July 5, 2020
What's going on ladies and gents! Double dose of UK Deathcore this week! Suffer UK from Wolverhampton, UK joins us to feature tracks off of their new EP "Heavy Silence"! Joining them is one-man Deathcore band Cincinatti Bowtie from Bradford, UK to feature the newest single "Lost City" which will be apart of the new album "A Cataclysmic Nightmare" out this August! I hope everyone had and excellent 4th of July! --- Send in a voice message:
June 28, 2020
Episode 31! What's up ladies and gents we have a dose of Metalcore and Black Metal coming right at ya! ANTIKING hails from Southern California and they bring a healthy perspective of the Metalcore genre with their singles 'Trauma' and 'Hu$h'! New EP by fall of 2020! I hope so anyway because these guys are pumping out some bangers! TrveSovereign, a one man Black Metal band from South Devon, UK, joins them to offer some freshness in the Black Metal genre. They just released their newest album 'The Dewerstone' in which we featured a few tracks off of. The album is currently available for FREE on their Bandcamp page till August 3rd, 2020. Many thanks to the guys of ANTIKING and Korvus Blackwood of TrveSovereign for being apart of Episode 31! --- Send in a voice message:
June 21, 2020
Dirty 30! Going back to the features/reviews this week on Straight to the Core! We featured a bunch of tracks from these absolutely killer bands! Slamister is a Beatdown/Slam band from Würzberg, Germany who just released their newest album "Diagnosis: Human" via Rising Nemesis Records on May 15th of this year! Full album stream available via the SLAM WORLDWIDE YouTube channel! Album stream: Rising Nemesis Records: Instagram Facebook Joining them is one-man blackened hardcore madness from xIron Sharpens Ironx from Muskegon, Michigan! They just released their newest EP titled "The Tragedy of Mankind" on April 7th, 2020 via Under City Records! Under City Records: Facebook Twitter YouTube --- Send in a voice message:
June 14, 2020
Back to back interviews here on Straight To The Core! Our friends Jazz Green & Isaiah Peltz of metal band Indomitable out of Indianapolis, IN join the podcast for a really awesome chat! They just released their first single 'Scorcher' this past February which we had the pleasure of playing before the interview! We talked about how Covid-19 effected them as a young band and how they are overcoming the obstacles of it all. A multitude of other topics as well! New music coming soon! Indomitable links >> Video Podcast interview episode with Indomitable >> YouTube --- Send in a voice message:
June 7, 2020
Man it feels good to be back! It has been WAYYYY too long! Our good friend Paul O'Brien from Australian Death Metal band Aeons Abyss joins the podcast in our VERY FIRST international interview! I couldn't be more excited to have him as a guest! We sit down and chat for a bit about their newest single titled "The Great Hanging" as well as details on their newest album! The isolated video of the same interview will be uploaded to the NEW Straight To The Core Podcast YouTube channel! Please follow the link here in the description to subscribe! Follow Aeons Abyss!  --- Send in a voice message:
April 6, 2020
Whats going on ladies and gents?! International heaviness coming your direction! Brisbane, Australia natives Babirusa join to podcast to bring their Deathcore greatness with their newest single titled 'Abomination'! The single was released everywhere on March, 5th via SLAM WORLDWIDE! Stay tuned for a full-length coming from these guys very very soon. Joining them is Deathrash newcomers Spasticus who hail from Palermo, Italy! We played a couple tracks from their newest EP 'Fuck Me Before I'm Dead' that released on March 16th, 2020! They currently have tapes for sale via their bandcamp!  --- Send in a voice message:
March 29, 2020
Double dose of UK Metalcore! Thank you to A Dying Reign who came on to feature their new single 'Sky Burial' which SLAPS by the way. Check it out! Shout out also to Flatline who came on to feature their newest single as well titled 'Cultist'! Thank you everyone for your continued support and enjoy Episode 26! --- Send in a voice message:
March 13, 2020
What's going on ladies and gents! Episode 25 features Yorkshire, UK Post-Hardcore band Realms who came on the podcasts to feature their BRAND NEW single titled "Original Sin"! The single released everywhere TODAY Friday the 13th via all major streaming outlets! Definitely be on the lookout for a Part 2 sometime in the near future with these gents! Joining them is California based Hardcore/Deathcore band Reminitions! We played numerous tracks from their 2017 EP titled 'Endless Suffering'  which SLAPS. New music is coming soon from the Reminitions camp so be on the lookout across all of their social media for future updates on that! Part 2 will be imminent with Reminitions as well! Thank you everyone for all of your continued support! This episode is dedicated to my late Uncle Kenny. May he rest in peace. I'll see you on the other side. --- Send in a voice message:
March 8, 2020
What is up everyone! Sunday edition of Straight To The Core! Thanks again to Divided by Design from Leeds, UK for coming back on the podcast for the THIRD time! Also a huge shoutout and thank you to Scoundrel from Fresno, CA! Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
February 29, 2020
Whats going on everyone! Got a couple heavy hitters on this week! New England Deathcore band Wretched Tongues joins the podcast to play their brand new single 'Dismal;Eternal' feat Dan Tucker of Crown Magnetar which will be apart of their upcoming EP 'The Absence of Light' that will release everywhere this spring via Realityfade Records! Link to Slam Worldwide exclusive video for 'Dismal;Eternal' Joining them is California Brutal Death Metal band Inhuman Atrocities to play and review their newest unreleased track titled 'Dead on the Slab' which will be apart of an upcoming un-named 2020 full-length! Thank you everyone for all of your continued support! --- Send in a voice message:
February 21, 2020
Whats going on ladies and gents! This week we had our very first in-studio interview on the podcast with Dom and Tater of Silent System! Silent System are a new up an coming metal band out of my hometown of Rockford, IL and they just released their first single titled "Take My Life" which we played just before the interview segment. I had a lot of fun with these dudes, we blinked and 2 hours whizzed by. This is an interview that you don't want to miss! Silent System made some exclusive announcements about the band right here on Straight To The Core that I'm really honored to have had been apart of. Thanks again to Dom and Tater for coming into the studio this week! --- Send in a voice message:
February 14, 2020
How's it going ladies and gents! In the spirit of Valentine's Day I wanted to show some local love to metal giants On My Six out of Rockford, IL who recently announced that the Summer of 2020 will be their last. I share some fond personal memories of the last 8 years as well as play 6 tracks off of On My Six's album "The Waiting Game". I had the time of my life putting this episode together and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you for everything. To Rick, Stu, Crevy, Red, and Luke this episode is for you! #WGYB Shout-out to Timothy Edwards aka "The Rev" for the inspiration to dedicate this episode to the OM6 guys after your most recent installment of The Revolution Regional Radio Stage on 104.9 WXRX this past Sunday night! As always thank you to everyone for all the continuous support! --- Send in a voice message:
January 31, 2020
Whats going on everyone! I couldn't think of a title for this weeks episode haha Sin Seer from Austin, TX joins the podcast to feature a couple tracks off of their newest EP titled "Vicious Cycles" Sin Seer links >>
January 24, 2020
What is up everyone?! Episode 19 coming at ya! Many thanks to Bitterwood from Aberdeen, Scotland in the UK for being on the podcast this week to feature their current single "Kids Just Want to Dance" which also has an accompanying music video for it that was released via Hardcore Worldwide on YouTube! Be on the lookout for new merch being released from Bitterwood on Many additional thanks to Horned Almighty from Denmark! We had the honor of playing and reviewing a few amazing tracks from their brand new album "To Fathom the Master's Grand Design" courtesy of Scarlet Records that was released everywhere on January 17th, 2020! Follow the "StraightCorePod Featured Artists" Playlist on Spotify to listen to everything released by Bitterwood and Horned Almighty as well as every other artist we've featured on previous episodes of the podcast! Follow Carcass Bomb and Noob Heavy at Follow Joshua Rhodes of Rhodes Entertainment at Thank you all for your continued support!  --- Send in a voice message:
January 17, 2020
Hello Hello Hello! Shoutout to Heavy Hardcore/Beatdown band Swarms from the North-East UK for being on to play some killer singles including their newest one titled "Vital" which is exclusive to Slam Worldwide. Be sure to check out Slamming Merch Showcase on Facebook as well! Huge shoutout to Post-Black Metal/Hardcore band L'Homme Absurde coming to us from Moscow, Russia courtesy of out friends over at Noob Heavy. L'Homme Absurde just released their 3rd full length album titled "Belong", which released everywhere TODAY 1/17/2020! We had the honor of being able to play and review a few tracks from the brand new album! --- Send in a voice message:
January 10, 2020
Happy New Year everyone! First episode of 2020! Let's make this a year to remember! Many many thanks to Fractured Insanity from Belgium and Devil Surgeon from Texas! New Episodes weekly!  --- Send in a voice message:
December 27, 2019
Merry Xmas ladies and gents! Double dose of heavy this week as Ashen Crown from West Midlands, UK rattles your eardrums with 4 tracks from their brand new album "Obsolescence"! Joining then is Salem Trials, a hardcore mashup of styles from Ottawa, Ontario Canada to also play 4 tracks from their debut "Misanthropy"! Don't forget to follow the our Spotify playlist "StraightCorePod Featured Artists" were you can listen to everything Ashen Crown and Salem Trials has available to stream on the platform! Thank you all so much for the continued support and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! Here's to 2020! --- Send in a voice message:
December 20, 2019
Last episode before Xmas! Many many thanks to Eternal Rest from Brisbane, Australia and  Ghost In Decay from Belleville, IL! I couldn't do this podcast without your continued support!  From me to you, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! --- Send in a voice message:
December 13, 2019
Hello there ladies and gents! Got an awesome Episode 14 here for you! Divided by Design from Leeds, UK is coming back for Round 2 to play their new single "Regenerate" which will be released on December 20th 2019! Social Link for Divided by Design >> < >>
December 6, 2019
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Straight To The Core is back in business! Big thanks to Bystander from Portland, OR &nbsp;and Jeremy Ross Lawler from Pulborough, West Sussex UK for being on this week in Episode 13! New episodes every Friday! Thank you for all your support! Bystander Link >>
November 22, 2019
Dirty Dozen! Episode 12 is here! Abaddonia is a 6-piece Melodic Death Metal band coming from the Midwest, USA! My neck of the woods! We played their debut single "Backbiter" which is a KILLER track by the way! In collaboration with Chugcore they released an accompanying lyric video on the Chugcore YouTube page!&nbsp; Head over to right now and use the code "BACKBITER" at checkout to recieve 15% off of your order between now and Thanksgiving! Find the video here >>
November 15, 2019
Hello there ladies and gents! Episode 11 coming in hot! This week I really didn't have too much to talk about due to the fact my work schedule got all screwy on me and I didn't have much time to brainstorm on things, but that's ok! We cut the chit-chat and got right into some killer tunes from 2 amazing bands! Two different sides of the metal coin are featured on this week's episode of Straight To The Core, We got: Agon, A one-man Avant-Garde Blackened Doom project from Miami, Florida. We played a couple tracks, Blackened Remains and Tunnel of Desolation of of the new album "Hollowed Lake" that was released this past October! Really excited to feature out first Doom Metal influenced band here on the podcast! Check out Hallowed Lake here >> < Or it can be found on all major streaming outlets!
November 8, 2019
Welcome to episode 10! We got a double dose of Death Metal on the first double digit episode of Straight To The Core! Aeons Abyss is an Old-School Death Metal studio project from Melbourne, Victoria Australia and we played 3 tracks (Darkness Falls, Tried by Ordeal, and Impenitent) off of their brand new album "Impenitent" that released earlier this month for FREE via Bandcamp on November 1st, 2019! Super excited to have our first band featured on the podcast all the way from Australia! I absolutely love this album! It offers an old-school assault with new-school vibes! Did I mention that their new album "Impenitent" is available for free?! Get it here >>
November 1, 2019
Happy Halloween everybody! Welcome to Episode 9 of Straight To The Core! This week we have Cosmic Horror Grindcore band XenoOoze from Phoenix, Arizona on to play come rifftastic tracks off of their brand new album "Parasligm Shift" out everywhere TODAY via Last World Records! You can stream the album on all major outlets or there are physical media options are available at! Joining them we have hardcore band SLUGS hailing from Bristol, Connecticut to play a track titled "S.O.S.iety" which we be off a soon-to-be named EP due to release sometime in the near future! Feel free to check out additional material available now at! Huge thank you to XenoOoze and SLUGS for being on Straight To The Core this week! I truly can't thank them enough. This podcast would not be possible without the support from bands like yours! Please follow both bands on social media! I know I would appreciate it but they would definitely appreciate it more! XenoOoze: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Last World Records: Facebook: Instagram: Website: SLUGS:&nbsp; Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: Thank you all so much for all the continued support!&nbsp; --- Send in a voice message:
October 25, 2019
What is going on everybody! This week I piggyback on how I first discovered Machine Head and Dope by talking about how much Roadrunner United: The All-Star Sessions opened my eyes to an abundance of bands. That got me to thinking... Major movie soundtracks introduced me to a plethora of bands as well. Anyone remember the old MTV2 Headbanger's Ball compilations they released in the early 00's? I left those on repeat because that was the only way I could listen to a lot of my favorite bands. Good times!  This week we got some serious heavy hitters to play some tracks on the podcast! Bloody Sadism is a one-man powerhouse of a Brutal Slamming Death Metal band (Pooyan Ahmadi) coming all the way from Tehran, Iran! Our first band to be featured coming out of the Middle East! We play 4 brutal tracks off of his newest album "Eloquent Atrocity" that was released earlier this month on October 2nd via Base Record Production out of Spain! Check out the entire album via the Base Record Production Bandcamp page! We have joining them this week the band Siderian who are a 5 piece straight-up metal band out of Northampton, West Midlands UK! We play 4 tracks off of their self-released masterpiece "Origins" Siderian offers a killer blend of Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash, and Hardcore elements to mix together an innovative attack on the eardrums. Check out their debut album "Origins" which was released earlier this year and is available to stream everywhere!  Follow them on Social Media! Bloody Sadism: Facebook Instagram Youtube Bandcamp  Base Record Production: Facebook Bandcamp Siderian: Facebook Soundcloud Big Cartel Twitter Instagram Bandcamp Website Deezer YouTube Huge shout-outs and heaps of gratitude to both Bloody Sadism (Pooyan Ahmadi) and Siderian for reaching out to us here at Straight To The Core to have us play some amazing tracks on the podcast! This podcast would not be possible without the support of you guys! Follow the podcast on social media! Facebook Instagram Twitter Website --- Send in a voice message:
October 18, 2019
What is going on ladies and gentlemen! This week we got a lot of love from the UK as well as a band from Iceland to be featured Episode 7 of Straight to the Core! So many different genres of metal are being represented this week and I'm loving every minute of it! This week we have: Divided by Design: a Progressive Metal band from Leeds, West Yorkshire UK Óværa: an Icelandic Metal/Hardcore band from Reykjavik, Iceland Defining Lines: a Metalcore quintet hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire UK Rustlung: a Groove/Stoner Metal band from Kidderminster, West Midlands UK Got 6 killer tracks to play for you guys from these amazing artists so this is an episode you don't want to miss! Follow them on social media: Divided by Design: Facebook YouTube Instagram Spotify Website Óværa: Facebook Bandcamp Instagram Spotify Website Defining Lines: Facebook Instagram YouTube Website Store Bandcamp Spotify Rustlung: Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter Spotify Huge heaps of gratitude go out to these 4 bands for reaching out and letting me showcase and talk about their music! This podcast would not be possible without bands like you. 4 amazing bands from 4 different areas of the metal spectrum! What more could you ask for?? I also talk about the weird beef between Robb Flynn and Edsel Dope as well as a personal dedication to a local venue/bar owner that has decided to close the doors on his establishment. Thank you Tim and thank you everyone for all your continued support of me and Straight To The Core!&nbsp; Follow the podcast on social media! Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Spotify Apple Podcasts --- Send in a voice message:
October 11, 2019
What's up everyone! Welcome to episode 6 of Straight to the Core! This week I kind of go on a rant about pre-order woes and my opinions on them. We also got New England area Metal band Sepsiss to play a couple tracks this week and well as Yorkshire, UK based NuMetalcore band Tormenta on this week to play a few tracks as well! Strap in there are 4 KILLER tracks from each band. Sepsiss in a very unique female-fronted metal band that has their own flavor of metal that I cannot stop listening to! Tormenta is a unique in their own way as well. They have crushing vocals but throw in some amazing electronic parts into their style as well as early 00's nu-metal vibes. All those vibes meld perfectly together and I couldn't ask for a better pairing of styles! I love it! Follow both bands on social media! Sepsiss Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Bandcamp Website Reverbnation Soundcloud Tormenta Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Distrokid Thank you so much to Sepsiss and Tormenta for being on the the podcast this week! Thank you to everyone who supports Straight to the Core please feel free to follow these links I've provided and show them some love on social media! Make sure you tell em Straight To The Core sent ya! Follow the podcast on social media! Facebook Twitter Instagram Anchor Spotify --- Send in a voice message:
October 4, 2019
What is up! This week is HUGE! We got 4 bands from around the world this week to play some tracks on the podcast! All these bands are KILLER and I couldn't be more excited to have them on the podcast! I had so much fun putting this episode together and I can't thank these 4 bands enough for their support. Check em' out show them some love and tell them Straight To The Core sent ya! Click on the links to check out their social media! We got: Aurora Borealis they are a Black/Death/Thrash band out of Maryland, USA&nbsp; Facebook &nbsp;Instagram &nbsp;YouTube &nbsp;Bandcamp &nbsp;Website Brazilian Thrash Metal band Structure Violence out of Fortaleza, Ceará Brazil Facebook &nbsp;Instagram &nbsp;Youtube &nbsp;Bandcamp &nbsp;Spotify Metalcore band Cabodano coming out of Sigüerio, Galicia Spain Facebook &nbsp;Instagram &nbsp;Bandcamp &nbsp;Soundcloud &nbsp;Spotify and Chaos Synopsis a Deathrash band hailing from São José dos Campos, São Paulo Brazil Facebook &nbsp;Instagram &nbsp;Bandcamp &nbsp;YouTube &nbsp;Spotify &nbsp;Website I seriously cannot thank these 4 bands enough for being on the podcast! Strap in ladies and gentlemen, this episode is off the wall heavy! Follow the podcast on social media! Thank you so much for all your support! Bands! If you want your tracks played on the podcast send me an email at or send me a DM on any social media platform! Please subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform to be notified of all future episodes! New episodes every Friday! Anchor &nbsp;Facebook &nbsp;Instagram &nbsp;Twitter &nbsp;Spotify &nbsp;Apple Podcasts &nbsp;Google Podcasts &nbsp;Stitcher &nbsp;Castbox &nbsp;TuneIn &nbsp; --- Send in a voice message:
September 27, 2019
What is going on everyone! In this episode I mention the website Discogs and how important it is to physical media collectors like myself! I finally hit 1K items in the collection! I'm going to start posting photos and videos of my immense metal music collection on the Straight to the Core Instagram page! Stay tuned for that, its going to take a LOOONG time to do but its going to be a blast! I am still working on the Spotify playlist but that should be done soon! We also got Ventures, a metalcore band from Manchester, UK on the podcast to play a couple songs! We got "Paradise Lost" and their brand new single "Solitude" coming out everywhere October 20th! Included with the release of Solitude there will be an un-plugged version of Paradise Lost as well as an additional track "I Bring The Diamonds, You Bring The War". Be sure to check that out come October 20th available on all major streaming outlets! Our very first international band on the podcast! You can also check out their music video for Paradise Lost on YouTube! Big thanks to the guys in Ventures for being on the Pod! Check out the music video for Paradise Lost HERE Check out their self-titled EP on Spotify or Apple Music by clicking on these links! Follow them on social media! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: or visit: Then we got the symphonic black metal band Vampiric on the podcast to showcase their song "Vampire Blood" which is the first single off of the upcoming independently released album titled "The Magic of the Night" out via Bandcamp on November 8th! The album will also be available to stream on YouTube! If your a fan of Black Metal I highly suggest you guys check this out! Follow the link to the Bandcamp page to listen to Vampire Blood as well as a 3 track previously released EP titled "Death Tore Through". Follow them on social media! Facebook: Bandcamp: Big thanks go out to Nik from Vampiric as well as all the guys in Ventures for being on this episode! Straight to the Core is available on all major streaming outlets! Be sure to like and subscribe to get future updates! Social Media Links: &nbsp;Facebook &nbsp;&nbsp;Twitter &nbsp;&nbsp;Instagram Streaming Links: &nbsp;&nbsp;Spotify &nbsp;&nbsp;Google Play &nbsp;&nbsp;Apple Podcasts &nbsp;&nbsp; --- Send in a voice message:
September 21, 2019
What is going on everyone! Big big episode this week! We have our first band on the podcast! Help me in welcoming The Final Burial coming all the way from Texas! There's a great interview with these guys and we play a couple of their tracks off of their new EP "The 10th Planet" out everywhere October 24th 2019! Huge thank you to From The Depths Entertainment out of Reading, PA for making this all possible. Another shoutout to Joshua Rhodes and Rhodes Entertainment for connecting us! Follow The Final Burial on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Purchase the new EP October 24th on Bandcamp! Big thanks again to From The Depths Entertainment, go on their website or like them on Facebook to check out all their amazing artists including The Final Burial! We are now apart of the Rhodes Entertainment family as an official affiliate! Check out everything by visiting Follow the podcast on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The podcast is available on 12 different major podcast outlets! Including the main host! Please subscribe by following any of these links to instantly be notified of new episodes as soon as they upload on Anchor! Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Breaker: Castbox: Google Podcasts: Overcast: Pocket Casts: PodBean: Radio Public: Stitcher: Tunein: --- Send in a voice message:
September 13, 2019
What is going on ladies and gents! In this episode I start off by giving a rundown on new social media changes and how you can follow the pod as well as the status of the podcast being distributed to different podcast hosting outlets! I did find out a way to play music on this show but there's a bit more red tape involved that I thought... Future guests are also announced! I give my opinion on Tool going number 1 and the Taylor Swift fans going bonkers. As well as Post Malone fans who have NEVER heard of Ozzy! WHAT?! Follow the pod on social media! Facebook: Twitter; or @straightcorepod Instagram: Soundcloud and other hosting links coming soon! Be sure to Like, Follow, Subscribe and Share! Tell your friends! Thank you for all the support!&nbsp;
September 6, 2019
Hello! In the inaugural episode of Straight To The Core I will be expressing what the podcast is about, some ideas I have for the program, and ways that you can participate and grow with me! Thank you so much for tuning in! Be sure to give the pod a like of Facebook! New episodes will air every Friday!
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