May 12, 2020
In the season finale, everything comes to a head for Sam as secrets are revealed, relationships are altered, and the future comes into view. Features the songs "Farewell Medley," "Only in My Mind (Reprise)," "Find the Thread," and "Something to Remember (Reprise)"
May 5, 2020
As the final show of the summer is about to premiere, Sam receives two surprising visits – one welcome, and one anything but. And a walk on the beach with Veronica and talk about the future leads to a conversation Sam never imagined having. Includes the songs "Learn to Let Them Go" and "I Have Questions."
April 28, 2020
Bolstered by the Fourth of July parade, the crew gets back to work harder than ever. With little time to take a breather, Sam and Veronica go for late night walks on the beach . . . the same beach where James makes a valiant attempt to reveal his feelings to Ellie. Includes the songs "Look at Us Now!" and "Everything Moves Me."
April 21, 2020
As activity ramps up to the first curtain, Sam and Veronica get a little break . . . and get a little closer. But opening night brings with it a make-or-break challenge and an ultimatum impossible to ignore. Features the songs "Standing Only Steps from the Ocean" and "Something to Remember."
April 14, 2020
Sam and the crew are working harder than ever to get ready for their first opening night. When Veronica comes by with their lunch delivery, Sam takes a much needed breather and his fascination with Veronica grows. Later, Dr. Barrows checks in on how Scotty is doing with the costumes and learns something he never anticipated and Sam is amazed by a confession from James. Features the songs "It Never Lets Go," "We Never Know What's Waiting in the Wings," and "Only in My Mind."
April 6, 2020
Sam and the crew visit the theater for the first time and find it both inspiring and terrifying. Sam visits with Veronica afterward to share his excitement. But when the crew finds out about a compromise Sam made to get the gig, they're reminded of all of the other times Sam played fast and loose with the truth. Features the songs "Cape Cod Bay" and "Damn, Sam!"
March 30, 2020
Meet Sam August: ambitious, driven, and focused on one thing and one thing only – making it as a director on Broadway as soon as possible. With college graduation looming, Sam stops at a restaurant in Plymouth, MA, and two extraordinary things happen. One is that he meets Veronica, a woman unlike any he's ever met before. The other is that he finds an ad seeking a director and crew for the reopening of the fabled Plymouth Barn Theatre. This is the opportunity he's been seeking. Now he just needs to convince his college friends to join him on the adventure. Features the songs "Little Do They Know" and "You Never Know."
March 15, 2020
YouTube superstar Kurt Hugo Schneider welcomes you to the first Broadway-level podcast musical. Sample a couple of the twenty-two original songs in the show and get the first taste of the story you're going to be singing along with starting March 31.
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