September 9, 2019
Episode 6 of Last Party On Earth is a BONUS EDITION, featuring a one hour deep dive interview with the one and only Seth Troxler. It was recorded before i had established the Last Party format, so it's really more a discussion among friends about DJing, art, our heroes and the afterlife. enjoy.
September 3, 2019
If you close your eyes and think of a DJ, there is a good chance you think of Carl Cox. It's hard to imagine an artist who has been so good for so long, someone who still has so much passion and love for his craft. I was excited to sit down with Carl, in the beautiful Ibizan countryside, to learn from a man who exudes so much joy and energy. Enjoy…..
August 26, 2019
If you are into dance music, Pete Tong is an institution. I would suggest he has introduced more music to more people than anybody. And really when you think about it, that's about as cool as it gets. We cover funk/soul dancers, ibiza afterparties and psychedilcs…. enjoy!
August 19, 2019
Annie Mac: Broadcaster, DJ, ambassador…is it too early to say legend? And a great friend. Annie has tirelessly championed the music of so many of us over the years, with her impeccable taste, often times when nobody else would. We sat down at the legendary Fish Shack in Ibiza to talk about her music, life and most importantly, having FUN
August 12, 2019
Gerd Janson is a real DJ. He was also a journalist, he runs Running Back, a fantastic label and he's an exceptionally articulate and thoughtful man….. just don't call him an artist. I loved recording this episode: loose, bordering on chaotic…. but unmistakably a real conversation between friends.
August 5, 2019
I met my friend Rune, professionally known as Kolsch, backstage at a “Sensations White” party in Copenhagen. I of course refused to wear white, and he was wearing a very special watch, and those two talking points were enough to get us started. Years later, he still inspires me with his passion, his good vibes, his clear thinking and his intelligence. In many ways we are complete opposites… the tension somehow works magic, not only with our actual friendship, but also our musical collaborations like HAL.
July 31, 2019
Tiga Presents LAST PARTY ON EARTH Tiga asks the world’s top DJs The Ultimate DJ Question: “It’s your last ever party: what do you play?” Tiga will fully exploit his status as friend and confidante to some of the world’s top DJs to ask what is almost certainly The Ultimate DJ Question: “It’s your last set ever: what do you play?” As guests (Carl Cox, Annie Mac, Pete Tong and more) share their ultimate opening tracks, peak-time bombs and tear-jerking closers, they will - whether they realize it or not - share something essential about themselves and their craft. Each episode will reflect the arc and flow of the magical DJ fantasy night itself, with musical interludes mixing seamlessly with vital AF examinations of mortality, creativity, and the very nature of vibe itself. This will be without question the most danceable interview podcast ever downloaded.
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