January 15, 2020
Ethan takes a trip down memory lane with one of his oldest friends, Kevin Connolly. Ethan and Kevin talk about their lives growing up as young actors in Hollywood, and Kevin shares the concerns he and other close friends had about Ethan’s weight and their failed intervention attempt.
January 8, 2020
On the debut episode of the American Glutton Podcast, host Ethan Suplee opens up about his past 20 years of weight loss and gain - and loss again, the diets he tried and failed at, and the stories of his journey to get to where he is today.
December 9, 2019
Actor Ethan Suplee was an aspiring plus size model long before it became trendy and now sets out to examine our current obesity crisis. On American Glutton, he’ll talk to everyone from experts to the average Joe, exploring all the diets he has been on over the last two decades, taking us on his journey from obese to svelte and back again, examining what worked and what made him gain everything back plus 50 pounds. Sharing his ever-lasting search for the next quick fix, we’ll delve into the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly.
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