March 23, 2020
In this episode we discuss doing it in the Public! We share fun public sex stories and look at a list of fun places. Also we take a quick look at Collaring, what are the stages of collaring and what do they mean and represent.
March 17, 2020
In this episode we Urban Legend sings you might be a swinger and a listener message about how to bring up what your into or looking for
March 10, 2020
in this Episode we talk about meeting people in the lifestyle we know from our Vanilla life, Don has a dick pic rant, and question from a listener about friends not invited to events
March 3, 2020
In this episode we take a look at what is vetting a partner and why its important. We walk through some sample questions to ask.
February 24, 2020
In this episode we talk about a couple listeners questions, one on meeting new people safely and one on how to leave events.
February 17, 2020
In this episode we look at a viewers question, Question of the day is why should we attend events and what to expect. We look at this from the kink side and the swinger side
February 13, 2020
Episode 1: Who are these crazy two
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