. During this interview, Chris shares lessons he learned throughout his impressive sports career.
July 7, 2020
Torrel Harris is the Chairman at Unique Sports Management International and the agent to NBA stars Tobias Harris and Kelly Oubre. In this episode, Torrel shares his wisdom and gives advice to athletes today.
June 30, 2020
Malachi Davis is a writer, motivational speaker, and mentor who was recently featured on The Ellen DeGeneras Show. In this episode, Malachi shares gems he learned throughout his fascinating basketball career.
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