September 28, 2019
A special episode on which India tells us of the traumatic events surrounding the hurricane in the Bahamas, the place she calls home, and how we can support these wonderful islands. Amongst many organisations offering support, we are highlighting the group first to deliver relief to those hit hardest by Hurricane Dorian, a team of private sector captains and medics dispatched immediately into those hard to reach areas. Please consider donating to their essential work.
September 18, 2019
The Commonwealth Tour resumes, this time for six whole months, with Lady Pamela as Lady in Waiting to the new Queen. In this episode we hear all about life on board the new Royal Yacht, Britannia, the thrilling adventures in far-flung corners of the Empire and the pressures on the Royals as they made their way around the world. Intriguingly enough, it all starts with a Lebanese boyfriend…
September 8, 2019
Lady Pamela is first cousins with Prince Philip and also grew up very close to her, albeit more distant family, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret and of course their parents the King and Queen. Lady Pamela tells how the Royal couple met and married and what it was like being on the famous Commonwealth Tour, including that poignant moment at Treetops in Kenya when Princess Elizabeth is told her father, the King, has passed away, and how Princess Elizabeth, still only 25, returned to the UK as Queen.
August 19, 2019
With Royals, ‘Subroyals’, Grand Dukes, Duchesses, Tsars and Tsarinas in the family, having Noel Coward, Grace Kelly, Wallis Simpson and Eisenhower visit was not so out of the ordinary. Lady Pamela tells stories of the grandmother she shares with Prince Philip, extraordinary other family members and some of the wonderful characters the Mountbattens called friends. What unusual gift did Wallis Simpson bring? Was the chef really a lion tamer? And what DO you do with a dead Indian Prince at the dining table
August 12, 2019
Like so many families the Mountbattens' lives were disrupted significantly in the Second World War with Lady's Pamela's father, Lord Mountbatten, missing after his ship was sunk. In this episode India and producer Lisa are transfixed by Lady Pamela’s account of being dispatched to New York to the house of the legendary Vanderbilts and the extraordinary time she had in their house next to Central Park whilst her parents, Lord and Lady Mountbatten, played key parts in the fight for Europe.
August 3, 2019
Imagine growing up in with a lion, a bear, a mongoose and a coatimundi. We’re having tea and cake with Lady Pamela Hicks, daughter of Lord and Lady Mountbatten and India Hicks' much loved mum. India and producer Lisa Francesca Nand hear about the exotic creatures that both terrified and tantalised the Mountbattens and their equally exotic visitors, the curious occasion when Lady Pamela and her sister were left for months on end in a random hotel outside Budapest and much more. Unmissable!
August 1, 2019
The family and friends who visited the Mountbattens during Lady Pamela's childhood read like a list of who's who in royalty, politics, high society, the world's greatest authors and artists and Hollywood's finest. Lady Pamela Hicks, India Hicks and their producer Lisa, listen as Lady Pamela regales astounding stories of Kings, Queens and lovers and the weird and wonderful life of growing up as a Mountbatten.  Produced by Lisa Francesca Nand and edited by Alex George.
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