February 20, 2020
We go to War!!!!!
January 30, 2020
DjBBQSD and The Tiger Man sit down with the 6' 8" Monster of the ProWrestling World Impact Superstar Madman Fulton. He talks about his beginning in Professional Wrestling, NXT PC, Former WWE Superstar/Coach Eugene Nick Dinsmore and Much More! Plus He ahs Words for his Opponent Duke Cornell before his Big Match at NoW this IS Wrestling February 1st,2020
January 23, 2020
Eddie Kingston,The Mad King has had a ICONIC Career so far in Professional Wrestling. From his days in Chakara to IMPACT Wrestling and now the NWA National Wrestling Alliance. Lets take a ride with The Mad King Eddie Kingston
January 17, 2020
Buns of STEEL J Fowler is a ProWrestling Superstar! I sit down with the the STEEL Buns himself to talk about his HUGe Matches coming up and what makes Buns of STEEL
January 15, 2020
Top Notch Entertainment of the World is Midwest All Pro Wrestling Top Notch Tag Team. Numerous Tag Titles Won. They Started Growing up in The Land Valley Springs, Now they are on a journey to make Midwest All Pro Top Notch Entertainment of the World.
January 9, 2020
#IndieMania has been a phenomenon, Helping the Independent seene like we haven't seen before..Jeff Connelly has been apart of it and has gone for an exciting ride with 31 other Independent ProWrestling Superstars. lets hear his story on this Episode of RetroMania IndisMania Rundown
January 3, 2020
Our RetroMania #IndieMania Rundown we have Independent ProWrestling Superstar Gregory Iron Motivational Speaker, An Inspiracion and RetroMania #IndieMania Superstar. Go to @RetroSoft to Vote Jan 6th 2020
January 1, 2020
We time travel and take a look back with our thoughts and hit each other in the face with our own opinions,that and much more. here's to the end of the match which is 2019.
December 31, 2019
Kota iRadio Network is going to give a RunDown on this Epic Event Retrosoft Studios is giving 1 Independent Pro Wrestling Superstar a Chance of a lifetime It's never been done before,32 Athletes in 4 different Divisions "Need You" to Vote for them. This all starts this Monday December 30th 2019 with the first Division "The Meanie Division" go to Retro Soft Studios Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to Vote!!! ( Follow the Rules to make your Vote Count) #IndieMania!!!!
December 26, 2019
Donnie Peppercricket, A 1980's Soul, A midwest Legend in Pro Wrestling, A PoP ICON and A ProWrestling Hall of Famer !!! This is Donnie Peppercricket!
December 23, 2019
Twitter and the Powers that come with it. We talk speculation about why he was blamed for twitter accounts being canceled.(Anyone on the other side of the issue please feel free to come on the Show.)
December 19, 2019
The Kota iRadio Network crew interview Wrestling Superstar Rickey Reyes, NJPW,CMLL and Lucha Underground, about his time in the wrestling business and uncovering some great travel stories.
December 14, 2019
Tiger Man & Cole Dawson Talk to Luke Carlson a College Student who started training to be come a ProWrestler in a different way. Luke tells us how he started his journey and what former WWE SuperStar School he attends.
December 12, 2019
Go to Enter Code: "SNOWMAN" & Save today. Had one of the most Eye Opening Interviews in my life as a ProWrestling fan and student. Mr Al Snow is a true Revolutionary ICON in Professional Wrestling. Recorded 12/10/2019
December 5, 2019
we talk about the Top Topics in Prowrestling, Keith Lee, AEW / NXT and the WWE discontinuing WWE Hidden Gems.
December 3, 2019
I want to Help 2 Lucky #Women Live their #ProWrestling DREAM! I want to Rise Money to "give" to a #ProWrestling Training School to allow 2 #Women ( who ever they are ) Not Kidding around!! THIS IS REAL!! School Owners decide the Women! Store is OPEN This is NOT a JOKE!!! This is inspired by a Great Friend he’s a Former WWE Superstar and also inspired by his Student/Referee! I have what I Need for Christmas ?? ( My Son ) thats all that matters too me. #WomensWrestling #KotaClub Twitter: @UnCut_Live @KotaiRadioNetWK Instagram: UnCut_Live KotaiRadioNetWK Facebook: @KotaiRadioNetWK
November 26, 2019
Part 1) Chris talks about when he first started in The ProWrestling World, whos he first interviewed, what he went to College for. Chris talks about who he idolize and got inspiration for the show. The day he realized he knew that he was doing the right thing.
November 21, 2019
Today on @KotaiRadioNetWork... @DjBBQSD will be interviewing "The Man, The Myth, The Legend Chris Manning @photosbymanning on @UnCut_Live , We take an in depth look. @WWENXT @IMPACTWRESTLING @f1rstwrestling @RUGGEDwrestling @MAGNUMWRESTLING @NOWWrestle
November 20, 2019
We start where we finished with Part 1 , Start off with the Fiend and Seth rollins with Building Talent, Sirvior Series, TakeOver and AEW. Name changes are not settling with the guys well and they explain that and more.
November 18, 2019
We caught up with what we have been up too these last couple weeks and talk about AEW PpV Full Gear. The guys take a look at Survivor Series and NXT Takeover in (Part 1)
November 16, 2019
Friday November 15th 2019, ProWrestling Fans know it as Macho Man Randy Savage Birthday. Vic D Vine the man who keeps Spirit alive with a tribute to his Child Prowrestling Super Star. He is the #1 World Macho Man Impersonator. Motch O Man is Top Notch is the World. Let's Go!!! #OOOHH #YEEAAA!!!!
November 11, 2019
Honor of Veterans Day November 11,2019 ,We turn the Bat signal on and let Batman speak about his past in the Military. Batman A Military Story
November 7, 2019
In the Midwest ProFessional Wrestling was picking up and things seem to be running Smoothly. Well that was about to change for Tri-State Area in 2019, Because it was about to get RUGGED.
November 4, 2019
Cody Love is a Pro Wrestling Star From the Great state of Ohio, Who has a Started later in his live to be a Pro Wrestler. He has adapted quick and is on of the Top Performers in the Mideastern area of the United States. Hes Wrestled for Promotions like GLWA, EHF, Uprising and MPG. this is his story.
October 29, 2019
Halloween is coming and what better then to have a special chat about Wed Night War , Halloween Havoc and the Best of the Best Halloween Dressed ProWrestlers! All that and more.....On ProWrestling UnCut! PS....We Start the count Down For the Cole vs Tiger-Man
October 28, 2019
UnCut Live* takes a trip to the Great State of Nebraska to talk with Donnie Dodge and talk to one of the Founders and Pioneers for the Omaha Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.Some of the Greats from ProWrestling, Mad Dog Vachon, Iron Mike Dibiase, Million Dollar Man ted Dibiase.......and many more.
October 25, 2019
This Match is Schedule for ONE fall............with a 1hour and 5min w/ 54sec time Limit. in the Blue corner.....Standing 6'.....weighing an amazing 215lbs This is COLE DAWSON!!!!! and in the Red corner...Standing 6'2"..... weighing a Awesome 250lbs ....Yo Boy Djjjjjjjj B.B.Q.SD Topics: Week 3 of the Wrestling Roller Coaster review.......
October 24, 2019
Pro Wrestling Fans, Video Game Fans, Get ready for the Wrestling Video Game that wont dissapoint! Michael Herman, Retro Soft Studios CEO is the man behind the spiritual successor to the arcade classic WrestleFest which will come out in early 2020 They've dropped some merch on Pro Wrestling Tees! A portion of each sale will go to a charity of the wrestler's choice. We heard you all loud and clear, and today we're very excited to share that RetroMania Wrestling is now on on PC, the Xbox One,Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 4! ....the spiritual successor to the arcade classic WrestleFest
October 22, 2019
Twitter blew up last night when People realized their Special Addition @WWE2K20 Video Game didn't have the signed Autograph in the package, Mike Long was one of the few that didn't and Adam Edge Copland Responded to HIm..This is his Story.
October 21, 2019
We take you to Sioux Falls South Dakota were a High School Kid Lives his dream to be a Pro Wrestler. From 17 to his 20's now he has come a far way. He's a Multi time Tag team Champion and a promising future. He's taken some time off to recouple and heal. Lets see what this young promising future star is up too.
October 14, 2019
From ProWorestling Fan to Up and coming Musician in the Band Bear Within Us to Podcast Personality Joel has come along way from the small suburbs of Florida. He's one half of the creative mind that started a Pro Wrestling group on Facebook which has grown to be a part of the Professional Wrestling Fan Community. Bear with us here is Joel Sorensen. (PS. Mobile Studio Sound is different.)
October 10, 2019
From the West is where it all started, with the inspiration from the Big Men of the sport showing the way and the Nudge from a friend Jason started to morph in to a ProWrestling Star. with the training of Jesse Hernandez, who has a long list of Star Power from his School. Get ready for the Definition of Pain!!
October 4, 2019
From the Great North a young lad watched Professional Wrestling. Like the Brett the Hitman Hart, Ric Flair and many more. The passion he has in Pro Wrestling reaches to having his own group page, all the way to helping Independent Pro Wrestling Promotions. This is Great North Living as a Pro Wrestling Fan.
October 2, 2019
Huge Discussion about NXT Women's Championship Match. We have the Champions long time trainer/Pro Wrestler Maru and the Challengers Brother an Host of the show Cole Dawson who will Debate, who will win Wed Oct 2nd. They also talk about this huge week of ProWrestling, New Era Prowesting, With WWERaw, Impact Wrestling, AEW, NXT, NXTUK, ROH, WOW, AAA, NJPW, NWA, MLW, WWESmackDown, WWE205Live.
September 30, 2019
Three Midwest Gentlemen take their different talents and Bring you Pro Wrestling to the Next Level but with the old school feel. We go in depth on how they got started in the Wrestling business. With knowledge in Writing and Top skill training in Professional Wrestling with a connection with OVW.Lets take this to the Next Level!! Kota iradio Network Disclaimer: this was the first time the show went Mobile so bare with this us on the echo.
September 27, 2019
From Redfield South Dakota, to the Front Row of Midwest All Pro and Beyond. His Liking of AWA , WWE, UFC to NXT. A father with the passion in Pro Wrestling just as big as he was when he started watching the very first day. His Knowledge of the Sport is a Webster's Dictionary of Professional Wrestling. Redfield SD, Wrestling Proud! Please Join us while we take a look from the Front Row.
September 25, 2019
ITS EUGENE!!!! ......This Pro Wrestling Super Star trained,coached at #OVW While there this person was a Multi time Heavy Weight Champion. #WWE while there he was a #WWE Tag Team Champion. #WCW #WWF / #WWE. #WhosNext #BTCUnCutLive #KotaiRadioNetwork #OVW #WWE #WWF #PC #Siouxpercon Wrath of the Con! Siouxpermania2 #BadAssBillyGun #AEW #WWEHallOfFamer
September 24, 2019
BTC UnCut Live* NEW EPISODE, Our #NextGuest is from #PartsUnknown with a life in #ProWrestling he Trained from a School with some of the Greatest letters of all time in the Biz....."OVW"! What he does now is a Tribute to an ICON in #ProWrestling.
September 19, 2019
Sioux Falls needed a Hero,the Kids in the Midwest needed a Hero. That's when Batman came around to help Fight the Villains. Batman is also a fan of Professional Wrestling!! His liking to the Pro Wrestling isn't the only thing that links him to Pro Wrestling. This Is Sioux Falls BATMAN!
September 17, 2019
Tiger-Man Smith, The Kota iRadio Network featuring Charles Kerkhove, Myself and one of my great friends that was a huge staple in my life as a pro wrestler Cole Dawson talk about how the independent wrestling scene in the early to mid 2000's in Socal, we discuss the new upcoming TV Wars between NXT/AEW and why what exactly he has in stake with it and discuss if Impact Wrestling has a chance. Tune in!!!! Stunning Steve.......
September 11, 2019
Diggs has traveled a long road. With the time he has put into Professional Wrestling he has excelled to the top of the Tag Team Division. There has been a lot of highs, but with highs there comes lows. From the start of his Journey to Living his Dream.
September 6, 2019
Portland, John has lived the ProWrestling world through a different way, His outlook and understanding of the Territories USA lost Art.
September 5, 2019
Pro Wrestler to CEO, Elite Wrestling Initiative. A 90’s influences Man with a Strong passionate mind for ProWrestling. The initiative to Expand the Wrestling World.
September 4, 2019
@ Me, jimmy is out spoken, with a lot of words to say. Passion of ProWrestling is at the highest. Father with his mind on ProWrestling and ProWrestling on his mind.
September 3, 2019
All you need is a MAP. Christopher a Man with the knowledge of a Businessman. A Husband with a voice The Is Midwest Strong.
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