Old Fave, New Fave, Yay
Already ADORE JOY from her other podcast Buffering the Vampire Slayer. Her accented cohost is new to me, but already a fave. Y’all are witty & warm & I love finally having someone to rewatch Veronica Mars with. So happy this pod exists!! It’s only just started and already the flow & pacing is exquisite. Excited for more to come.
Milk-drinking Duncan
This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. A great way to relive a favorite series. I find myself agreeing with the hosts on almost everything, and the fashion commentary is A+. Truly can’t wait for Jenny and Helen to dive into certain episodes and characters.
Nice hosts but nothing there
The hosts are smart and funny but don’t make the effort to appreciate that this show is from 2004. Of course the clothes reflect what was stylish then (god help us), and also, stop talking about the clothes. There is so much more worth talking about. Points for calling Duncan on the nothing character he is, but not everything is flawed. Talk about Logan beyond his color palate and Veronica and Wallace and the larger themes of the show. Stop trying to be quippy and say something of substance. Disappointed because I was pointed here by hrishikesh hirway but this pod in no way lives up to his standards or the VM standards. Watch the show but don’t listen to this podcast.
I want to like this podcast...
I like Helen and Jenny and really enjoy Buffering the Vampire Slayer, but it feels like they are hate-watching Veronica Mars. I'm all in favor of critique and pointing out plot holes and problematic elements and characters, but I ultimately want to feel like the hosts love the show as much as I do. I don't yet.
Exactly what I wanted it to be ❤️
Satan's Oatmeal
Without knowing that this podcast was on the way, I started watching Veronica Mars in Buffering The Vampire Slayer’s off season and I loved it. I was so excited when the preview dropped and I have loved every episode so far. Helen and Jenny are so funny and have such a fun energy, this podcast is exactly what I wanted it to be.
Love this pod!
I came over from Buffering and love me some J.O.Y. and Veronica Mars is literally one of my favorite shows of all time so DREAM COME TRUE! Loving the conversation and the humor! Can’t wait to continue the journey.
From Buffy to Veronica
Edi Girl
Loved Jenny on the Buffering cast, so knew I had to check it out only to realize the co-host is Helen Zaltzman! Love the commentary and the bits, very entertaining!
I love the word burrito.
Helen saying the word 'burrito' is one of my favorite things about this podcast. She has such good chemistry with Jenny and I am in love with this podcast.
my return to neptune in a way i didn’t know i needed
imagine my surprise when one of my favorite retro-tv casters (jenny owns young of buffy fame) teamed up with the hilarious sister/guest on my long time favorite “The Bugle”. i hadn’t had much experience with Helen other then those appearances but i found her witty and insightful. the ONLY thing this pod is missing is the occasional original musical composition from Jenny. i am loving the sometimes dry, sometimes snarky, sometimes aghast commentary i like that they are not shying away from some of the uncomfortable dialogue that sounds so dated and cringe inducing. so far, i am loving this trip down memory lane. and hope they continue to do the movie and the new episodes.
Good banter!
I am currently consuming all of the VM podcasts out there. This one has awesome banter! However, knowing about the pilot and the extended pilot before starting the pod would have been a good idea (it’s not a British/US thing). Looking forward to more episodes!
I have no clue who these women are but apparently Hrishikesh Hirway does
Saint sauces
And since he introduced me to the wonders of Keven T Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe I have to give these ladies a shot. I’m a big fan of Veronica Mars so hopefully they love it as much as I do. Also if The Gilmore Guys could do Bunheads and Best of Friends could do Joey maybe these gals will do Party Down/IZombie once they get through Veronica Mars Chris SaintSaucey Goodnight
Sure to be great!!
I’ve loved Jenny in Buffering the Vampire Slayer and from listening to the trailer for VMI I know this one is sure to be fantastic too!! I can’t wait for more!
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