July 8, 2020
total disregard for the external world / ego shedding / meditating on God within the heart / chanting for God in the heart / all yoga practices are aimed at facilitating meditation on the Supreme / ignorance sets up the karma cycle - seed desire - action - unmanifest reaction - manifest reaction - disposition to act again - seed desire - etc. / Bhakti burns The whole cycle of karma SB 1.15.43 - 1.15.46
July 7, 2020
empowered by the tradition / not in the game anymore / dawn of freedom (mukti) / Yuddhisthira reverses the sequence of material attachment / we allow our minds to be tortured by identifying with the body / adjusting the material conditioning vs transcending material conditioning / realizing oneself as pure spirit / relating with others on the spiritual level / one who only thinks himself Brahman is an impersonalist & one who acts like Brahman is the pure devotee SB 1.15.41 - 1.15.42
July 6, 2020
bhakti is handed down from one yogi to the next / meditation on what we will be remembered for at our funeral / collecting spiritual assets / hearing in the disciplic succession is the right medicine for the conditioned soul / a community based on spirit / study like you will live forever - practice sadhana like you will die tomorrow / bhajan or deeper spiritual connection is reached when we let go of our material designations SB 1.15.39 - 1.15.40
July 5, 2020
growing up in Bhakti / her moment of surrender / Aindra Das Prabhu / bhakti is handed down heart to heart / mantra addiction / keep the morning sacred / bhakti Partridge Family / Ludhiana Ratha Yatra / chanting brings happiness / chanting is a superior high / feeling the presence of God through chanting / Mahamantra is meditation on uniting Radha & Krishna
July 4, 2020
how does a newly spiritual person deal with criticism, estrangement, and lack of understanding in their close relationships? / what words or strategies are best for explaining one's spiritual practices to those who will find them difficult to accept? / how to apply the principles of yoga wisdom to help a sex worker and her family? / any words of wisdom a woman newly divorced and raising children without help? / the announcement of the passing away of HH Bhakti Charu Swami
July 3, 2020
a yogic perspective of “sin” – forgetfulness of your true Nature / whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail Bg 8.6 / the mind is a computer - the current thought is what’s on the screen - bhakti-yoga is the practice of editing every file in relation to God / we get what we get - and then there is also mercy / Ajamila calls for Narayana / Krishna’s compassionate nature SB 1.15.29
July 2, 2020
morning digital detox / treasuring a prescribed number of rounds of japa / meditating on truth & friendship with God pacifies the mind / eternal dharma & temporary dharma / living on two levels - Vyāvahārika (Relevant to the immediate material dealings) & Pāramārthika (Relevant to the highest spiritual truth) / mental hygiene / transcending the gunas / guru is the real magician SB 1.15.28 - 1.15.35
July 1, 2020
walk-on with Keli-Kanana Das / finding solace through truth / Bhagavad-gita is the essence of Vedic wisdom / 5 subjects of the Gita /jagat, jiva & Jagadisha / time and karma are the agents of transformation in the material world - time is involuntary but karma can be influenced by our decisions / the thin line of practicing yoga within society / 4 paths of yoga / the yoga which embraces our social roles is easier & quicker / using a thorn to remove a thorn / we are one with & different from God SB 1.15.27
June 30, 2020
keep the mornings sacred / respect for the great souls / arrogance is destructive / karma rewards behavior consistent with our true nature & punishes behavior inconsistent with it / survival of the kindest / how to become dear to God / the peace formula / saranagati SB 1.15.22 - 1.15.26
June 29, 2020
we’re all acting entitled / how little free will we have when we are in illusion / freedom from the slavery of the mind and senses / everything is provided for us / under the influence of false ego we think “I am the doer” / the gods & goddesses are like the butlers / the Bhaktivedantas reveal the complete picture SB 1.15.20 - 1.15.21
June 28, 2020
facing death gets your attention / I can learn a lesson from anybody / 5 stages of grieving / catching another’s enthusiasm / our spiritual practice is our prayer for mercy / gratitude / how you live will determine how you die / bring the holy name to the forefront of our consciousness
June 26, 2020
do our relationships continue after the death of the body? / after the temporary happiness of the material world no longer appeals where does one find joy? / how does one just give up SEX!!! / isn’t it hard to find a guru? / what are the qualifications of a Vasinava or devotee? / how to pray?
June 25, 2020
seeing everyone as a pure spiritual soul / the 10 names of Arjuna / Arjuna & Krishna pass through all obstacles together / Krishna relishes reproaches of friends, parents or fiancees more than the Vedic hymns offered to Him by great learned scholars and religionists / the highest gift has been offered to the most needy people by Sri Caitanya’s grace SB 1.15.14 - 1.15.19
June 24, 2020
Bhakta Ed’s experiences with the deprogrammers / Arjuna comes out of exile / Duryodhana’s bad decisions come back to haunt him in the form of anxiety as Arjuna approaches / “Fire burns silently and silently does the sun shine.” / Arjuna sends respect to his elders in the form of arrows at their feet
June 23, 2020
Draupadi turns to Krishna / when God is satisfied we all feel satisfied / have I been following a false formula? / the comedy of our material endeavors / the loss of material power is a calling to rediscover our spiritual power / walking around with a boot / cliffhanger SB 1.15.11 - 1.15.14
June 22, 2020
Draupadi’s complete surrender / insulting a great soul ruins everything / how a yogi relates to people - friendship toward the happy, compassion toward the distressed, joy toward the virtuous, and equanimity toward the non-virtuous / cleansing the heart with tenacity of things like faultfinding, desire for prestige, envy of other, desire for popularity / teaching by example SB 1.15.10
June 21, 2020
ashram life high in the Himalayas / yoga cleanses / the need to learn from a qualified teacher / environment / the nature of dreams / this world is just a long dream / a yogi’s view of racial tensions / love is a force / air, earth, sun, moon are all God's love / our planet is a spaceship / urban yoga requires deep respect for all varieties of people / bhakti practices are powerful forms of dharana (mind concentration) / Srimad Bhagavatam is the churned wisdom of the greatest yogis and sages
June 20, 2020
how to puncture the material romance & how to grieve? / how to navigate relationships with family who have witnessed the dark side of The Hare Krishna movement in the 60's? / swearing, are we born with a personality & should I change to be more reverent or is this who I was born to be? / how do you know Krishna is for real? / was there ever, or will there be, a time when all creatures live in peace? / Is there always good in everyone & everything? / could you speak on the Vedic hierarchy of animals?
June 19, 2020
Bhakti makes the inauspicious auspicious / the secret to all of these stories is that their deepest meaning has to do with the love between God and the devotee / the killing of Jarasandha / civil warfare / Duryodhana is embarrassed / until we let go of our material attachments our lives will be a comedy / the alchemy of a yogi is a shift in perspective of their own suffering SB 1.15.8 - 1.15.9
June 18, 2020
this wisdom is timeless / spiritual lamentation deepens the feelings of divine love / this world is a reflection - it looks the same as the spiritual reality, but is the exact opposite / Krishna's greatest pleasure is to serve his devotees with love / Krishna is the soul of the universes / Arjuna wins the hand of Draupadi / Arjuna, Krishna and the Khandava forest SB 1.15.3 - 1.15.8
June 17, 2020
tune into the messengers / spiritual life involves cultivating fearlessness / what are the causes of despondency? / material life is the disconnection from our best friend / the greatest pain for a Bhakti-yogi / we know too much to ever enjoy materially again / let our pain bring us back to Krishna / the mystery of how spiritual pain is the deepest bliss / our rightful claim to liberation SB 1.14.37 - 1.15.3
June 16, 2020
Śrī Balarāma is the mercy incarnation / Sri Caitanya made spirituality easy / Nityananda delivers the gangsters / just stop causing harm to others, be humble, grateful & chant / coercion vs attraction / truthfulness, equanimity, sense control, forbearance, simplicity, general knowledge, transcendental knowledge, firm faith / brahminical qualities vs false prestige / 3 manifestations of Lord Vishnu SB 1.14.19 - 1.14.36
June 15, 2020
Kaustubha’s manasa Rathayatra / sadhu sanga / bhakti makes the inauspicious auspicious / learn to love those who are not like you & who don’t like you / break down the walls / we are a moment away from being despicable / crusading for God within / let’s pass through this inauspicious time & make it auspicious SB 1.14.1 - 1.14.18
June 14, 2020
chanting keeps you young / spiritual communism / glories of Sri Caitanya / sweet baby Krishna / Bhagavatam nectar / the song of Krishna’s flute / Govinda Virudavali / what’s so special about Sanskrit / the holy name of Sri Hari is surely all that be / Mahamantra explanation / Krishna cares / Dharma takes shelter in the Bhagavatam / what real society looks like / who is Radha? / servant of the servant
June 13, 2020
how to handle relatives with different (terrible) political views / how to keep my teaching sacred in a secular environment + does practicing bhakti-yoga mean I need to give up Jiu Jitsu? / I’m black and I want my sangha back / how to counsel friends during the time of mourning / I like the protests but not the violence /
June 12, 2020
our life can change in an instant / the power of setting an intention - sankalpa / refusing to let go / what if everyone could see our minds? / the yogis never feel alone - they feel God in the heart / Sati’s spontaneous human combustion / Dhritarastra’s spontaneous human combustion / Gandhari enters the fire / resentment blocks Dhritarastra’s advancement / letting go of criticism SB 1.13.56 - 1.13.60
June 11, 2020
lets’s give golfers a break / Q: what do you have to give up for bhakti? A: suffering / asana & pranayama are to transcend the gunas & bring the mind to God / goodness is illuminating- frees one from all malady & conditions one by a sense of happiness and knowledge- Bg. 14.6 / passion is desires & longings - conditions one to feel the need to work for a material result - Bg. 14.7 / Ignorance is the delusion of all living entities -conditions one by a sense of madness, laziness & sleep - Bg. 14.8
June 10, 2020
Jahnavi Harrison drops in to discuss “Surrender” / 2 mindsets - worldly & other-worldly / no need to lament on what’s beyond our circle of influence / the internal, external & marginal energies / we can become lost in the ephemeral external energy / the regular current of spiritual energy - within & without / we are one with God in quality, but still different / God can appear to you as a person or in the form of time / Dhritarasta begins his yoga practice / Yoga begins with controlling the tongue
June 9, 2020
always seeing the good / we can’t control the world / time takes it all away / the rare opportunity of human life / “how will they exist without me” / time, karma & the gunas are the software installed in the virtual reality of this world SB 1.13.33 - 1.13.47
June 8, 2020
the God shaped hole / the emotional bank account / the need to be able to hear good advice / that which is unreal has no endurance - that which is real has no change / real detachment vs false detachment / you gotta have a good morning program SB 1.13.29 - 1.13.32
June 7, 2020
discovering bhakti behind the iron curtain / translating Srimad Bhagavatam / the mystical goal of Ayurveda - discovering God in the heart / the 3 doshas / mysteries of the pulse / hospitality is even more important than food / masalas / lifestyle tips / Sanskrit poetry
June 6, 2020
do I need to dress in rags to be spiritual? / how to deal with losing my cool? / how does Bhakti as a movement respond to racism in a relevant, critical, active, & dynamic way? / can I care and do things that are helpful, without being overwhelmed by all the pain I’m seeing constantly? / can one have romance, sex, and the warmth of family life on the bhakti path?
June 5, 2020
the value of never complaining / rise early / the relative difference between detachment & devotion / “family life” in it’s cultural context / Srimad Bhagavatam clarifies all the previous teachings on yoga / temptations of the heavenly planets / connecting to God within the heart SB 1.13.27 - 1.13.28
June 4, 2020
Vidura’s presence makes Dhritarastra ripe to hear / Indian Culture / Sadhus don’t flatter / the world is magic when we are connected spiritually / we are that egg on a spoon / hours, days, months, years - exclusively devoted to spiritual life / retirement with wisdom / spiritual knowledge is like the mafia - once you are in you can’t get out SB 1.13.23 - 1.13.26
June 3, 2020
ekadashi is the mother of devotion / grow food, sacrifice, be happy, & go back home / Vidura’s tough love / the grim reaper is coming for the king / samadhi through the waves of life / show bottle sadhus just flatter - real sadhus cut / Raghu’s chastisement SB 1.13.15 - 1.13.17
June 2, 2020
a statement about racial inequality in the United States / no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it / there is a dire need at hand to live as dedicated instruments of God’s love / the insurmountable force of time / the value of the rare human life and the need to make the most of each moment / learning from the tree / one day we’ll pack up our lives in a box / young Kaustubha watches a man die SB 1.13.15 - 1.13.17
June 1, 2020
Vidura’s compassion / omnipresence through diverse potencies / a guru cuts / giving up the ego is both painful and a relief / preparing for the change of body / Radha & Krishna enshrined in the heart / renunciation ≠ spiritual advancement / alien yogis / great souls are like surgeons SB 1.13.10 - 1.13.14
May 31, 2020
music is spiritual / doing the gritty work of the 12 steps / doing a fearless moral inventory / coming to terms with the ego / being a good listener / beautiful desperation / carrying forward the idealism of punk / hate born of frustration & fear / how much of my world view is informed by a screen? / be an activist in all that you do / the challenge of keeping hate out of our activism
May 30, 2020
how to respond to inexperienced influences? / how do spiritual communities deal with racial injustice? / I’m new to this - what’s next? / how did Kaustubha become a monk? / to whom and how should I offer obeisances & what does that mean? / is God Is trying tell us something? / how to overcome the discomfort with the idea of a personal God and build a personal relationship with God? / how does friendship give new light & inspiration? / if we are spirit, why do we have exclusive gatherings based on gende
May 29, 2020
12 steps and it’s parallels with bhakti / more background on the blind king Dritarashtra / in the material world we fight with each other - in the spiritual world we fight to serve one another / hospitality is conducive for bhakti / uncle Vidura comes home Srimad Bhagavatam 1.13.1 - 1.13.10
May 28, 2020
“horse rejuvenation ceremony” / what is sacrifice? / Kali Yuga - the age of dented cans / kirtan - the dharma for dented cans / hunting always causes problems / the story of Pandu / the story of Kunti / Dritarashtra was such an enabler / Vidura’s wake up call
May 27, 2020
healthy addictions/ the impressions left in childhood / bhakti is kid friendly / Prabhupada’s childhood bhakti / Oh! Calcutta! / most yoga paths are a means to an end - in bhakti the means & the end are the same / 4 yoga paths are meant to lead to bhakti / is asana necessary for bhakti-yoga / bhakti harmonizes the mind with the self
May 26, 2020
how yogis respond to being wronged / Raghu’s mystic friend / forgiveness is the key to bliss / God is using this person to bring out my own greatness / death doesn’t care about your plans / Kaustubha gets what Joe Rogan missed / today is an OK day to die / the world can go on without Mara / just say it - “what I did was wrong”
May 25, 2020
the qualities of a brahmana - Bhagavad-gita 18.42 / peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, wisdom, knowledge, and religiousness / brahmana is not based on birth, it’s based on qualities / the futures glories of Maharaja Pariksit / material attachment & surrender go ill together / the story of Pariksit’s curse / transcending death through hearing Bhagavatam
May 24, 2020
the world of New York Hardcore Punk / a second wave of bhakti in the West / how Porcell & Ray were introduced to bhakti / Youth of Today brings straight edge and vegetarianism to the hardcore scene/ Ray leaves the band to become a monk / Mark blows away the anti-cult people / Porcell takes to Bhakti / Ray & Porcell reunite in Shelter / living as a monk & touring in a hardcore band
May 23, 2020
should I switch mantras? / how to navigate lust as a yogi in today's world? / does the soul die or does it become so purified that it transcends? / what does it mean to “give your life to your guru”? / what does the Bhagavad-Gita mean when it says that one should work in Krishna consciousness? / how to deal with spiritual friends that let us down / do we have any say on how we take our next birth? / how do I deal with the regret over lost years?
May 22, 2020
meditating on the smile of God / the role of the rites of passage - samskaras / bhakti-yoga on 3 levels / difference between religion and spirituality / spirituality is when we see God everywhere and in everyone / the state of our democracy - administrators quarreling √ party selfishness √ exploitation of state resources √ corruption √ intrigue √ hypocrisy √ / we need spiritual revolution
May 21, 2020
character & dharma / understanding astrology, karma & predestiny - our previous choices either expand or contract or liberate / crossing over the 3 modes - Bhagavad-gita 7.14 / for the reconnected yogi the karma winds down like an unplugged fan / when we reconnect all the karma becomes auspicious / sex with spiritual consciousness - calling elevated souls / the disposition for liberation Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.8
May 20, 2020
Srimad Bhagavatam gives perspective on all yoga literature / life in the womb / Krishna is in every atom in the universes, and every universe is in him / Krishna appears in the Deity form because we are incapable of perceiving Him everywhere / meditative absorption comes with wisdom / wisdom involves being steady minded through shifting externals and seeing God everywhere / we are qualitatively one with God & quantitatively different / realizing our eternality
May 19, 2020
how to embody joy / rewiring oneself / dead practice vs living practice / aligning body, mind & emotions / Western yoga’s need to go deeper / the sadhu in the storm / traveling the path of absorption / the mantra is imbued with spiritual potencies / Philosophy, People, Practice / the prayer of Vritrasura
May 18, 2020
it’s not about joining a religion, it’s about self transformation / you have to walk into the lab / the sages bring it back to the original topic / transfer of spiritual knowledge through hearing / cheap imitations come in all traditions / ya can’t cheat the system / the process is simple, but only the sincere achieve the result / we are servants by nature / slaves to the senses / the hunger is for the spiritual atmosphere
May 16, 2020
how to balance motherhood with spiritual practice? / why are we fascinated with evil ? / any inspiration to help endure life’s trolls / how to trust in guru when trust has been broken / is having children selfish? / why did Krishna create illusion / is illusion only seen as negative
May 15, 2020
tongue scraping & where culture should lead / there is a bhakti explosion brewing / we're over “stuff” and are looking for something more meaningful / understanding Prabhupada’s commentaries in context / yoga paths either forbid or regulate sexuality / sexual attraction is the primary motivator in material life / sexual attachment expands to include children, home, society, nation & the need to acquire wealth / what are we falling in love with? / yogamaya - illusion which facilitates intimate divine
May 14, 2020
samadhi & being free of happiness & distress / birth as a fruit fly hearing Bhagavatam / japa advice - bathe in the mantra / Cupid & Kandarpa / Krishna’s senses can not be agitated but He is captivated by devotion / material enjoyment is like fake food / think it through / 1st 9 Cantos prepare our hearts for the 10th / Krishna is unaffected by matter & so are his devotees / yogamaya
May 13, 2020
We’re like moths - our ability to understand through our senses or inference is limited / spiritual truth is not ascending, it’s descending / Nara-narayana Rishi’s oneness & difference / srivatsan on Krishna’s chest / Laxmi, wish fulfilling trees, stones & cows / Krishna’s beauty / broken connections result in a sad experience / perfect manifestations of internal energy
May 12, 2020
knowledge matures into wisdom through reflection / practicing for the moment of death / birth, death old age & disease / Haridas Thakura & material blessings / the deity is an access point / Raghu & Kaustubha’s first temple experiences / imperialism & the aryan invasion theory / Krishna’s beauty never gets old / the law of satiation
May 11, 2020
brainwashing, youthful enthusiasm & magic / Krishna reciprocates according to how we approach / impersonal energy - in the heart - as a person / as master - friend - child - lover / do we practice our role in the spiritual realm / all the details are revealed through the mantra / finding a guru / guru is that through which spiritual knowledge descends / guru’s qualifications / we are not asked to give up our common sense
May 10, 2020
which face of the goddess do we want to see? / masculine & feminine energies / knowledge is foundational but the goal is Love / the gentle men of Srimad Bhagavatam / upending the pyramids of power / Srimad Bhagavatam uplifts the humble & simple – brings down the proud / the brahmins & their wives / the role of masculine energy / flowing around misogyny Check out
May 8, 2020
you have to give your heart over / dealing with anger / is playing video games tamasic / what does it mean to first establish yourself in yoga, then act - Bhagavad-gita 2:48 / the fine line between service & abuse / how to preach without coming off as a judgmental jerk
May 7, 2020
we should die with hearts saturated with affection / the devotion of Dwaraka’s prostitutes / we may end up in compromising positions but it is our state of heart that matters / Cintamani - the prostitute guru / Govinda Damodara Madhava / the citta vritti nirodha of Vrindavan / Freudian slips / on the bhakti path the means and the end are the same
May 6, 2020
verses for the appearance of the Divine within and the destruction of the inner darkness / the story of the half-man half-lion avatar / Nrisimhadeva miracles / closing blessing
May 5, 2020
kali-yuga minds are always disturbed / hearing Bhagavatam as mental hygiene / perfection of human civilization is made possible by utilizing the gifts of nature / industry deteriorates the finer instincts of the human being / ugra-karma / civilization means caring for the earth & animals / the Mayapur elephant parade / shifting the current of our loving offering / a culture of love
May 4, 2020
pronoia - eradicate the victim mentality / what exists internally manifests externally / commentaries by the previous masters / Brahma’s envy of the “dirty little cowherd boy” / getting centered around the whorl / what is the most painful thing? / value the association of devotees / the Mickey Mouse outfit we all wear
May 3, 2020
kirtan & pilgrimage as a child / devotee dog / seeing Shelter as a kid / the intimate devotion of Vrindavan / so many ways of expressing devotion / kumbha Mela at 17 / music is an offering, meditation, joyful expression / advice for kirtan leaders - develop a relationship with the mantra / Divine power is the true protection
May 2, 2020
bhakti as meditation & as service / I move for the enjoyment of my source & I enjoy naturally as a result of the connection / asana is a condiment of yoga - the meal is the offering we make / meditation of the formless is always troublesome / pure bhakti demands pure intention (as opposed to activity) / clarifying yoga terminology / there is power in commitment / we’ve been waking up early
May 1, 2020
Arne’s letter / remembrances of Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama / Kripamoya Prabhu’s unforgettable kirtan / Krishna reels you back in / so many things are vying for our attention / Srila Gaura Govinda Swami / the embankment of union & the embankment of separation / transformation by spiritual contact/ Sita’s separation / Krishna is atmarama - self-satisfied
April 30, 2020
let go of what we can’t control / leave room for magic / Sanatana Goswami’s Bhagavatam glorification / Bhagavatam is the churned nectar / mad elephant offense / respect flows up - affection flows down / except for the uncontrolled, misguided mind, there is no enemy / the 6 enemies
April 29, 2020
the more we exploit nature and animals, the more we become entrapped by the reactions / spread the message from a place of love / don’t use it as a vehicle for our lower nature / rituals are designed to restore our original nature / the 5 primary rasa - flavors of love for God / Yoga is a practice which empowers one to overcome the obstacle of the mind for the purpose of the self experiencing its own true nature / take a vow not to criticize
April 28, 2020
to be truly true it has to be true in all 3 phases of time /social justice has to be taken to the spiritual level / all life is sacred / Svarupa - our original form / we are not our outer Mickey Mouse outfit / yoga-pitha - where the spiritual and material worlds meet / panchanga bhakti - 5 most potent spiritual practices / the right people can reveal the spiritual nature of the holy places
April 27, 2020
makeover Monday / purifying the mind & senses / Vishvamitra muni loses control / artificial sense control vs spontaneous attraction / positive engagement for the senses / Hiranyakashipu’s yoga vs Prahlad’s / jnana yoga ends in surrendering to God in everything - bhakti-yoga begins there / a human goes beyond polished eating, sleeping, mating & defending
April 26, 2020
is there a universal message in the bhakti tradition? / is there a message to share about how to see this crisis / advice for maintaining mental well being & relationships through the crisis / a message for the essential health care providers / how to avoid dogmatic exclusivism in spiritual circles? / why is the Bhagavatam so powerfully transformational? / who is Nara-Narayana Rishi?
April 25, 2020
we need to have like minded devotees in our life / Bhagavatam refines our love / let go of expectations / Krishna’s mission is to enjoy divine love / breaking ties with a yogi / don’t try to understand the spiritual world through the material, understand the material through the spiritual / we receive a form suited to our consciousness / we forget the trauma of past lives / when we act on behalf of the higher power there is no reaction
April 24, 2020
all the -isms are the culmination of the illusion / Gita & Bhagavatam are the access point to reality / jnana-yoga = renounce the virtual world / bhakti-yoga = see the virtual world in connection to the programmer & connect with Him / the programmer wants us to wake up & enjoy with Him / miseries of this world are a way the programmer helps wake us up
April 23, 2020
our habits become us / dedicating hours, days, months and years / the Purusha shuktam hymn of the Vedas / Brahma’s life is calculated to help us with perspective shift / minimizing fears and concerns through perspective shift / little fish & big fish / a bhakti-yogi is like a rooster, salt, a crane & you / wisdom though time perspective / nostalgia vs perspective shift / wisdom punctures the romance of past experience / perspective shift via psychedelics vs via Bhagavatam
April 22, 2020
happiness through the senses followed by misery / Bhagavatam brings auspiciousness into life / rock bottom can be a blessing / musk deer tattoo / plastic vs natural ingredients / things just keep getting crummier / the earth kicks back / the Absolute Truth can have form and qualities / materialism is the thesis - renunciation is the antithesis - divine love is the synthesis / the simple talk of devoted ladies is beyond the hymn of the Vedas
April 21, 2020
past bad decisions become valuable realizations through bhakti / when doubts set in, pull yourself back / think it through / in separation the love goes deeper into the core of the heart / on the spiritual platform love is not determined by physical proximity / Srimad Bhagavatam trains us to the stage of perfection / melting the heart / how to we know it’s real - because it still works
April 20, 2020
locked down with the Bhagavatam / collective karma / leadership with ethics / consumer culture tells us we’ll be happy by getting things and we’re successful when we are consuming more / simple living - high thinking / those ridiculous leaf blowers / What have we done! / the earth kicks back / we’ve become sociopaths/ Vaishnava etiquette is for cultivating a disposition of respect and affection
April 17, 2020
chip away at illusion / progression of Vedic literature leads to divine love / shedding the exoskeleton / if I merge I can’t serve / hearing is most important / working with detachment is true mysticism / stereotypical yogi vs karma-yogi / karma-yoga - according to one’s nature, with detachment, as an offering / you gotta serve somebody / re-integrate
April 16, 2020
my external is draggin down my internal / the morality of Krishna & his girlfriends / there’s a driving force constantly saying upgrade your life / knowledge matures to wisdom through reflection / when we are free from attachment, fear & anger we can absorb the mind in meditation / it’s not about converting, it’s about remembering our identity / spiritual vision makes us happier / fish out of water / food for the soul / what’s the definition of good / jaundice analogy
April 15, 2020
seeing the working of the Divine Hand in hindsight / Bhishma’s perfect death scene / the motions and smiles of the Gopis / the progression of Vyasadeva’s spiritual literature up to the Rasa Dance / the glory of the Gopis’ love / mukti / aversion to service / 5 types of liberation / the “equal footing” of the Gopis
April 14, 2020
the final moment / attaining our original form (sva-rupa) / mechanical mystic yoga vs spontaneous devotional yoga / Wilson in Cast Away - why do impersonalists fall from the divine light - they get lonely / getting your head dunked under water - material pleasure is just relief from suffering / should we pray for health / compassion for body, mind & soul / Raghu’s death plan / you can’t cheat the system
April 13, 2020
prayers for Hana / civilized warfare / Arjuna’s pure intelligence / Bhishma’s love for Bhagavad-gita / Bhishma’s melting heart / love is the highest principle / Krishna’s absorption in divine play / Krishna’s “enemies” / understanding that Lila is beyond mythology by understanding rasa
April 12, 2020
everything is trying to kill something - minimize it & make your life an offering / fear snowballs in the mind / in bhakti, it’s all good / the body is a gift - it’s not even ours / Krishna is all-attractive / the perfect beautiful vision of Bhishma / the lover's bite is welcome / the esoteric side of bhakti / love in the heart brings out service / Krishna makes it all good
April 11, 2020
letter from Vrajabhumi! / self sacrifice + sadhana is a good spiritual formula / as a people, we have lost our ability to think critically / getting lost in politics & conspiracy theories/ work now samadhi later / life’s purpose isn’t to find a comfortable or enjoyable situation / if our politics or theories are driving us to be bitter, harsh, or hateful, seeing others as enemies - then we’ve been tricked
April 10, 2020
getting deeply rooted / Ghanashyam’s journey to bhakti / becoming comfortable with what’s uncomfortable / greatest spiritual meditation is Krishna - greatest material meditation is death / death can tighten our focus / Krishna comes as his devoteee / NDE’s - seeing messengers of darkness & messengers of light / have faith in suffering / why is coronavirus happening - to ask the questions we haven’t asked before / seize the opportunity / how can this change me?
April 9, 2020
what I learned as a monk - find happiness with nothing / intention makes all the difference / ultimately only the devotee is peaceful / Radhanath Swami’s books - a good place to start / how I relate with others is important / God is in everyone's heart / see the good & magnify it / share what you have by example / doubt my doubts / contemplate again and again - there is no true or lasting security or happiness in anything material / cultivation of selflessness though family / what’s beyond the gunas?
April 8, 2020
Krishna comes to us at the time of death / the vision of Bhisma on his bed of arrows / questions about caste / taking a good look in the mirror - our society is broken economically, politically, ecologically, etc. / the modern day caste system is a warped version of varnashrama dharma / varnashrama dharma is about laying out clear responsibilities for societies leaders / carefully apply ancient wisdom in a modern context / dust off your gift and use it
April 7, 2020
Srimati’s lesson - we’re just being tested / our whole life is a test - how will we respond / Bhagavatam - it’s all special / who is Nara-Narayana Rsi / evolution by our own strength / give your heart to Krishna & he will take you by the hand / the wives of the Brahmanas / cultural appropriation / samadhi as action in steady God consciousness / shifting our desires
April 6, 2020
tribulations imposed upon the devotees constitute an exchange bhāva / medicating with food, sex, media, etc. / tuning into Paramatma, tuning out the noise / prayer for constant connection / letting it all go / love bomb the bombers
April 5, 2020
quiet the mind and listen / western yoga world is missing a strong tradition of guru recognition / am I hearing the inner guru or the mind & senses / guru qualifications / guru red flags / verses illustrating how a disciple follows a guru
April 4, 2020
is the world waking up? / becoming instruments of positive change in a shifting world / my own spiritual consciousness affects others / spiritual pioneers have left a map/ Vedic epistemology/ sense perception (pratyakshya), inference (anumana), hearing (shabda) / building faith gradually / the telephone game / a guru doesn’t make it up, they represent / the guru must be potent and the disciple must be fertile / the disposition for receiving spiritual knowledge
April 3, 2020
the I experiences the mind / the mind is a computer / checklist for dealing with depression & anxiety / is religion the opiate of the masses? / the depth & sophistication of the Vedic tradition / to be a recluse or an activist, and where do I fall on the long line in between / setting parameters guiding how we associate / insulate not isolate / the deeper we go into the essence of one spiritual tradition, the more we recognize the same essence in other traditions / guru & gurus
April 2, 2020
Ram’s name is the bridge over samsara / forgiveness & compassion of Ram’s name / saguna & nirguna brahman / engagements for the day - bhajan, reading, fasting, puja / wake up in sattvic time and meditate / Manthara’s fear is like a virus / Raghu’s turbo scenarios / Rama’s equanimity / transformation of character though hearing Vedic lore / gratitude of the boatman / the loving sacrifice of Jatayu
April 1, 2020
words from Bhakta Louie / Raghunath walks in cemeteries / graveyards, burning ghats, Pompeii, catacombs - meditating on death / Raghunath collects skulls / time’s influence on everything material / no grudges, no complaining / you cover all your bases & accept time’s influence / Shelter - the Hands of Time lyrics / why wrap up my identity with stuff / the mother in-law teaches the daughter in-law through the daughter
March 31, 2020
I have to change me - butterfly / hearing & chanting is the cocoon / joy comes from our contribution / reclaiming our inherent purity / spiritual form / God is everywhere, God is in me, God is the person behind it all / Horton Hears a Who / Krishna is God on Saturday / the story of Pandu / hone in on what our contribution is and stick to it no matter how the dogs bark / mentors & well-wishers
March 30, 2020
Monday makeover / a wave is coming - the gravity of a spiritualist / the 12 mahajanas / you can’t cram gardening / transformation through regular hearing / train ourselves to see the good & overlook the shortcomings / yoga etiquette / etiquette is the ornament of the bhakti yogi / the purpose behind every aspect of ritual or etiquette lies in how it effects our mind / the cat in the basket
March 29, 2020
apocalyptic New York & Krishna’s invitation to dance above it / responsible in this world & conscious of what’s beyond / Bhishma stories / finding the blessing in misfortune / 3 levels of wisdom / no complaining allowed / “untimely” deaths of spiritual people / use the dream to wake up from the dream / keep going 1 level deeper in our realization / bhakti dreams / Krishna’s joy in respecting an elder /
March 28, 2020
grihasta vs grihamedhi / making the home an ashram / kirtan is the sacrifice for this age / simple & connected make for a good kirtan leader / kirtan brings people together / Tolstoy’s definition of art / centuries of devotion invested in India’s temples / how temples should bring out the best in us / the sacrifice of japa / Bhagavad-gita’s austerity of speech truthful, pleasing, beneficial, not agitating - Bg. 17.15 / personal charisma vs spiritual substance / Krishna’s pastimes make you fall in lo
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