November 13, 2019
Bob, Lauren, and Timmy sit down with Shaq to talk about many different things from the night Biggie was killed, to Michael Jackson trying to buy his home, Kobe, LSU vs BAMA prop bets... and lots more. Do NOT miss episode 8 of the Ripper Magoos podcast!
November 9, 2019
Bob and the gang sit down with the Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers, fresh off his $50,000 fine. Bob hadn't slept the night before and didn't do his homework, and for the most part sounded like a misinformed child. Timmy, once again, kissed Doc Rivers' ass, as he does with every guest. As for Lauren, she was daydreaming about her potential date one day with Logan Paul.
November 7, 2019
We sit down with Logan Paul and KSI to discuss their upcoming fight at the Staples Center. Logan Paul and his team liked us, KSI and his team... not so much. Find out why! Subscribe and download now!
November 6, 2019
The crew sits down with the Mad Man himself, Jordan Belfort (the wolf of Wall Street). If you thought the movie was good, make sure you tune in to this episode! May the lord bless all of our souls!
October 30, 2019
Michael Peña joins Bob, Lauren, and Timmy to discuss his incredible acting career, auditioning, and golf with Bob
October 23, 2019
Bob and Timmy sit down with Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee and discuss all things NY Jets, sports cards, and unruly fans
October 16, 2019
On the first episode of the Ripper Magoos Podcast, Bob discusses his journey from living in the backseat of his car to finding his niche and reaching 2 Million Instagram followers
September 11, 2019
Straight from the booth to the podcast universe Bob Menery and Peter present “Ripper Magoos!” A raw, unfiltered, R-rated dive into the weeks most prevalent sports and entertainment topics.
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