June 30, 2020
What my guest, Jen Lumanlan, taught me is that choosing not to talk about it, is a privilege I have because I'm white. This conversation was a huge eye opening moment for me.  I was someone who didn't even want to say "white" or "black".  In this episode, my intention is to have a vulnerable conversation about my own (and commonplace) ignorance about racism and learn what we can all do better to be more tolerant, educated to end systemic racism.
June 23, 2020
We are celebrating this episode with JOY because it’s the 50th episode!   Who better to celebrate this milestone with than THE Rebels for Joy, Bonnie Kelly and Jillian Bolanz!  In this episode, we talk about what we really want now that we’re parents!  We want JOY right!? What happens if you feel you might not deserve it?  If you don’t know how to get it?
June 16, 2020
My guest, Author and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lisa Schab, talks about why and how teaching your kids emotional intelligence is SO IMPORTANT but it’s something we can’t do unless we are nurturing our own emotional health. When we are emotionally healthy, we have greater self-esteem and confidence.
June 9, 2020
Learn what a sensory lifestyle is, and how it can help your child. You can use the clues from how they behave to help create opportunities in everyday life for them to get these needs met. Cindy provides solutions on how to understand and integrate them in your life so you have more harmony and so your kids can learn self-regulation.
June 2, 2020
Dr. Vanessa shares the #1 thing you can do to turn things around! (hint: it starts with “L” and ends with “isten”) This episode is a must-listen if you are together with your spouse or if you are parenting separately. Listen in as we talk about how to handle a volatile co-parenting relationship and how to avoid getting your kids entangled and hurt by the conflict.
May 26, 2020
Pregnancy and childbirth are hard enough…without having to deal with a global pandemic!   There are so many questions and fears that we don’t yet have all the answers for.  Where can you go for help and support? My guest Marla Ryan, who is the President of Destination Maternity Corp, has created a safe place for moms to get credible information and share with other new and expecting mamas within her brands, Motherhood Maternity® and A Pea in the Pod ®
May 19, 2020
My guest is Pediatrician, Dr. James Lewis who is here to clear up the fears with facts about what the medical community knows and doesn’t know …yet. Dr. Lewis talks about medical fears, how doctors will handle returning patients, the emotional strain on kids and parents and how we will need to handle kids going back to school.
May 12, 2020
For parents who struggle with mornings and establishing a routine, meet your new best friend, Elaine Tan Comeau, founder of Easy Daysies!  As a mom to three kids and a former teacher, she has developed easy to follow magnetic schedules to help kids stay on track of tasks from morning routines to bedtime.  If you struggle with these areas of the day like most parents, you need to check out this episode where Elaine explains why a schedule and routine is so important and how to get on one.
May 5, 2020
I think of organizational skills in a similar way to parenting skills.  We are expected to “just know” how to do it!  AND do it well!  But how?  How many of you were taught exactly how to organize your home?  I just winged it and I’m sure you did too!  My guest Laurie Palau is a master at organizing and at teaching PARENTS so we can teach our kids.  She also teaches kids how to be more organized
April 28, 2020
There is still help if you are being abused.  My guest Samra Zafar is an abuse survivor and has dedicated her life to advocating for women.  She shares what we can do right now if you are in a dangerous situation and what you can do if you think someone you know is being abused.
April 21, 2020
When will this quarantine end?  Did you know that when you are reacting out of fear (totally reasonable!) you are actually compromising your immune system making you MORE VULNERABLE to contracting the virus?  Don’t worry, because, there is an antidote!  You have to listen in to hear more!!
April 14, 2020
We are in week 5 of Quarantine and the “honeymoon” is definitely over.  We are feeling cooped up and the little things that annoy us are exaggerated because we can’t get away.  How do you navigate this quarantine when your marriage is struggling?
April 7, 2020
Words matter and we often aren’t aware that we’re labeling our child’s behavior in a negative way.  We justify it by seeing it as, “calling it like it is” or “just pointing it out” to our child.  If your child is shy…well, they’re shy….right?  As parents we have to remember the huge impact our words have on our children.  When they display “undesirable” behavior that we then assign a negative label that label can become part of their self-identity and their inner voice.
March 31, 2020
Most of us, whether we admit it or not, would love it if our kids came out as a “mini me.”  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they did?  Do you have a child that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of you and it drives you crazy?  Does it make it hard for you to connect with them?  Is it hard for you to like them?    In this episode, my guest, author and parenting specialist, Wendy Gossett, shows how we can turn our child’s differences traits that we can celebrate!
March 24, 2020
Covid-19 isn’t the only thing that is highly contagious.  So is our stress, anxiety and feeling of insecurity.  During this uncertain time, it helps to have some tools to manage the information your kids get and your own mindset. In this episode, I’ll cover how to set your days in lockdown up for success, how to talk to your kids about the virus, how to work from home successfully and how not to lose it while you have a full house, 24/7!
March 17, 2020
Guess what?  You don’t have to complete your to-do list!  YUP!! Just because there is a long list, doesn’t mean you have to spread yourself so thin and feel like you have to get them done in the same timeframe.  This causes stress and overwhelm.  Instead, use my guest Ann Gomez’s 3 simple strategies: Scale back, Streamline, and Seek help.   These are game-changing strategies to help you kick overwhelm to the curb ONCE AND FOR ALL!!
March 10, 2020
You can be a peaceful parent and still be in charge.  In fact, our kids NEED us to be IN CHARGE.  They are always looking to us to show them the way and if we are unsure and inconsistent it causes stress and anxiety in our kids which leads to behavior we don’t like.
March 3, 2020
It’s hard enough to bring a typical child into this world but what if your baby is born sick?  You are thrust into a world that is completely foreign to you full of medical jargon and often confusing and counter-intuitive information.  Through Annette Hines’ experience, she now teaches you how not to be brushed aside and advocate for your child so you are heard, taken seriously and ultimately get the best care for your child.
February 25, 2020
Are you silly?  How comfortable are you acting goofy?  Sadly, we don’t have much room in our lives for fun and games.  We are tired, stressed, rushed and exhausted. We may be stiff and tired and easily bored when we try to get on the floor and play – especially when it means we have to switch gears from our stressful days or when you know there are a million other things you need to be doing.  Listen to find out how you can harness the power of fun and play!
February 18, 2020
In this episode, we are talking to girls in middle school, age 10 to 14. Do not underestimate girls at this age! It’s right at this age that girls have the abilities and interests getting ready to launch. In other words, they are already becoming who they want to be! That’s where Illana Raia’s book, website, and mentorship program called Être Girls steps in to share the right resources and mentors to help these girls along their journey.
February 11, 2020
Are you holding on to anger for your child?  Your children?  Are you angry at yourself? In this episode, I’m talking about forgiveness.  As parents, especially moms, we hold ourselves up to an impossible standard of the type of mom we think we should be.  One that we will never achieve (because it’s a ludicrously high standard).  Then we beat ourselves up and put ourselves down, we feel shame, we think we are bad parents and we sometimes hate ourselves.
February 4, 2020
Our teens are faced with so much stress that we can often look past, minimize or disregard what they are going through until the bottom falls out, they get in trouble, or start engaging in dangerous or self-destructive behavior.  My guest Jennie Marie Battistin, explains Mindfulness as “…being fully present and cultivating awareness of your surroundings and your actions.”   Practices of mindfulness can help you respond better to stress, improve your relationships and perform better in school (an
January 28, 2020
Hey there Mamas!  I see you, I feel you and I understand your struggle.  It’s my mission to help you drop the mom guilt, stop feeling overwhelmed, embrace your body, let go the ridiculous expectations you have, release shame and all the “shoulds” you have for yourself!! Join my guest, Amy Griffith, and I talk about how to surrender to YOUR UNIQUE journey of motherhood!  Learn how to embrace the mess, ask for help (and not try to do everything!!) and take things one moment at a time.
January 21, 2020
Our Children, at their core, need safety and protection to grow.  As Parents, we need to construct a scaffolding of support around a child within which they can learn and explore the world and what it means to be in relationship with others.
January 14, 2020
Our education system is changing in ways we might never have predicted. Most parents value education as one of their top priorities, and for good reason! We want our kids to succeed in school so they can grow to be intelligent adults with good jobs. BUT, what if they are struggling in school? Do you know you can choose a new education path for them? We all want our kids to get a good education and be successful in school BUT not every school fits your child’s unique needs and abilities.
January 7, 2020
Did you know that putting yourself first is the #1 way to reduce your anger and angry responses? Did you know that NOT taking care of yourself is selfish (not the other way around)? Learn how to set boundaries for movement and REST! If you are a new mom, learn how can you embrace the transformation you are going through. Learn the #1 thing you can do that is the key to moving through all the ups and downs you will experience in this journey through motherhood (dadhood too!)
December 31, 2019
What is abundance?  It’s determined as “a very large quantity of something”.  What would you like a large quantity of? Cooperation, respect, or is it money or love?  In this episode, my guest, Andrea Ferguson, will teach you a daily practice to bring more abundance into any area of your life.  Find out if you live your life from a place of lack or abundance.  Learn how to focus your attention so you can attract more of what you want, instead of what you don’t.
December 24, 2019
All parents hate it when they are ignored!  We can’t stand repeating requests that fall on deaf ears!  Being ignored and unheard leads to frustration, resentment, anger and yelling!  There is a way to stop repeating and start getting cooperation and I share that in this episode. I also talk about the power of listening to your kids and how it’s a GAME CHANGER in your relationships with your kids and all the other people in your life!
December 17, 2019
Are you thinking of giving your kids a new gaming system for the Holidays?  Are you worried they play too much on the system you already have?  Is it hard to get them to disconnect from gaming? Do you worry they might be, or might become, addicted? In this episode, I speak with “Digital Life Skills for Youth” author, Angela Crocker about the subject of gaming addiction.  Learn the signs and the solutions on this important topic.
December 10, 2019
We all want the holidays to be full of magic and joy but so often they aren’t. We are stressed, have a million things on our plate, so many more events on the calendar. It can be a joy killer to have your kids overstimulated, hyper, asking constantly for things, and misbehaving. So what can you do to make the holidays run more smoothly? Listen for the tips you need to survive the holidays!!
December 3, 2019
It’s the holiday season and it’s at this time of the year we are often faced with gatherings of friends and family we don’t see often and maybe we don’t even like…We all have difficult people in our lives.  Does your Mother-in-Law drive you crazy?  Does your co-worker? Are you feeling really triggered by your kids?  Are you tired of feeling put down, powerless and unheard?  Listen for the solutions to healing yourself THROUGH these difficult relationships! It’s possible and it’s LIBERA
November 26, 2019
Whether we like it or not, it’s COMPLETELY NORMAL for kids to lie, starting around age 2 all the way up to age 12 and the lies can escalate as they get older. Many parents get really worried and angry when they are faced with their kids telling them lies.  In this episode I breakdown the stages of lying, different types of lies kids tell and how to stop them!
November 19, 2019
Have you ever fantasized about leaving everything behind to live in the cabin in the woods? Away from work stress, life stress, overwhelm, technology, keeping up with the Jones’, and packed schedules? When my guest, author and mother of four, Andrea Hejlskov’s husband, in the midst of their chaotic life, said “what if it’s not us that’s the problem? The ups and downs of her experience are fascinating especially bringing four kids along for the ride!
November 12, 2019
We are the most stressed-out generation and we know now that stress is contagious.  As parents, our stress affects our kids and leads to anxiety in them. Stress and anxiety are gripping today’s families but there is a way to stop it in its tracks! When you show up differently for your kids, they show up differently for you.  Learn how stress affects both parents and kids and what you can do to have less stress in your family.
November 5, 2019
We all want our kids to get a good education and be successful in school.  BUT not every school fits your child’s unique needs and abilities. Are you aware of the many options that are available? This may seem like an exciting concept but also daunting because where do you start?  In this episode, Andrew Campanella, the President of National School Choice Week in The United States talks about how and when parents can look for alternatives for their kids based on their needs.
October 29, 2019
When you parent by putting your relationship with your child first, you still have clear limits and expectations BUT you DON’T use your power over your child to shame her or force him to obey….OR ELSE!  We all want our kids to trust and respect us and come to us to tell us what’s going on with them.  Listen for easy ways to build a strong relationship with your child and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of relationship killers!
October 22, 2019
Do you want more joy in your life?  Who doesn’t?  BUT sometimes maybe you feel like it’s only a fleeting moment or you don’t deserve it?  Did you know that JOY is our innate nature? JOY is the signal that you are connected to your truth and in alignment with who you are supposed to be in this world.  This episode is about how to have JOY in all areas of your life; especially in parenting when your kids are in trouble or even driving you crazy!
October 15, 2019
Today we are talking about all things potty and how you can actually potty train your baby in the early days. Listen in as we discuss this a parent-led, proactive routine-based method for infant potty training (0-12months). That means – parents take the lead and offer their babies assistance to go to the bathroom following a natural elimination routine.
October 8, 2019
Teaching gratitude is something we have to teach our kids but it’s also something we have to model because we all know our kids don’t do what we say, they do what we do!   Julie Boyer, Gratitude Guru, shares some simple, age-appropriate ways to cultivate gratitude in your life and how to teach it to your kids!  Why should you care?  Because living in gratitude makes you feel more joyful, connected and present!  We all need more of that, don’t you think?
October 1, 2019
Have you ever heard of an Economic Orphan?  I never had until I met mom of 4, and business owner Tanya Donahue.  Hear Tanya’s story of adoption and building connection and a safe place for her 4 children all while living in Haiti and opening a business to offer sustainable employment to locals.  Now back in Canada, her commitment continues today with her business, Mango and Moose.
September 24, 2019
Learning about the brain is the foundation of peaceful and nonviolent parenting.  It’s because of what we know now about children’s brains, that will serve you in understanding your child so much better! Listen on to find out what’s really going on in that brain of theirs!
September 17, 2019
Did you know that allowing your kids to be dependent actually allows them to be Independent?  We get stressed and worried about where kids are, in terms of what they can and can't do, that we lose our objectivity.  This means we can't see that our kids need to take the time they need to learn developmental skills.  Today I’ll share with you when you should push your child and when you should provide a cushion for them.
September 10, 2019
I’m asked all the time what punishments parents should use and when should kids be punished.    Well…In short, I don’t believe in punishments because I think it distracts from the important reasons WHY your child is acting the way they are. What I talk about in this episode is about how to peacefully connect with your child by putting the relationship first.
September 3, 2019
I’m so happy to have my friend and fellow mom, Angela Crocker.   On this episode, Angela and I talk about her newest book, Digital Life Skills for Youth.  Kids age 11-18 have more access to technology than any other generation. We talk about what parents can do to build healthy boundaries and habits around technology.  She shares what danger signs to look out for and when kids should have access.
August 26, 2019
Dr. Vanessa and I discuss her newest book, “Parenting Right From the Start; Laying a Healthy Foundation in the Baby and Toddler years.”  In the podcast, we talk about what it means to grow yourself up before you can grow your kids up, what it means to have “swagger” and how being “large and in charge” helps your kids be more independent. Dr. Vanessa is fun, funny and full of meaningful, common sense knowledge and leaves you hanging on her every word!
August 19, 2019
I’m so happy to have my friend, fellow mom, and one of the newest experts on Cityline, Lindsay Whisen, on this episode. Lindsay and I share a passion for helping people in difficult areas of their lives. Her company serves people by freeing them from energetically draining clutter and inefficiency. In this day and age, many moms work and still have all the responsibilities at home. Join us for our discussion into this area and find some help and support for your ‘cluttered life’.
August 12, 2019
In this episode, I talk about what empathy really is and how to use it in your parenting.  Use empathy when you have to say “no”, how to use it when your child is too young to name their emotions and how to use empathy for yourself!
August 5, 2019
Want to add some new superpowers into your parenting?  My conversation with Adele Anderson, Certified Natural Medical Practitioner and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach and Trainer will help you to understand how our emotions are attached to our physiology and how we can use that knowledge to get more cooperation from our kids!
July 29, 2019
In this episode, I talk about how to set intentions and how setting intentions can change your thoughts, mindset and actions. Setting intentions holds power because your mindset holds incredible power over your thoughts and actions.
July 22, 2019
I’ll walk you through how you can tackle the three most common questions I get asked so you can have more cooperation and peace in your home! First, I talk about meltdowns and how to understand them and find out what’s going on with your child even if they are too young to express themselves. I talk about the secret to getting your kids to listen to you the FIRST time!! The final question I answer is how to get more respect from your kids.
July 15, 2019
In my podcast, my intention is to create a safe place for anyone listening. This is for parents who are struggling, parents who are just looking for some new ways. This podcast is for you if you've had a good day, if you've had a bad day, if you’ve been struggling for a week or years! This is for you if you have one child or many, young children or adult children (grandparents welcome!!)
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