Front row seat to history
My mother was born the same year as Lady Pamela--fourth generation Brit born in India. Having heard my mother and grandmother's tales of India ( tiger hunts, elephants, blessed by Ghandi, summers in Rawalpindi) hearing the stories of the last Viceroy, reminiscing about Nehru, her remarkable mother and father--I can close my eyes and listening to her remembrances of the war years in Britain bring back wonderful conversations with my own mother and grandmother. Thank you! It's not often one has the opportunity to hear such in-depth interviews with someone who was fortunate to have a front row seat to so much history. I am now reading Daughter of Empire and enjoying it immensely. Please do more!
Habitually Chic
Love India’s interviews with her mother Lady Pamela who has been witness to so much British history in her 91 years.
India’s affectations abound
Every time Infia says Grandmama or Grandpapa it just seems so pretentious. Indeed, lady Pamela seems more balanced than she does.
Absolutely love it!
How wonderful to hear Lady Pamela’s stories. Please keep it going! Thank you very much.
India Hicks Podcast
R Elger
Love the stories. So wish I had taped my mother. Priceless thank you. I also can reference my India Hicks Slice of England. Rosemary Annapolis, Maryland
Lady Southcorner
Lady Pamela is fascinating! Her memory is remarkable and expressed with charm and humor. I love the podcast and like Downton Abbey, the Queen's reign and The Crown, don't want it to end!
It’s just delightful. I loved watching their lives on IG. I’m so happy they made their talks into a podcast!
Inspiring for today’s times
Corona virus has me at home. This fabulous fabulous podcast is a terrific counterpoint and distractor. I am loving it all and recommend highly. Many episodes put our current situation in perspective.
Outstanding!! Ready for more!!
Please give us more!!
New favorite podcast!
I can’t remember how I happened to stumble upon this podcast but I just listened to the episodes on Lady Louis Mountbatten and I am so glad I did! I loved the rapport between India and her mother, Lady Pamela. The stories were fascinating and I want to know more about the whole family. I will most definitely go back and start with the first episode now!
Such a Gem!
This podcast is so lovely and fascinating. Thank you for sharing these memories. I have long wanted to know more about this complex and inspirational woman and her family. Please don’t stop, I want more!
Lady Mountbatten Episode?
I love this podcast. Thank you for sharing your mother with us, India. Her laughter and her touching stories are informative and delightful. You promised a full episode on Edwina. Is that still going to happen?
Royal history!
Leslie in Dana
I ve been watching the Crown, listening to Royally obsessed, and then found this podcast. Lady Pamela is a treasure and India is so entertaining and funny in how she interacts with her mom and just in general. I love her humor! The episode with Tina Brown (lady P rustling the papers in the background) was amazing. India, I love your humor and honesty, thank you for the podcast!
Great story but impossible audio
I am fascinated by Lady Pamela and her life. I mean no disrespect but I could not understand her when she spoke. Would love a transcript made available please. It is frustrating to hear her speak and not understand her words.
Fantastic series.
Excellent listen!
Flamenco harry
Love this podcast!! The stories are part of history and I love th e dynamic between you all. Feels like being in the room. Can't wait for next episode
Please improve the audio quality
The content of the podcast is fascinating but it deserves better production values. The microphone levels don’t match, and the quality of the sound can be harsh. If you are going to have three voices, mic all three voices. It’s difficult for the listener to fear the questions asked off microphone. These are wonderful stories; let’s hear them as perfectly as you can present them.
Hard to understand
Love her stories. The mother is a bit hard to understand unfortunately and also who is “lisa” as she doesn’t get introduced in first or 2nd episode.
Amazing series giving a unique and personal insight into the past. Entertaining and historical.
Grab your cup of tea and settle back & feel like your sitting in her lounge on her sofa with India & Lady P hearing all her remarkable , extraordinary & hilarious stories This is my time where I stop and travel back in time to listen to stories you couldn’t make up ! Who knew you could get pink Kleenex !
Extraordinary ❤️
This is a wonderful, firsthand glimpse into a storied time in British history. Lady Pamela Hicks has led an extraordinary life as a member of the British Royal family but her remembrances are narrated with such elegance and humility. She is simply recalling family stories. You really feel as though you are sitting in her drawing room and having a cup of tea with her. But this is also a beautiful love letter between Lady Pamela and her daughter, India Hicks, the podcast’s narrator. The love between them is palpable and the memories shared priceless. And should inspire us all to share and cherish our family memories, whomever our family may be. Because as was said so eloquently in Downton Abbey, “ one day only we will remember Mama or Papa or any of the others who have peopled our youth”.
Brilliant!! More please!! ❤️
Love these podcasts so much, India & her sweet mum Lady Pamela do an amazing job transporting us back to a different era and letting us all in on what it was like to accompany Princess Elizabeth around the world! And then hearing play by play what it was like to return to England with a Queen! Each of these podcasts is a treasure! Addicted!!! ❤️💥
Priceless Oral History
I think what you’re doing, capturing your mother’s memories in the podcast is amazing. I’m a big history nerd and think we should all do that but your family has actually played a role in shaping history and that makes it that much more important. I love hearing the history first hand. 😊
Amazing Lady of Class and Grace
Jnine Photography
This podcast is so incredible. India Hicks and her amazing mother the ever classy Lady Pamela are so lovely to hear. The stories of Lady Pamela’s life are extraordinarily exciting and delightful. Five stars, love to follow and listen!
So entertaining!
I love listening to your mother reminiscing and your interactions. Please continue the podcasts as they are delightful!
There are not enough stars to properly review this podcast
Lee Finlay
I adore your mother. What great conversations and nicely presented! This podcast is a treasure.
I am so glad I found this podcast. It is excellent and enjoy the conversation. Thank you for doing this podcast!
Incredible storytelling!
Grace Honiwood
This maybe the closest that I’ll ever get to having Lady Pamela Hicks and her daughter, India as dinner guests but I’ll take it! So many fascinating stories about Lady P’s childhood, her cousin the Queen and her parents’ lifestyle that was so entertainingly foreign to most of us today. Please give it a listen. I promise that you’ll fall in love with Lady P and India!
Love your mummy!!
Just started listening- I’m obsessed with all things royal! This podcast is so enjoyable and your mother just adds to it! Her recollections are wonderful, interesting, etc. They put a smile on my face! I’m curious now if there is a book I can get that will let me hear more!?❤️
What a wonderful life!
Listening to the stories told in such a detailed fashion, I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to hear more about the family’s exotic animals, royal relations and travels. The podcast is a true gift!
The India Hicks Podcasts
Aimee B. K.
Lady Pamela Hicks is a master storyteller - her timing and delivery are perfect! And the fact that all her stories are true is a great glimpse into history that is both entertaining and inspiring.
It is royal.
India Hicks and Lady Pamela were built for podcasting. I only wish they had done it sooner! Every episode is a treat. A royal treat.
Priceless oral history
I wish more families would take the opportunity to record elder testimony. This is wonderful. Thank you.
Breath of fresh air!
Love Nordstroms
My gosh, I absolutely love this podcast! It is insanely charming and beautifully presented. Well done!!!
Lady Pamela Hicks- India Hicks
Thank you for the magnificent stories!!! What a treasure of a family you have India! It’s so marvelous that Lady Pamela is willing to share her memories with the world.
Lady Pamela is wonderful!!!
I love her stories and accent. She was an eye witness to so many extraordinary events in British history and memories are fascinating. Please make as many of these as possible.
Fascinating and Fun!
chapin s
India Hicks and her mother Lady Pamela have incredible chemistry. Every mother and daughter will be inspired by their relationship. Together the way they share their family stories is fascinating. Their wit and openness is so refreshing.
Lady Pamela Hicks ~. India Hicks
Lesley Nadia Johnson
This has quickly become my favorite Podcast. It is entertaining,(love Lady Pamela’s laugh)educational, historical and important. I love the format...India chatting with Mum. It is so intimate that one feels they are in the room with them. Thank you for sharing your Mum India and her wonderful stories with us all. I look forward to each one. xx
I am so completely obsessed with this podcast. These are interviews with Lady Pamela Hicks (nee Mountbatten), better known to fans of India Hicks Style as "Mama," describing her childhood before and during the Second World War. It is fascinating to listen to her tales. Her life was so extraordinary and adventurous and she is just marvelous, utterly unflappable, ever charming and witty. Just the coolest.
The end of the podcast is strange
Richie designs +letterpress
Really enjoying the podcast but I wish they would end properly to let you know to begin the next, It just stops without warning.
Lady Pamela and India Hicks podcast
How refreshing to hear these episodes and get a reality on that time and to see that we may never have that lack of interference from gov’ts and all that is purported to be correct. My own father is 92 and those stories are precious, but Lady Pamela is from the beyond. Highly highly recommended for a different, refreshing point of view
Real stories of aristocracy with humor
Brilliant podcast for those who love shows like The Crown or Downton Abbey! Lady P is a fascinating storyteller and India does a lovely job guiding Lady P.
Delightful and Entrancing!
Camilla Webster
Pour yourself a libation and revel in the laughter, tales, love and joy of India’s extraordinary family. Lady Pamela takes the cake. Simply wonderful. Imagine you’ve been invited to tea at a great hall in England and you find yourself in an intimate conversation about the icons you’ve only known from afar. HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Gandhi, Grace Kelly and more. That’s the wonderful first flavor of the new India Hicks podcast. Looking forward to so many exciting podcast seasons that will surely bring India’s style, substance, family, friends and extraordinary energy to us everywhere.
The Stories You Thought You Knew
Lady Pamela has been an observer of both pivotal moments in world history and fluctuations in British culture that shaped the country‘s modern identity. It is SO rare to hear a first person perspective of all of the events that Lady Pamela has witnessed. The candor and personality that Lady Pamela infuses in her story brings these experiences alive. India and Lisa do an excellent job of guiding these conversations with context and ask all the questions you want to know!
India Hicks Podcast
These stories that India and Lady Pamela share are priceless treasures! I love them! Keep them coming!!
Adriann from Tennessee
Adri loves NOLA
I absolutely love this!!
Delightful and Fascinating
I follow @indiahicksstyle and remember the first time I saw a post of her mother’s story about their family. Her mother was fascinating and I searched back to watch all of these little snippets I could find. I am thrilled to discover India’s podcast. These episodes are exceedingly interesting and delightful. I look forward to more of Lady P’s narrative of her exceptional family.
Lady p is a treasure. I love listening to her tell her story of an extraordinary life. Looking forward to hearing more from both of you!
Your mother is a national treasure! Thank you for sharing her stories!
Remarkable Stories
I very much enjoyed reading Daughter of Empire. This podcast has vividly brought that collection of stories to life. Thank you for sharing your memories as it proves to be wonderful entertainment!
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