May 27, 2020
The face (and then some) of the adult film industry has transcended that industry into mainstream entertainment. Ron Jeremy has become truly enigmatic, now one of the most recognizable in multiple segments of offbeat entertainment. Who better for Sean to spend some time with, talking the adult industry, Ron's unlikely popularity in a business predicated on looks, Boogie Nights, the disparate salaries of men and women in that business in the 80s. Also, Ron plays a game of "What a Dick" and who better to one's reading, everyone's just watching TV, Sean's movie and TV residuals read on air, and more.SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
May 20, 2020
WCW enhancement talent Randy Hogan positioned himself well as the lookalike to wrestling's biggest star, and WCW was happy to show him laying down every week! Randy was trained in the traditional way though, and planned to come up the ranks like every other young wrestler with a dream. Who would've imagined he'd be enshrined in fans' minds as the Hulkster that got beat every week!That and Sean's sedentary lifestyle in Florida is turning him into a walrus. On another edition of Sean Oliver's Kayfabe Podcast!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
May 13, 2020
What do we REALLY know about the FBI? Basically, what we've seen on TV, right? Read in books, right? Well get ready to have our myths and misconceptions laid bare by retired agent Jerri Williams, now an accomplished author of fiction and non-fiction.Sean and Jerri chat about the things we always get wrong and Sean suggests some new ones for her next book. Sean poses popular conspiracies and famous cases from Wayne Williams, to Jon Benet, and oh yeah...of course he wants to know about the rumored Trump with Russian hookers tape!All that and more on another Sean Oliver's Kayfabe!SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
May 4, 2020
Howard Stern fans know he is one of the most private, secretive enigma's in entertainment. Who would know the inside dish on him better than his former intern Steve Grillo--better known as Gorilla, baked potato prep man extraordinaire. We're not kidding...this guy had Howard's second book dedicated to him solely for his ability to prepare Howard's frigging potato. Sean delves into this with the depth and precision of a mental patient sifting for grays in his pubes.The Howard Stern Show was always filled with idiosyncratic personalities, warring with each other, goofing on each other, and Grillo has the inside track on the show's Golden Years. Sean is a maniacal fan of Classic Stern (the non-douchebag years) so he and Steve chop it up Old School about the show that changed radio forever, here on another episode of the podcast that has done nothing.Plus, singers serenading us during the virus sequestering and your questions for Sean. Check it!SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
April 20, 2020
Host of the very popular podcasts Crime in Sports, Small Town Crime, and some other one his wife made him do with her, comedian Jimmy Pietragallo joins Sean for fun discussion. Once the two hosts get done lathering each other's asses with compliments, they jump into exploring the back alleys of the comedy road, as well as the frontierland of the podcast world.Pietragallo is also a lifelong wrestling fan so naturally Buck Zumhoff's statutory rape and incest background needed to be discussed. As always, the discussion goes to places you won't expect and covers a wide range of topics.Plus, it's the end of the world as we know it, and Sean feels another edition of Sean Oliver's Kayfabe!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comCRIME IN SPORTS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN: SEAN:
April 1, 2020
Good day from the road! Sean is taking the show South to the Florida crib where today he's joined by WWE legend Brutus Beefcake and his wife/agent/manager/mouthpiece Missy!Sean and the couple go on to talk COVID-19, the original Beefcake deal, Missy's bra size, and how the former Booty Man is actually a Boob Man! SCANDAL!!! It's a threesome for the ages on this week's edition of the Sean Oliver Kayfabe Podcast!!!Plus, a special appearance by Sean's daughters as he answers your Tweets and reveals all of the potential guests Kayfabe Commentaries had planned for the Back to the Territories series. (Oh, we can hear the debates starting!!!)SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
March 13, 2020
This week, Sean and New Jack, just two geezers sittin' on the back porch, talk old times. They cover ECW, its talent, and why it was the perfect storm. Since then, the wrestling product hasn't been the same and Jack isn't shy about discussing the reasons. As always, Jack is brutally honest about his troubled upbringing and the residual feelings of resentment toward his mother and siblings. Whether talking wrestling or family, Jack pulls no punched.Plus, how authentic is your "brand," and your Twitter questions on this week's edition of the podcast.SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
March 5, 2020
Former ECW star Justin Credible helps celebrate the company's 25th anniversary by discussing what was so special about the South Philly phenomenon. Also, Sean probes Justin's decision to go public with his struggles with addiction, and the status of his relationship with WWE then and now.Plus, Credible and Sean talk about the contemporary product and what could make it better, as well as transgender wrestlers winning titles. That and more on this edition of Sean Oliver's Kayfabe!SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
February 26, 2020
Curtis Hughes has worked in WWE, WCW, ECW, Central States, and all over the indie scene, in addition to now being a trainer. He and Sean talk about training today, working yesterday, and the long lost rat scene.Mr. Hughes discusses getting that big shot with the Undertaker and whats wrong with today's product, including some outspoken perspectives on the controversial transgender women's champion in AEW.Plus, Sean opines on what's right about the transgender angle and your Tweets!All on Kayfabe!SPONSOR LINK: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
February 19, 2020
Yeah, I know we all have legends as parents. Gets boring. Maybe not for Greg Gagne, son of pro wrestling icon Verne Gagne. Sean deep dives into growing up working for Verne (and never getting a title!) and training with some of the greats.Sean goes all fan-boy about Pro Wrestling USA, the failed opposition attempt to Vince McMahon's WWE. Sean also reminisces about their work on Kayfabe Commentaries' Guest Booker, on which Verne was originally scheduled to appear.All that plus TNA Impact, AEW, and your questions!BECOME A PATRON OF THE SHOW! If you're entertained by us, help us pay the bills here: LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
February 11, 2020
Bill Alfonso has worked all over the world as a pro wrestling referee. Fonzie was in the ring for so many memorable matches it's hard to keep track of them. But he gained real fame working with Sabu, Taz, and RVD in ECW. He joins Sean to talk about working as a ref back then and now, and also all things ECW.Plus, the Oscars and the Shooties!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN: SEAN:
February 4, 2020
In the middle of Sean musing about how stupid we are for watching the Super Bowl, extreme legend Sabu phones in to catch up. He and Sean talk about his new book and recount some of the hilarious stories in it. Sean keeps it short as Sabu seems to need a new cell carrier. Suggestions?Plus, some crazy stats on Super Bowl ticket distribution and how little NFL fans really matter.SPONSOR LINK: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
January 28, 2020
This podcast is getting crowded! Sean plays host to Vampiro and whatever supernatural forces he chooses to bring in. The wrestler was a guest on YouShoot several years ago and his tales of encounters with the dark side have left fans speculating for years.Recently, Vamp took issue with Sean's appearance on a podcast from Ireland in which Vampiro's claims of afterlife contact were disputed. Well, this is Vamp's and Sean's chance to iron it all out, with you guys in the room.Plus, Sean on what it takes to write a bestseller and your questions!SPONSOR LINK: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
January 21, 2020
It was the smack heard 'round the world--the Iron Sheik's open hand haymaker, landed at the conclusion of Ring Roasts I. Though Sean has exposed the altercations as a work, what was very real was that shot! If you were there, your ears confirmed that. Now, for the first time since the event, Sean and Brian get together to talk about it as well as Brian's background.Brian was a legitimate amateur who made it in the worked world of wrestling, so it would stand to reason that Blair has also successfully crossed over into the equally unpredictable world of politics. Brian is as passionate about his classic bouts with Orndorff as he is about Mexicans bringing dope across the border.Also, Vampiro gets a little fired up with Sean on Twitter, and the correct pronunciation of Guidice. Leading the podcast world in hot topics like the Iron Sheik work and a New Jersey Housewife's's Sean Oliver's Kayfabe Podcast!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comESS PROMOTIONS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN: SEAN:
January 14, 2020
In keeping with allowing KISS to creep into seemingly every podcast episode, Sean has gone out and landed Michael Brandvold. Michael's show, "Three Sides of the Coin," is the premiere KISS podcast which can be found on YouTube and all podcast platforms. The series can boast hundreds of episodes and guests, having introduced hours and hours of KISS stories and collectors' memorabilia.Michael is also an old school AWA fan, having grown up in Verne Gagne's backyard of Minnesota. Additionally, Michael runs a music business marketing company and he and Sean mix it up about the podcast industry, entrepreneurship, and...yeah...KISS MANIA!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
January 7, 2020
Obviously all of our dads were communist exile mercenaries, CIA trained killers, and muscle for Miami's cocaine kingpins. But here's yet another child of one of those.Monkey Morales rose to both fame and infamy when he escaped Cuba after working there as a member of the secret police and went to work for the CIA, eradicating those they wanted eliminated. His assignments of bombings and shootings would take him around the globe. From there the Monkey ends up at the den of iniquity that was Coconut Grove's Mutiny Club working for the real life Scarfaces that inspired the film. (Need a refresher? Here's our interview with Hotel Scarface author Roben Farzad: Sean and Ricardo Morales as they take you inside a not-your-average family for a wild first-hand account. It's Kayfabe, and that means a whole lotta stuff you ain't supposed to hear!SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
December 17, 2019
Who better for Sean to sit with and dissect Martin Scorsese's new mafia tour de force than RVD himself. Hear them review the new Netflix film and drop their copious mob knowledge in general, from the New York families to the midwest heavies in Kansas City.Rob also announces his new CBD line, called RVD CBD, obviously. Rob is well versed in the world of cannabis derivatives and he brings his experience to creating a kicked up oral and topical cannabinoid. He tells you what you can expect from his line. Plus, hear what's so great about divorce and how he keeps up his Whole F'n Show persona in the ring.Also, Sean explains the delicate art of film negative cutting and answers your questions...all on this week's KAYFABE!SPONSOR LINK: CBD: www.rvdcbd.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
December 10, 2019
Who cares what his clients say about him--Eric Simms is the most recognizable name in his line of work. Sean must've lost a bet somewhere having Simms on the show, but he's here nonetheless, talking about what it takes to be wrestling's Super Agent. Eric discusses that, as well as the long time working relationship with his most famous client, The Iron Sheik. Sean heads down memory lane with Eric as they talk about Ring Roasts and the resulting PR tour with Sheiky. Simms's job is a thankless one, and you'll hear just how grueling his schedule can be.Plus, equality for women and why Sean should induct Dave Bautista into the WWE Hall of Fame!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN: SEAN:
December 3, 2019
This week Sean gets together with Dylan Postl who played Hornswoggle on WWE TV for ten years, including an incredible angle as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son. Sean talks about Dylan's position in the company and how being a little person came into play, other than his having a huge ass.Dylan also became a dad at a young age while working the road, and he's very open about the inherent difficulties. He and Sean also go down memory lane, reminiscing about the shows they did together for Kayfabe Commentaries and how WWE superstars infiltrated and got prank questions on the YouShoot show.Also, just what is art? Are we seriously going there? Hell, yeah.SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
November 26, 2019
Media personality Monique has built an empire of cantankerous Howard Stern critics out of disgruntled former listeners of the radio legend's once revolutionary show. The Radio Gunk podcast has featured former members of the Stern show and became the one-stop-shop for inside info about the Stern universe.Sean is a long-suffering former Stern devotee and gleefully attaches himself to Monique's teat, drinking up the secret, inside tales of the show's demise and mistreatment of employees. Sean shares the story of his trip up to the Stern show to promote the Iron Sheik Roast. Listen as he and Monique talk podcasts, sleep aides, and generally bicker with one another.Plus, Sean explores whether the media gatekeepers should come back, answers your Twitter questions, and brings you another episode of his most unique podcast!SPONSOR LINK: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
November 19, 2019
You never know exactly where Sean's interviews are going to go, and this is no exception. What begins as a discussion of Terri's dissatisfaction with her appearance on "Vince Russo's Attitude" shoot program, soon turns personal. Terri discusses raising her daughter Dakota while working, as well as the failure of her marriage to Dustin.Sean and Terri then go even deeper, examining Terri's distressing pattern in the men in her life, tracing things back as far back as her father. This is as open and honest as you've ever heard this Southern Belle.Also today, the signature stroke of the artist and your Twitter questions. SPONSOR LINK: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
November 12, 2019
ECW legend Raven joins Sean to cover ECW's 25th anniversary and his evaluation of Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman's roles may surprise you. This great wrestling mind and card carrying member of MENSA talks the reasons for ECW's success, as well as where he would have fit in the wrestling world without the federation.As you know, Sean is fascinated with Raven's childhood, having grown up as the son of the editor of the National Enquirer, so naturally he tries to dig up as much dirt on that as possible. It wasn't easy growing up under Paul Levy and the effects on Raven were long lasting. You'll hear about Raven's foray into podcasting and his heart attack while doing Raven's Restler Rescue, a makeover show Sean was producing. (Yes, heart attack.)Plus, more film talk and a tribute to Marcus Eisenstein. Who? Find out in today's episode!SPONSOR LINK: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
November 5, 2019
1980's Miami was the epicenter of glamor, flash, and an expensive white powder flowing through the country. For several years, one place in Coconut Grove became the hive for all the players, from the Cuban smugglers, to rock stars, and even the stars of Miami Vice. Only after the cameras stopped rolling, Don and Philip Michael weren't busting the real life gangsters who partied with them.Author Roben Farzad chronicled this time at the Mutiny Club at the Hotel Mutiny in his book Hotel Scarface--a kick ass journey into the real Scarface scene in Miami. You might even recognize the people and places in the book, and with good reason--Scarface screenwriter Oliver Stone stayed at the Mutiny while writing the film, even accidentally leaving a reference to the Mutiny Club in the script instead of the fictionalized Babylon Club!Hear how Roben put together this real life story of opulence and decadence in this week's Kayfabe: Stories You're Not Supposed to Hear!BECOME A PATRON OF THE SHOW! If you're entertained by us, help us pay the bills here: LINKS: HOTEL SCARFACE: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
October 29, 2019
Viceland, by Vice Media, brought fans inside six of wresting's most forbidden tales, and this week the podcast takes you inside those productions. From Gino Hernandez's death to the Von Erich tragedies, from the Montreal Screwjob to Bruiser Brody's murder, "Dark Side of the Ring" sought answers.And before Season One even went into production, producer Evan Husnie sought Sean Oliver. Hear what they talked about when Evan pitched Sean this new series he was planning on doing back in 2016, plus a tease on Season Two content. And where is Sean's Herb Abrams episode?!Plus, Sean shows why there is no Roddy Piper mark bigger than he, and much more!BECOME A PATRON OF THE SHOW! If you're entertained by us, help us pay the bills here: LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
October 22, 2019
Lanny Poffo's commentary on and aversion to marriage has become one of his calling cards, and Sean fears that he may be in danger! An intervention might be at hand as he's found the love of his South American beauty!But before that revelation, complete with Spanish song, Sean and Lanny mix it up as usual. Lanny is always a loquacious guest and this week on the podcast he waxes poetic on Randy's Hall of Fame induction and the run-in with Pat Patterson that Lanny just had to get off his chest. Sean covers Lanny's appearance in his book Fathers' Blood and what it was like living under Angelo.Lanny is always entertaining and he and Sean make magic again here on Sean Oliver's Kayfabe Podcast!BECOME A PATRON OF THE SHOW! If you're entertained by us, help us pay the bills here: LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
October 15, 2019
Chris Candido's younger brother, Johnny, joins Sean for a trip down memory lane, covering both Chris and best friend Balls Mahoney. Both Chris and Balls died at young ages after getting entangled in drugs, and Johnny was right beside them throughout their struggles.Chris's foray into self-medication arose out of his coping with his infamous and tumultuous relationship with Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, and Johnny was a sounding board for his brother during that time. Johnny tells what he saw during that time in this revealing and touching interview...filled with stories you're not supposed to hear...this week on Sean Oliver's Kayfabe.SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
October 8, 2019
Did you think all the interviews in the classic wrestling magazines of old were real? How about the Face to Face interview gimmick? And don't even get started on the monthly rankings and PWI Awards!Join the wrestling world's most famous journalist and editor-in-chief for so many of those publications, Bill Apter, as Sean goes over all those details. Sean was more or less an expert (read, "hopeless mark") of the old school wrestling magazines as they made up a large part of his reading diet between Stephen King novels...can you say "well adjusted child?"Hear Sean hold Apter's feet to the flame on working the readers of the great mags of yore. Plus, it's confessional time as Sean opens the iPhone music app and reveals the guilty pleasures within.A little wrestling, a lotta is Sean Oliver's Kayfabe Podcast!SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
October 1, 2019
Vince tells Sean his problems with Eric Bischoff, stemming from their days at TNA. Then Vince recounts his most recent dealings with the McMahon family and you'll be shocked to hear about their exchanges. Plus, does interviewing Vince Russo so often have an effect on Sean? You'll have to listen to find out. SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
September 24, 2019
Bro, this is the first of a two part interview with Vince Russo and lemme be honest with ya...he's as open and honest as always.Russo has built a podcast network and is seemingly on air at all times. Like his product or not, Vince has always been able to turn his ideas into money and this is no exception. People may think he's relegated to the obscurity of the podcast world, but the guy is making crazy money and doing it all from home.Come hear the recipe for all of his successes, as well as his issues with Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, and more.SPONSOR LINKS: http://kcvault.pivotshare.comFOLLOW THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
September 17, 2019
Twenty-five years ago, Tod Gordon created ECW with no idea of the impact it would have on pro wrestling. Now, on its anniversary, there will be tributes and fanfare in the wrestling press with virtually no airtime given to Tod. Why?If Tod is God, where is the congregation? Sean and Tod discuss. Plus, Sean answers your Twitter questions and recounts his pitch "meeting" with KISS's Gene Simmons wherein the Demon teaches Sean a valuable business lesson.SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
September 10, 2019
Conrad Thompson has become one of pro wrestling's first podcast network producers, presenting programming with Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and more. For years Conrad has been mentioned in the same breath as Sean for having redefined pro wresting media--Sean in video and Conrad in podcasting. The two moguls sit down for the first time ever to sift through just what they have in common, and where they differ.SPONSOR LINKS: THIS PODCAST: SEAN: SEAN:
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