July 21, 2020
Avoiding teacher burnout is not something to take lightly. Teachers leave the field of special education at alarming rates. Research shows behavior management and burnout are two big factors when it comes to teachers leaving the profession. I am here to tell you teachers burnout does not have to be apart of your teaching story. Avoiding teacher burnout is something that is totally obtainable and will allow you to stay in the field for a long time! In this episode, I answer questions about my tips for avoiding teacher burnout. Hint, I do not, and never have, had my work email on my phone! It is so important to me to unplug from work when I come home and do things that I enjoy so that I look forward to going to work every morning. And guess what? I still look forward to going to my job every morning. See the thing is, I have my dream job. It has been my dream job for several years and when I got it, I knew I had to take steps to avoid teacher burnout so I could stay in my dream job for a very long time. Anyway, in this episode you will learn about the few things I do to avoid teacher burn out. I also get asked all the time about pursing the BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) and if, as a special education teacher, I think it is worth doing. I give you my answer to this in the episode and tell you exactly why I think having the BCBA as a special education teacher will be a decision you do not regret. Another frequently asked question I get is if I have any advice for overwhelmed special education teachers. This kind of goes along with my advice on how to avoid teacher burnout, but I give you some specific tips on how to manage the overwhelm and prevent overwhelm in the first place. There are a couple of things I do to make sure I am on top of all the overwhelm that comes in the field of special education. I am here to tell you it is possible to get on top of the overwhelm and not feel like you are just making it through day by day. There are strategies you can use to get ahead and not feel like you are just making it each day.
July 14, 2020
Without classroom routines and procedures a classroom environment can be unstructured, unpredictable, and confusing for students. This can lead to undesired behaviors and frustration for both teachers and students. Developing classroom routines and procedures can be a daunting task for new teachers or if you have not had to develop them in the past. In this episode you will learn How to determine what routines and procedures you need in your classroom How to develop routines and procedures in your classroom How to teach your students routines and procedures The benefits of routines and procedures in your classroom
July 7, 2020
Classroom visuals can be such a useful tool in your overall classroom management plan. Classroom visuals can be used to in many different ways to support student learning and success. Classroom visuals can be used to support structure and predictability in a classroom. There are strategies teachers can use in order to make their classroom visuals more effective. In this episode you will learn Two different types of visuals to incorporate in your classrooms Strategies for creating the visuals in your classroom Tips for using visuals in your classroom to support you classroom management plan The advantages to using visual prompts versus verbal prompts
June 30, 2020
In this episode we talk about the most popular topic when it comes to strategies for classroom management: classroom rewards. In applied behavior analysis we talk about these as group contingencies, but that is just a fancy way of saying, classroom reinforcement systems. In this episode you will learn all about How to set up your classroom management systems Strategies for setting up your classroom management system Using reinforcement within your classroom management plan How to decide which classroom management system is best for your classroom
June 23, 2020
Supporting your social emotional learning curriculum with some must have items can be a great way to bolster your social emotional learning plan and classroom management plan. Outside of a curriculum, it can be hard to identify items you might need to increase the effectiveness of your overall social emotional learning plan and activities. In this episode you will learn My top recommendations for social emotional learning must haves for your classroom Items you can make or create on your own for your classroom Items you can purchase (and my recommendations for where and how to get them at a low cost) for your classroom Strategies for using all of these items in your classroom to increase the social emotional learning skills of your students
June 16, 2020
Classroom set up is an element of classroom management that is often forgotten or overlooked when we are creating our classroom management plan. Setting up your classroom is a key element of classroom management that can increase the desired behaviors in your room, increase predictability and structure, and therefore increase overall student success. Whether you are setting up your first grade classroom, setting up a special education classroom, or setting up a 10th grade science classroom the tips within your episode can help you intentionally plan your classroom set up to optimize success. In this episode you will learn Where to locate your teacher table/teacher station for optimal success What high traffic areas exist in your room and how to optimize them Strategies for classroom organization and materials to fit into your classroom management plan Tips for actually setting up and designing your classroom layout
June 9, 2020
Classroom expectations are a key element to your classroom management plan. Classroom management consists of many different elements, with setting expectations in your classroom being one of the top elements you should focus on during the start of the school year. Classroom behavior expectations can be tricky though, so I have created 3 easy tips for you to teach classroom expectations to make it fun and feasible. So don't let setting classroom rules deter you from developing a strong classroom management plan! In this episode you will learn 3 key elements to teaching classroom expectations How to make teaching classroom expectations feasible How you can continually teach classroom expectations throughout the school year
June 2, 2020
I get so many questions on various topics related to behavioral and social emotional learning in classrooms. In this episode I answer some of my most frequently asked questions about the essential elements to your classroom management plan as well as tips for collecting data as a special education teacher, and how to teach kids to use a break appropriately! In this episode you will learn My top two areas of focus for your classroom management plan My strategies for taking data efficiently in your classroom for your IEP and BIP goals How to teach students to take a break appropriately My tips for new teachers entering in a classroom with a behavioral focus My book recommendations for learning about behavioral strategies for your classroom
May 19, 2020
Punishment, in the traditional sense, does not work in schools. There is an abundance of evidence that shows suspensions, detentions, etc are not effective behavior change strategies. Alternative strategies that focus on teaching students skills and building on behaviors that we want to see are much more effective than punishment. Punishment in schools does not work. Using punishment with kids does not teach them skills they need to engage in appropriate behaviors. In this episode you will learn What punishment is Alternative strategies to punishment The steps to teaching kids new skills
May 19, 2020
Using positive (and negative) reinforcement in the classroom can be very effective at reinforcing (increasing) desired student behaviors. Reinforcement in classrooms increases desired behaviors and allows our students to build skills and success. However, there are a couple of things we need to discuss and understand about reinforcement before we can carry out these procedures effectively. In this episode you will learn What reinforcement is The difference between positive and negative reinforcement How to identify naturally occurring reinforcers How to reinforce appropriate behavior effectively The benefits of using reinforcement in your classroom
May 12, 2020
In schools we have the opportunity to teach kids new skills for behaviors that they might not be proficient at. Giving kids consequences in the classroom is often ineffective at changing the behavior. That is because we often are going about "giving consequences" in the wrong way. In this episode you will learn How to use consequences effectively in your classroom to increase desired behaviors! What consequences to stay away from The difference between natural and logical consequences Why teaching kids new skills is essential for changing behavior
May 5, 2020
Parent communication for teachers is so important. We need to build strong relationships with our parents so that we can maximize student success. Building a strong positive parent communication plan can help take away the stress from communicating with parents and help build that relationship with families. We also talk about strategies you can use if you do have to call a parent and discuss their child's behavior in your classroom. In this episode you will learn Several different strategies for increasing parent communication Several strategies for talking to parents about their child's behavior Visit my website for more behavioral and social emotional resources for your students. Follow me on Instagram for daily content and tips as well! PS. If you visit my website subscribe to my email list and get a free calm down corner kit for your class as well as weekly emails and monthly freebies!
April 28, 2020
Distance learning can create some new challenges for parents in the home. This episode outlines some easy and feasible tips for parents to use in the home to increase student success in the home. Positive behavioral interventions can be successful in the home just like in the classroom with some tweaks to make it actually feasible for parents to carry out successfully, leading to maximum student success! The tips include Creating a schedule that actually works Providing choice in the home Sibling support to eliminate arguments and distractions Providing reinforcement to the whole family Providing praise and reinforcement to individual students
April 21, 2020
In this episode I teach you how to teach your students effective coping skills to help them manage their behavior. Teaching kids coping skills is essential for overall student success. There are various coping skills we can teach kids such as coping skills for anger, coping skills for anxiety, coping skills for stress, and so on. But the process for teaching these coping skills is the same. In this episode I walk you through a behavior teaching strategy called behavioral skills training to teach the skills. Then we talk about what to do if the coping skills you taught are not working and how to shape more intense behaviors into more appropriate coping skills. This episode if filled with easy to implement steps that are effective and will allow your students to maximize success.
April 11, 2020
In this episode I tell you why I wanted to create this podcast and a little bit about my background with behavioral and social emotional learning. I encourage you to follow me over on Instagram where I post daily content with quick tips and strategies that are helpful for your classrooms. Also, if you have any topics you would like me to cover, please leave me a message on Instagram so I can talk about that on an episode of the podcast!
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