It's been far too long
My life has been incomplete since the last episode of Tiga's unforgettable run of podcasts on BBC6 - now that he's back, the only question is will he also treat us to an ear-lixer of Internet Corner and Mailbag, or worldwide exclusives like "Father Christmas?" I guess the only way to find out is to stay tuned!
Great concept, format, host
Tiga interview/discusses the art of DJing with a guest. Love it.
tiga back on the mic and making way for his retirement
...always loved to hear and see where tiga is going. since hearing him in los angeles in coachella at his first time there, i was smitten. his good energy, sound and humor always comes out, now in this show. tiga has a great radio voice and i also agree,”dream parties, no cell phones”. thanks for sharing tiga, excited to hear more. glad you are back on the radio. and you are def my after party dj!❤️
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