August 10, 2020
This week we are joined by Josh Kirchner. Josh recently wrote a book called Becoming A Backpack Hunter, which covers all aspects of backpack hunting from the mental, physical and gear standpoints. The book tailors to beginners and today we talk to Josh about the book and his gear. The BOOK ->
August 5, 2020
Jaden Bales joins us again on this episode to talk about field judging mule deer. Field judging can be very difficult but with some techniques and knowing what to look at, it can be manageable. Ear length: 8" Face length: 10" Ear tip to tip: 22"
July 29, 2020
Today on the Rokcast podcast is Tipsy Tuesday. Where we cover hot outdoor news, new Rokslide articles and answer your questions on the Hot Minute Q&A. If you have any questions you'd like answered, please submit them to our social media platforms or Stone Glacier M5 Jacket and Pant review -> Soft Sided Cooler shootout -> MTN Ops Protein Bars and Electrolytes -> Could Attitude be a Hunters most Valuable Asset? ->
July 27, 2020
Today we are joined by a Rokslide forum member, Jason Neuswanger. Jason is a fish biologist and used to live and hunt in Alaska. Since moving to the lower 48, Jason has been in search of mule deer and had a hunt in 2019 that ended with some valuable lessons learned. In this episode we go through that hunt and the lessons that came from it. 2019 Mule Deer hunt story ->
July 20, 2020
Today we're joined by Clint Casper to talk about trail cameras. We cover everything from recommendations, to flashes, setups, lock boxes and settings. Clint also touches on cellular cameras and their advantages. Stealth Cam Wireless, Trail Camera review -> Want more information on trail cameras? Visit the Rokslide Forums and join in on the discussions about trail cameras and what our members have experienced.
July 14, 2020
On today's episode we dive into the latest outdoor news and Rokslide articles. This weeks Hot Minute is about choosing the right size pack for an extended hunt and being aware of who you are taking advice from. E-Scouting Masterclass -> Eagle Eye Ammo -> Vortex Viper HS Scope -> What's Buck Pasture? -> Swarovski NL Pure Binoculars -> 2020 Whitetail Packs video -> Arrowhead Muzzlelaoders Barrel Swap video -> Rokslide Rally Point ->
July 8, 2020
Mike Herne joins us this week to talk about some new Garmin watches launching today! Garmin is launching a new line of watches supplementary powered by solar power. I reviewed the Garmin Instinct a while back from S&S Archery that I will link below. Garmin Instinct review -> Garmin Inreach and GPS Watches podcast -> You can find Garmin watches at and
July 4, 2020
Sydney Lamb, Wildlife Biologist in north-west Utah, joins us on this episode to talk about mule deer. Robby Denning joins us as well with some questions for Sydney. We cover fawns, predators, increasing habitat, collaring bucks and how to make better deer hunting. Unit Statistics with Robby Denning -> Utah Wildlife Analytics - a collaborative effort between BYU and UDWR to publish real-time wildlife statistics from the state of Utah. Utah Migration Initiative Ungulate Compendium - information published by Kevin Monteith's lab from the University of Wyoming highlighting ungulate research. UDWR Wild Podcast BYU Ecology Lab Instagram Monteith Shop Instagram
July 1, 2020
Sitka Gear's Whitetail line product manager Chris Derrick joins us today to talk about their new 2020 offerings. Chris takes us through the new Whitetail line packs, Stratus updates and new women's additions. Cargo Box -> Pack Cover -> Tool Belt -> Tool Bucket -> Equinox -> Stratus Jacket -> Stratus Vest -> Fanatic Beanie ->
June 30, 2020
Jordan takes us through some new articles and news. This weeks Hot Minute is made of questions and answers from Instagram. Outfitting an ATV for the Mountains -> Mule Deer Statistics article -> Stone Glacier Grumman jacket -> Stone Glacier Helio hoody -> Canis Alps Hooded Down Jacket ->
June 28, 2020
This week Bill Vanderheyden of Iron Will Outfitters joins us for a discussion. We talk about how Bill transitioned his archery equipment from hunting Wisconsin whitetail to Colorado elk. We talk arrow weight, the importance of broadhead sharpness and what is new with Iron Will. Iron Will Wide 100 review -> Iron Will Outfitters: Broadhead Review ->
June 20, 2020
Jim Carr joins us once again to talk about scouting. This episode is focused on the benefits of scouting early in the summer like June and early July versus waiting until closer to season. Early Season Scouting article -> New Areas and Hunting Burns podcast with Jim Carr ->
June 20, 2020
Trophy Mule Deer hunting master Robby Denning joins us today to explain unit statistics for deer. We discuss fawn crops, doe and buck numbers, buck to doe ratios, overall deer populations and hunting pressure. Towards the end of the discussion Robby also answers some questions from forum members on mule deer hunting. Hunting Big Mule Deer FILM -> Robby's Hunting Big Mule Deer: How To Take The Best Buck of Your Life BOOK -> Buck Hunters Can't Be Too Nostalgic article -> Jordan "breaking" horses ->
June 16, 2020
We're joined by Jake and Lona Downs in this episode to discuss life and hunting. Jake is a very successful stick bow hunter and has structured his life around being able to hunt. We talk about how Jake and Lona balance their family and work lives to be able to go on multiple hunts each year. A few things talked about were money management, seizing opportunities, lay-away hunts, starting kids in the outdoors and a little off topic hunting talk.
June 7, 2020
Jake Potter joins us this week to talk about his experiences with 12x binoculars in the backcountry. Jake talks about the advantages of 12x binoculars over 10x. 12x Binoculars: The Perfect Binocular for the West, article ->
June 2, 2020
Today we cover more news, articles, videos and forum news for the June 2 Tipsy Tuesday. Big Buck Hunters Can't Be Too Nostalgic -> Load Development, Unknown Munitions -> 5 Guide Tested Techniques for Grizzly Encounters -> Backpack Shootout forum thread ->
May 30, 2020
This episode addresses questions gathered from the Rokslide Forums about "newbie" hunting questions. There's a variety of questions covered and answered including glassing techniques, scouting, hunt logistics, travel and hunting. Mule Deer Hunting with Robby Denning ->
May 23, 2020
Jordan Budd is joined by Jordan Adams on this episode to talk about filming and photography in the backcountry. Budd has been filming in the industry for TV shows, film tours and commercials for the last 8 years and is pretty much all self-taught. She addresses some technical things about cameras while looking to purchase, equipment recommendations and also answers some questions from the Rokslide Forums. Gear/Shot List -> Rokslide Youtube channel -> Jordan's Youtube channel ->
May 19, 2020
Today we cover a few hot news topics in the industry, a couple of forum threads on the Rokslide Forums and a few new gear reviews. Sitka Kelvin Lite Jacket and Pant review -> Lathrop and Sons Custom Boot/Insole System -> E-Scouting Master Class review thread -> Which Topo Maps to purchase thread ->
May 17, 2020
Mike Herne joins us on the podcast to talk first aid. Mike has gained his first aid training from being an Army infantry guy of 14 years. We talk about a number of things for backcountry first aid including what he takes and why, bleeding, tourniquets, heat exhaustion, dehydration and he covers a couple of scenarios. Backcountry First Aid and Survival Kits -> Rewarming Drill ->
May 9, 2020
Kyle Kamp of V2P Nutrition joins us to talk nutrition. Kyle aims to help folks tailor their nutrition programs to their goals and the activity they're wanting to do. Our goal for this podcast is to show you have you CAN still eat Cheetos while on a "diet" and to also show that nutrition can be simple. V2P Nutrition ->
May 5, 2020
This week for the hot minute Jordan talks about the benefits of purchasing a high end backpack. Sitka Gear Mountain Optics binocular harness -> Basemap App review -> 2020 Effective Range Challenge and Giveaway -> Did we just become goat owners? ->
May 4, 2020
Today, Luke Horak from Arrowhead Rifles joins us along with Rokslide writer Travis Bertrand to talk about muzzleloaders. Luke talks about the history of muzzleloaders, smokeless powder muzzleloaders and some options he provides through his business Arrowhead Rifles. Arrowhead Rifles forum thread ->
April 26, 2020
Heath Stuewe is a forum member with a great deal of western hunting experience. We talk to him about costs of travel, how to bring your meat home and even dig into how he picks a new unit. First Alaska Moose Hunt ->
April 22, 2020
In this episode of Tipsy Tuesday we cover some draw and date changing news out of Colorado and Mountain Lion protections in California. In Rokslide news we cover a new women's sub-forum and Facebook group opening, the Rokslide Women's Council, and a new article on rewarming in the backcountry after you get wet. Jordan tackles her thoughts on the carbon fiber vs aluminum tripod debate in the hot minute. Rokslide Women's Council -> Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum forum thread ->
April 18, 2020
In this episode I sit down with my friend James Nash. James runs 6 Ranch Outfitters in Oregon and is also an ambassador for Sig Sauer Hunting. We talk about the new Sig Cross rifle, arrow weight, broadhead selection and hunting. James's film with Leupold ->
April 11, 2020
In this lengthy episode, host Jordan Budd goes through all of the gear items you would need for a backpacking trip. This episode was created to not only give newer backpack hunters some gear options, but also explain in depth why some options are better than others and which have more importance. She explains why you need the item, some options you have within that category and the positives/negatives of those options. Everything that was talked about in this episode can be found in another episode with more detail. Optics with Matt Cashell -> Backcountry Food with Jaden Bales -> Sleeping Bag and Pad ratings with Matt Wymer -> Binocular Harnesses with Justin Crossley -> Backpacking Stoves with Mike Carrigan -> First Aid Kits with Travis Bertrand -> Clothing with Tony Trietch -> Floorless Shelters and Tarps with Josh Boyd -> Boot Stiffness with Chuck Brenton ->
April 7, 2020
This weeks Tipsy Tuesday includes some important hunting season information around Covid19. Kuiu vs Western Mountaineering -> Manfrotto Befree Live tripod -> Backpacking stoves video -> Kifaru Stryker video -> Tent showdown video -> Washington cancellations -> Wyoming Bear Bait registration delayed -> Alaska Bear season closed to non residents -> Utah license refunding -> Oregon hunting season -> Hunting in Grizzly Country ->
April 4, 2020
Travis Miller joins us in this episode to talk about the hunting pants he uses and has used in the past. Travis is a bigger guy and has some great input on hunting pants for bigger guys. Also joining is Jordan Adams who is 5' 4" and on the smaller side of the spectrum, with your host Jordan Budd at 5' 10" so all spectrum's are covered.
March 28, 2020
John Lusk joins us after testing a number of the 2020 compound bows. He runs through how they felt for him, the speed he chronograph-ed and the db loudness of each bow. He used a 27" DL and 70lb draw weight for all of the bows. Bows Tested - Hoyt Carbon RX4 - 12 minutes Mathews VXR 28 - 15 minutes Bowtech Revolt - 21:30 PSE Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1 - 30 minutes PSE Evolve NXT 31 - 32:30 Elite Cure - 34:45 Bear Status EKO - 37:30 2020 Bow Battle thread -> Mathews VXR review by Les Welch -> Mathews Vertix review by Les Welch ->
March 25, 2020
We sat down with Dennis Stokes of Initial Ascent packs, to run through their new additions and frame changes. Les Welch also joins us as he reviewed their pack back in 2018. Initial Ascent review by Les Welch -> Gen2 review thread from Les Welch -> Initial Ascent ->
March 24, 2020
Hope everyone is remaining corona virus free on this sunny Tuesday morning. Today we cover our usual news, articles and videos. For the HotMinute, Jordan talks about what new gear she's using and gear she's changing up this year. First Lite film about Jordan -> 12x Optic article -> S&S Archery Trekking poles article -> Backcountry Water Sources and Purification article -> KUIU vs Western Mountaineering sleeping bag review video -> 5-day Waiting period in Idaho for residents in capped elk zones -> MT suspends hunter education classes -> New Legislature could digitize public access points -> Kuiu vs Western Mountaineering thread -> Youtube hunting/fishing channels -> Throwback Episode: Gear List with Dustin Whittwer ->
March 21, 2020
We catch up with Rokslide writer Les Welch to talk about his 2019 elk season. Les hunted two different states with buddies that totaled in nine elk harvested. Les is a wealth of knowledge being a veteran elk hunter. Les's 2019 Season thread -> Iron Will Wide 100 review by Les ->
March 15, 2020
We caught up with Rokslide writer Josh Boyd to talk about a new review he's done with the Lane Precision custom rifle chambered in .300 RUM. Lane Precision written review -> Lane Precision custom rifle forum thread -> Rifle overview video -> Lane Precision Rifles ->
March 10, 2020
This week we cover new articles, forum threads, giveaways and outdoor news. The Hot Minute is Jordan covering her MSR vs Jetboil stove article. Book Review: Bucks I've Taken by Jay Gates -> DIY Archery Target by Jimmy Tippetts -> Load Development: Unknown Munitions -> Big Bucks on the winter range all year around, by Robby Denning -> Aubrey's first Sheep hunt -> SKRE Giveaway thread -> Oregon cancels Blue Mountain deer hunts -> Yellowstone Bison Cull -> ID Commission expands wolf hunting and trapping -> KUIU Launches conservation direct initiative -> Merino/Synthetic layers -> 5 best nuggets from hunting podcasts -> rok
March 7, 2020
We talk with Ed Gramza from the Basemap mapping app to talk about the new 4.0 upgrades for 2020. Basemap -> Basemap App review ->
March 6, 2020
We sat down with Leica at the Hunt Expo to talk about their new .com products and a new rifle scope for 2020. Leica Optics -> Leica Geovid HDB-3000 review -> Shop Leica at Cameraland ->
February 29, 2020
We sit down with Kevin Harlander of First Lite to talk about their new 2020 clothing releases. You can check them out on their website here -> First Lite Solitude whitetail set review -> First Lite Uncompahgre puffy pant review ->
February 26, 2020
Today we talk about new outdoor news, Rokslide articles, hot forum threads and more! Today's Hot Minute takes us back to a previous episode where we taste tested various freeze dried meals. Hunting Big Mule Deer film -> Investing in You article -> Hoffman Explorer boot review -> Part 2 of Kryptek Altitude Bora series -> Alberta Mule Deer Hunt -> MT Goat Cull haunted in Grand Teton -> New bill aims to create protected wilderness areas in 1.3 million acres of public -> CO changes license program for elk -> MT approves changes for elk and wolf hunting -> Creepy experiences in the backcountry -> Official hunt expo thread -> Cheap stuff that works ->
February 24, 2020
We got to sit down with SKRE Gear at the Western Hunt Expo to talk about their new clothing offerings. Rokslider Sam Weaver has worn several of their pieces and joins the conversation as well. SKRE Gear -> SKRE Clothing System review -> SKRE Early Season review video ->
February 22, 2020
We talk with a new business, Rent Guns and Gear, at the Western Hunt Expo. This service and retailer will be able to rent optics, guns and camping gear to you for your trips. Owner Darin Cooper walks us through the process. Rent Guns and Gear website -> Forum thread ->
February 21, 2020
We sat down with Steve Speck, owner of Exo Mountain gear to talk about their new K3 pack system. He addresses questions from forum members and discusses what might be new coming up. Exo Mountain Gear -> Exo Mountain Gear K3 review ->
February 18, 2020
We sat down with Seek Outside at the 2020 WHCE to talk new backpacks, shelters and stoves. They also address multiple questions from the Rokslide forum members. Seek Outside -> Seek Outside 8 man tipi/stove review -> Seek Outside Lanner 54 pack ->
February 17, 2020
At the 2020 Western Hunt Expo we sat down with the folks at Outdoorsmans Packs and Tripods to talk about new products. Will they be making a carbon fiber tripod?? They also answer a few questions asked on the forums. Outdoorsmans -> Fluid Head review -> Which tripod head? ->
February 15, 2020
This week my friend Dr. Abigail Lara joins us to talk about high altitude sickness. We cover preventative measures, what you need to notice and if those supplements on the shelf are helping you. If you are coming out west for the first time or a seasoned mountain hunter, sickness at altitude can impact any one of you. Helpful websites mentioned were: WebMD -> Pub Med ->
February 11, 2020
Here's another episode of Tipsy Tuesday, for Tuesday February 11, 2020. Today's Hot Minute is about identifying and sizing up a buck track with Robby Denning. Hunting Big Mule Deer - a Original Teaser -> Vote for the 2019 Rokslide Film Contest finalists -> Exo K3 4800 pack system by Justin Crossley -> Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 rifle scope review by Matt Cashell -> First Lite NEMO Longbow sleeping pad review by Jordan Budd -> MSR vs Jetboil showdown by Jordan Budd -> Replaceable Blade Knife review -> Javelin Pro Hunt bipod review -> First Lite Solitude review -> Bill will Prohibit people who owe child support to receive UT hunt/fish permits -> Bighorn Sheep return to Antelope Island -> Train kills antelope herd in ID -> ID House approves decrease in non resident tag with price increase -> Non Resident Wyoming changes proposed -> Full Bill is here -> Official 2020 Hunt Expo thread ->
February 8, 2020
Jason Wittwer joins us today to talk about hunting and packing with Llamas. He covers the benefits of using a pack animal and discusses the differences between Llamas, Goats and Horses. If you are interested in saving your knees and trying out Llamas, Jason provides a Llama rental service known as Backcountry Logistics. You can find more information here -> Also interested in goats? Check out a recently released pack goat article -> We have an entire sub-forum called Backcountry Stock, dedicated to talking pack animals. You can join that conversation here ->
February 2, 2020
Zack Waddle of Ridgeline Knives sits down with us at the 2020 Sheep Show to talk about knives. We talk about different steel options, how to maintain a good edge in the field and how to keep up on knife maintenance. Ridgeline Knives -> If you have a knife question, hit up the Gear section over on the Rokslide Forums ->
January 29, 2020
Thanks for tuning into another episode of Tipsy Tuesday! We cover the latest Rokslide articles, forum threads, news and new products. Today's Hot Minute features Matt Chashell and why he prefers wearing solid colors in the spring time over camo. Classified rules -> Spartan Precision Multi-Tool review -> Mesa Precision Crux Titanium Carbon Hunter Rifle review -> Kryptek Aegis and Njord review -> Vote on the best Whitetail Photo thread -> Shot Show updates from Cameraland -> Idaho Game and Fish kills 200 elk, article -> Montana makes 2020 changes, article ->
January 25, 2020
Frank Peralta with Kifaru International joins us at the 2020 Wild Sheep Foundation show in Reno, NV. He talks about some new things and changes coming from Kifaru and addresses some Rokslide forum member questions. Kifaru International ->
January 20, 2020
Today Jim Carr jumps on this episode to talk about scouting new areas and hunting burned areas. Jim is a well versed hunter and spends more days in the field than anyone I know. He scouts for most of the scouting packages purchased at We Scout 4 U and you can check those out here -> Scouting a New Area - Tips from a Pro -> Hunting Burns -> What it takes to be a Successful Hunter ->
January 14, 2020
On today's Tipsy Tuesday episode we cover some new products, articles and outdoor news. Equipment is only half the battle, by Chas Carmichael -> Dennish Wintch Mule Deer Hunting Legend book review, by Robby Denning -> Hells Canyon Armory Summit Barrel review, by Jon Troxell -> Iron Will Wide 100 broadheads, by Les Welch -> Kryptek Altitude: Eary to Mid Season Clothing review, by Matt Cashell -> Balancing a new baby and a passion for hunting, forum thread -> Best Whitetail photo contest -> Let's talk First Aid -> New Stone Glacier Products -> New First Lite Products -> Sitka Gear thread -> Wolves spotted in Colorado -> , CPW increasing revenue by 20% -> Mountain Goat culling in Grand Tetons ->
January 12, 2020
Today Matt Cashell hops back on the podcast to discuss the Kryptek Altitude line he used this fall. Kryptek Altitude: Early to Mid Season clothing -> Review Kryptek Altitude -> Discussion forum thread
January 6, 2020
Ryan Avery joins us today to discuss the intro basics to long range hunting. What you need for a rifle, scope and basic knowledge to start banging steel at 1,000 yards. Long Range Shooting forums -> Long Range Rifles - Making the right Choice -> Whats your maximum effective range? -> Ryan has written a ton of rifle and and scope reviews. You can find them here! -> As always, we encourage everyone to become a part of the ROKSLIDE community! ->
December 31, 2019
Happy New Years everyone! Today we catch up on new Rokslide articles, videos, forum threads and outdoor news. Vortex Fury HD 10x42 binocular review -> Vortex Razor HD 18x56 binocular review -> Mathews VXR bow review -> Outdoor Vitals 0 degree sleeping bag review -> Pack Goats for the Backcountry -> Stone Glacier Sky Air ULT review -> Floorless Shelters with Josh Boyd podcast -> Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 scope review -> Robby's Mule Deer videos -> Kifaru Stryker pack thread -> Kifaru Possibles Pouch -> 2020 Application deadlines (GoHunt members only) -> We invite you to become part of the Forum family for 2020! ->
December 24, 2019
Robby Denning hops on today to talk about the Ghar puffy jacket from Kryptek. Tune in to see what Rob thought of this jacket during the 2019 fall. Kryptek Altitude Line thread -> Kryptek Ghar puffy jacket -> Have more questions? All of our episodes have their own thread on the Rokslide Forums! Join today and get some answers ->
December 16, 2019
This week we have 7 different meals that we are taste testing. All of them with the marinara spaghetti or lasagna type theme. Jordan Budd’s picks: 1. Off Grid Food Co. 2. Peak Refuel 3. Heather’s Choice 4. Mountain House 5. Backpackers Pantry 6. AlpineAire 7. Wise Company Jordan Adam’s picks: 1. Peak Refuel 2. Heather’s Choice 3. Off Grid Food Co. 4. Mountain House 5. Backpackers Pantry 6. Wise Company 7. AlpineAire The following meals are broken down with nutritional facts, price, requirements and caloric values: Off Grid Food Co. Penne Pomodoro with Bison - Price - $15 Calories - 780 Calories/Ounce - 195 Weight - 4oz dry/4.4oz packed Water Needed - 1 to 1 1/4 cup/8-10oz Wait time - 12-15 minutes Nutritional - 19g Fat, 790mg Sodium, 46g Carbs, 34g Protein, 14g Fiber Heathers Choice Mom’s Spaghetti with Beef and Marinara Sauce - Price - $15 Calories - 490 Calories/Ounce - 122.5 Weight - 4oz dry, 4.6 packed Water Needed - 1 1/2 cups/12 oz Wait time - 20 minutes (add 1 minute for every 1,000 above sea level) = +4 minutes for us. If at 10,000 need to wait 30 minutes Nutritional - 17g Fat, 220mg Sodium, 56g Carbs, 4g Sugar, 26g Protein, 6g Fiber Wise Company Cheesy Lasagna w/ Sausage - Price - $7 Calories - 360. 720. Calories/Ounce - 120 Weight - 6oz dry, 7oz Water needed - 2 cups/16oz Wait time - 12-15 minutes Nutritional - 50g Fat, 2140g Sodium, 88g Carbs, 16g Sugar, 30g Protein, 8g Fiber Backpackers Pantry Spaghetti & Tomato Sauce w/ olive oil packet - Vegan - Price - $6-8 Calories - 310. 620. Calories/Ounce - 107 about.. 106.89 Weight - 5.8oz dry, 6.3oz packed Water needed - 1 3/4 cups/14oz Wait time - 15-20 minutes Nutritional - 14g Fat, 1540g Sodium, 102g Carbs, 20g Sugar, 28g Protein, 8g Fiber Peak Refuel Beef Pasta Marinara - Price - $13 Calories - 490. 990. Calories/Ounce - 155.9 Weight - 6.36oz dry, 7.1oz packed Water needed - 1 1/3 cup/10.5oz Wait time - 10 minutes Nutritional - 59g Fat, 1210mg Sodium, 50g Carbs, 9g Sugar, 49g Protein, 2g Fiber Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce - Price - $9 Calories - 600 Calories/Ounce - 125 Weight - 4.8oz dry, 5.5oz packed Water needed - 2 cups/16oz Wait time - stir after 4 mins, stand 8-9 minutes. 13-15 minutes total Nutritional - 20g Fat, 1000mg Sodium, 73g Carbs, 15g Sugar, 35g Protein, 7.5g Fiber AlpineAire Pasta Roma - Vegetarian - Price - $5-7 Calories - 680 Calories/Ounce - 113 Weight - 6oz dry, 6.5oz packed Water needed - 2 1/4 cup/18oz Wait time - 10-12 minutes Nutritional - 16g Fat, 1500g Sodium, 96g Carbs, 20g Sugar, 34g Protein, 4g Fiber Not your flavor of choice?! Head over and sign up for the Rokslide Forums to ask around about the meal your looking for!
December 7, 2019
Today we talk about binocular harnesses. We go through all five harnesses in depth that the Jordan's have used and a few that they've handled but not used in the field. Hopefully this episode gives you a better idea of a harness that will work best for you. Alaska Guide Creations - 5 models - KISS, Hybrid, Kodiak Cub, Alaska Classic, Denali. Plus max pocket Prices - $95-100, $100-105, $100-105, $105-110, $115 Accessories - Rangefinder pouch, Pistol holder, Accessory adapter, Ultralight harness, Stalker hydration pack, rain cover (bino shield) Material - Cordura like material, auto lock buckles Pros - lots of padding, easy in and out, lots of pockets, seems durable Cons - bulky/heavy, rear deploying   Marsupial - 3 sizes - small, medium, large Prices - $90. Padded mesh on harness +10 Accessories - rangefinder, small zippered, various radio pouches(I have large, fits       Midland radio nicely with room), rain cover, padded mesh harness Material - auto lock buckles, cordura like material on front, fleece lining Pros - forward folding and stays open, solid magnets, cell phone pocket, Cons - open sides (not full containment), tiny front pocket   Outdoor Vision Ridgetop - Review -> 3 sizes - medium, large, x-large Prices - $109,$113, $118 Accessories - rangefinder and gps pouch, rain cover, field aid kit Material - YKK zippers, ITW slides and buckles, SilentHyde material Pros - forward folding, small but stretch front pocket, fairly quiet material Cons - magnet could be stronger, wish there was a back pocket for cell phone   Adak - Review -> One size Price - 150$ includes rangefinder pocket Accessories - rangefinder pocket (fits my Sig 2400 perfectly) that’s included, pockets coming (I’ve tried one and they’re good) Material - Woven polyester-nylon blend face fabric and fleece backer, hypalon fabric in high wear areas, smaller buckles not auto lock Pros - most quiet harness, forward folding, closure system, the way pockets will attach Cons - tiny extra pockets, rangefinder pocket won’t fit some rangefinder models   FHF Gear - Review -> 3 sizes - small, med, large Prices - $110, $115, $120 Accessories - rangefinder pocket (have one and wish it folded forward, overall good), pack suspension kit, various gps pouches, bear spray holder, tech pouch(love it), kestrel pouch, kydex holster attachment, handwarmer Material - 500D Cordura, Microfiber lining, 1” Duraflex auto lock buckles Pros - tough, knife pocket, rear pocket, bottom attachment points, small slot pockets on lid Cons - rear opening, tiny front pocket   Other brands - Muley Freak- Price: $125. $110 Sitka Bino Bivy- Price: $149 12x-15x Kuiu Bino Harness- Price: $79 Pro Bino Harness - $100 Badlands- Price: $140   Mystery Ranch- Price: $75 Alaska Guide Creations - 1:30 Marsupial - 11:10 Outdoor Vision - 19:30 Adak - 24:30 FHF - 30:30
November 30, 2019
Today we talk about treestands with Clint Casper. Clint is a very experienced whitetail hunter and has used every treestand you can think of. He weighs in on some products he likes to use with his style. Some recommended gear mentioned in the episode: Lone Wolf Custom Gear hang-on -> Lone Wolf Custom Gear sticks -> Hawk Mega Combat hang-on -> Hawk Ranger Traction climbing sticks -> Muddy Outfitter hang-on -> Muddy Quick-Stick one piece climbing sticks -> Muddy Safety Systems. Harness, belts and accessories -> Hunter Safety Systems Harnesses -> Hunter Safety Systems Lifeline -> Millennium Ladder Stand -> Don't forget the whitetail section on the Rokslide Forums!
November 26, 2019
Welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Tuesday! This weeks episode is packed with new articles, forum threads, gear items and news. 2019 Rokslide Film Contest thread -> First Alaska Moose Hunt by Heath Stuewe -> Nikon HG vs Swarovski CL Compact Binocular Review -> Christensen Arms Traverse Rifle review -> Canyon Coolers Mule 30 review -> Kifaru System video -> Outdoorsman System videos -> and Black Friday Sales forum thread -> FHF Gear Tech Pouch -> Nebraska Game and Fish gives rancher 50 depredation elk tags -> Railroad Sued over hitting Grizzly Bears ->
November 25, 2019
Today Kevin Harlander with First Lite talks about their whitetail systems. Kevin hunted with me in Nebraska and we talk about how we layered up for the week. From the Catalyst to Solitude to the Sanctuary set we cover it all and more. First Lite Whitetail Systems -> First Lite Gravy Boat Sale running Tuesday November 26 - December 2, 2019.
November 17, 2019
Matt Cashell hops on with me to talk about the MTNTOUGH Post Season fitness program. Matt and I reviewed the program last year along with the Pre Season program. Since recording this episode MTNTOUGH has come out with their 30-30 Bodyweight Only program, where you don't need machines. PLUS, they also added a Backcountry Nutrition Course. All of these programs can be found at MTNTOUGH Backcountry Bundle -> Postseason Program review thread -> Backcountry Calorie Calculator -> If you are into strength training and conditioning for your hunts, don't forget about the Nutrition/Running/Strength Training section of the forums! Sign up to join in ->
November 9, 2019
Today we have Travis Bertrand back on the show. This time we are talking about high end coolers and how they stack up against each other. For the last few years Travis has been doing what he calls the "Cooler Showdown" on, comparing different coolers for ice retention and features that differ in each of them. In this episode we break it all down. 2018 Cooler Showdown -> 2019 Yeti vs Canyon 150 quart ->
November 7, 2019
This episode is a little bit different than what we've been doing. Rokslide writer Howard Mee sits down with Rob Gearing of Spartan Precision and Amy of Branded Rock Canyon after a shooting school he attended. Spartan Precision -> Branded Rock Canyon Shooting Program -> 30 Days to 1000 yards by Howard Mee ->
November 6, 2019
On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday we cover some news about Mountain Goats in the Grand Tetons, Missouri Elk season opening and an unfortunate fatal freak hunting accident. We also cover a new article on the Nikon ED50, a couple new binocular harness I'm trying and some heated insoles I found for the late season whitetail sits. Nikon ED50 Compact Spotting Scope review by Robby Denning -> Outdoor Vision Ridgetop VS Adak binocular harness live thread -> Warmfits heated insoles -> Arkansas Hunter Killed by Deer -> Missouri Elk season -> Grand Teton Mountain Goat removal -> Airline Baggage information (United) ->
November 2, 2019
This week Chas Carmichael joins us to talk about radio communication. The Garmin InReach's, SPOT devices and others are great for very remote communicating, but nothing can replace a live conversation. Or as close to live as we can get in the backcountry. We talk about different walkie-talkie radio options along with the benefits of using HAM radio. Midland Radio GXT1050VP4 Review -> No Service? No problem. by Chas Carmichael -> Have any questions? Hop on the Rokslide Forums to sign up and ask away!
October 27, 2019
This week, Rokslider Josh Boyd talks tarps and floorless shelters with us. Josh loves using floorless shelters and debunks some myths and answers some questions often asked about the systems. Floorless Mid Shootout by Josh Boyd -> Floorless Shootout forum thread -> Stone Glacier Skyair ULT forum thread-> Like what your listening to? Let us know what you think by leaving a review. For tons more gear talk and information, head over to the Rokslide forums ->
October 22, 2019
Today Jordan goes over some new articles and hot forum threads from Along with some baiting news over in Utah. This week the hot minute includes the stories from the previous weeks hunts that Jordan was on. Mathews Traverse Bow review by Les Welch - Pre-rut Whitetail Hunting at its best by Les Welch - 2019 Hunting Buys, Top 3 forum thread - Baiting in Utah news -
October 12, 2019
Today we have Rokslide writer Travis Bertrand back on the podcast to talk about field judging antelope. If you're headed on a antelope hunt and looking for a trophy, this episode is a must listen! Travis runs through how he starts putting numbers to a buck as well as breaks down things that are often looked by while judging. Speed Judging Speed Goats with Travis Bertrand -> Have some questions for Travis? Hit the following link, join the forums and start some conversation under the Rokcast section! ->
October 8, 2019
Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Tipsy Tuesday. The Hot Minute features a couple of backcountry meal hacks to make your meals more enjoyable. Kryptek Cadog review by Jared Bloomgren -> Elk Hunting 4 Success by Ross Russell -> Seek Outside 8 Man Tipi review after 5 years Youtube video with RD -> Pyro Putty -> Gunfighters Inc., Kenai Chest Holster -> CDC Warns Hunters about Tuberculosis in Deer -> Running Water Hunting, LLC -> If you aren't a Forum member yet, hop on and join! Tons of information about western hunting, gear and more.
October 5, 2019
This week Jordan's good buddy Dalton Wolkow of Wolkow Mounting hops on the show to talk about DIY European mounts using the "boiling" method. We touch on velvet in the backcountry as well, along with cuts while caping and basic hide care. Velvet Tan -> Skull Hooker wall hanger -> Stuck N the Rut wall hanger -> Join in on the conversation by signing up for the Rokslide Forums! It's FREE! European "Boiling" Process - 1:15 Velvet - 19:15 Mount Hangers - 29:00 Hide Cuts and Care - 33:30
October 1, 2019
Hey all, welcome back to the Rokcast! On today's Tipsy Tuesday we talk about some articles, hot forum threads and some gear experiences I had this September. For this weeks Hot Minute, we talk about still hunting tactics and how they can work. Don't forget that the forums are free! So head over and sign up ->
September 30, 2019
This week is a special recap episode of Robby Dennings mule deer hunt in the backcountry. Robby found an awesome buck this summer for 45 seconds and being the best buck he'd seen scouting, he decided to target that deer. The deer's name is ROKSLIDE due to a big rock slide he was on when Robby found him. Now, 12 days later Robby and hunt partner Ryan have yet to lay eyes on the deer but Robby has tracked what he thinks is him. Join in on the conversation for the ongoing hunt over on the Rokslide forums!
September 28, 2019
Today Rokslide forum member Chuck Brenton is on the phone talking about boot stiffness. We cover our two cents on using a mountaineering boot for hunting and some things to consider when purchasing a mountain boot. Join in on the forum conversation and check newly released articles at!
September 24, 2019
This week on Tipsy Tuesday, Jordan talks about some news in the outdoor world. For this weeks Hot Minute she talks about water treatment and the system she uses. Jordan's System: Steripen Adventuter -> MSR Aquatabs -> Nalgene Bottle Wide Mouth -> HumanGear CapCap -> MSR Dromedary Bags -> Other Options: MSR Trailshot Filter -> Aquamira Drops -> Potable Aqua Iodine Tablets -> Platypus Gravity Filter Kit -> Katadyn Vario Micro Filter -> MSR MiniWorks Micro Filter -> MSR Guardian Purifier -> Have a comment? Hop over and sign up for the Forums. They are FREE!! ->
September 21, 2019
Rokslide forum member Mike Carrigan hops on today to talk about different backpacking stove options. This podcast has some awesome information about different stove options with different fuel types for multiple situations. MSR Windburner -> MSR Reactor -> Jetboil MiniMo -> Jetboil Flash -> MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe -> MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Kit -> Soto Windmaster -> Join in on the discussion by signing up for the FREE Rokslide Forums!
September 14, 2019
This week we recap our host, Jordan Budd's mule deer hunt in the high country. She's joined by Jordan Adams as they talk about what happened on this hunting trip along with gear they used... the good and the bad. Jordan's Crispi Colorado Boot review -> You can follow along the rest of the season on Jordan's live hunt thread here -> Join in on the conversation by signing up for the Rokslide Forums! It's FREE!!! Hunt story - 0:10 Gear talk begins - 54:00
September 10, 2019
On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday, Jordan discusses the fall's photo contests on the forum, some grizzly news in Montana and a few Rokslide articles that will sharpen your elk knowledge heading into the hunt. OnX Hunt Giveaway with Randy Newberg -> Accepting the Challenge of Western Hunting by Justin Smith -> Calling Quiet Elk by Elknut -> Punching Your Elk Tag by Justin Davis -> Elk Photo Contest -> Mule Deer Photo Contest -> Whitetail Photo Contest -> MFWP Euthanizes Grizzly Bear in MT ->
September 7, 2019
Robby Denning jumps on the phone with us today to discuss the Stone Glacier Chillkoot 15 degree sleeping bag. The testing went a bit further than expected but Robby was very impressed with the outcome. Find the written review here -> Join in on the forum conversation here -> Find more information from the Stone Glacier website here ->
September 5, 2019
This summer Robby Denning has been using some of the early season clothing pieces SKRE offers. Today he hops on to break those pieces down and discuss what he likes and also what he dislikes. SKRE is focused on providing a quality performing garment for an affordable price. Early Season Clothing review by Robby Denning -> 2017 SKRE Review by Travis Bertrand -> 2019 SKRE Complete System Review by Travis -> SKRE forum thread from Sam Weaver -> Sign up for the Rokslide Forums and join in on the conversation. It's FREE!
September 3, 2019
We have a special episode this Tuesday! Robby hops on with us to talk about the strategy he's going to use this year to hunt a big high country buck he has found. This hunt will be filmed and released later this year! Tyto Spork attachment -> Sig Sauer Kilo3000 -> Sig Sauer 2400ABS review by Justin Crossley ->
August 31, 2019
Today, Rokslide writer and paramedic Travis Bertrand hops on with us to talk about his first aid kit for hunting. We cover some controversial topics, dive into what items Travis carries and also touch on some situations we may find ourselves in. Backcountry First Aid & Survival Kits by Travis Bertrand -> Kifaru Pullouts -> Backcountry First Aid by Richard Rhodes (2018) -> Want a pre-made kit? Check out Adventure Medical Kits ->
August 29, 2019
Today we hop on the phone with Rokslide writer and avid western hunter Tony Trietch to talk about clothing. Tony talks about his system and what changes from early to late season. We also dive into some footwear options he prefers. Sitka Gear Apex System review by Tony Trietch -> Sitka Gear Thunderhead & Flash Rain Gear -> Join in on the clothing conversation by signing up for the Rokslide Forum, it's FREE! ->
August 27, 2019
Welcome to Tipsy Tuesday's episode 5! Today we discuss new Rokslide articles, hot forum threads, some new products we're trying this year, Grizzly Bear news and what I'm wearing for my mule deer hunt next week. 6.35 Million Acres Landlocked -> Processing Deer in Hot Weather by Ben Baker -> Landlock Report from OnX thread -> Nemo Longbow Sleeping Pad -> FWS Restores Federal Protection to Grizzy Bears ->
August 24, 2019
Thanks for tuning in everyone! Today we have Jimmy Tippetts on the phone talking about broadheads. Jimmy is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and has tried a lot of brands and variances of broadheads. We talk about options and some likes/dislikes. Iron Will broadhead review -> Trophy Taker Shuttle T -> Arrow Building by Jimmy Tippetts -> 6 fletch arrows, are you crazy? by Jimmy Tippetts -> Join in on the conversations today on the Rokslide Forums. It's free! -> ast
August 22, 2019
Today, Rokslide assistant editor Justin Crossley joins us to talk about binocular harnesses. Justin and Jordan recall bino harnesses they have tried and what they did and didn't like. Justin's video review of the Marsupial harness -> FHF harness with Razco holster review -> Alaska Guide Creations harness review -> Outdoor Vision harness review -> KUIU harness review -> What bino system is Justin using - :45 Marsupial vs FHF - 1:30 Marsupial vs Alaska Guide Creations - 2:00 Other harnesses Justin has used - 4:45 Accessories - 8:00 Razco Holsters - 8:45
August 20, 2019
On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday, Jordan discusses archery sight and pin options for the hot minute. Also, new news about the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, WY and a new sheep hunting film presented by and Crispi boots. Lathrop and Sons Synergy Footbed review by Tony Trietch -> How to Bowhunt for Predators by John Stallone -> Puffy Jacket Shootout by Luke Moffat -> Rokslide Staff Gear Picks for 2017 -> The Last Rockslide Film thread -> Fish and Wildlife Services shutting down Wyoming Elk Refuge? -> Join in on the conversations by signing up for the Rokslide Forums. It's free! ->
August 17, 2019
Today, Ross Russell joins us to talk about elk hunting. Ross is a wealth of knowledge and consistently kills 6 point bulls. Mostly hunting north Idaho and NW Montana, he's used to hunting the thick timber and calling elk into his lap. This is an interesting and information packed episode! For more from Ross, visit his Rokslide profile here -> Schnees Granite VI Review by Ross -> Crispi Nevada Boot by Ross -> One Season, Three Bulls by Ross -> Join in on the conversation by signing up for the Rokslide Forums, it's free! ->
August 15, 2019
We sit down with our friend Kristin Retterath in this episode to talk about dehydrating your own meals. As daunting as it seems to some, including me, Kristin shows that it's a simple process and can save you money. We talk about different meal ideas, dehydrating fruit, what to look for when purchasing a dehydrator and more. Have questions? Join in on the discussion with Kristin over on the Rokslide Forum! Dehydrator that we use: Cabela's 80L Commercial-Grade, $299.99. Rokslide writer Becca Moffat created a great thread a while back for Freezer Bag Cooking recipes. Find it here -> 1:00 - what to look for in a dehydrator 6:30 - metal trays vs plastic trays 7:45 - fruit 14:45 - meat slicer for consistency 18:30 - expense of purchasing pre-made meals 20:35 - what meals Kristin dehydrates 25:15 - what does she put the meals on to dehydrate 28:15 - dehydrate all together or mix together later? 31:00 - dehydrating foods with higher fat content 32:45 - vegetables 38:15 - bags to cook in 42:00 - fruit and jerky at the same time? 43:45 - cleaning 46:30 - how long to dehydrate? 48:15 - what temperature to dehydrate?
August 13, 2019
Welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Tuesday. In this weeks segment Jordan's hot minute is about packing your backpacks correctly for the pack-in and pack-out. She talks about news, live hunt forum threads and hot Rokslide articles. Swarovski ATX/BTX review by Matt Cashell -> Novagrade Gripper Digiscoping Adapter review by Sam Weaver -> Battle of the 30 Cals by Ryan Furman -> Hilleberg Akto / Kifaru Supertarp Comparison by Aron Snyder -> Live Hunt Forum Thread Section -> Nevada CWD Regulations -> To sign up for the Rokslide Forums visit here ->
August 10, 2019
Today we have Brad Brooks with Argali Outdoors on the show. Argali just released their new game bags and I was interested to hear what Brad had to say about the design. Brad discusses game bags he's used before, what he liked, didn't like and explains why the Argali game bags are designed the way they are. I now have their new game bags in my possession and can't wait to use them in this fall. Argali Outdoors -> Check out the Argali Outdoors line of game bags here -> You can also purchase the High Country pack and M.O.B. pack on the Rokslide store -> Sign up on the Rokslide Forum to join in on the discussion!
August 8, 2019
This week we sit down with Matt Wymer and talk about sleep systems. Specifically we talk about understanding the temperature ratings that are given by companies because sometimes it's more than meets the eye. A 30 degree sleeping bag from one company may not be the same 30 degree rating from another. Also with sleeping pads, your pad isn't just for comfort! Sleeping pads play a large role insulating as well. All of that is covered on this episode, so tune in! You can find Matt's articles for Understanding Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings here ->                    Part 1.                        Part 2. Find more articles from Matt, here -> Join the discussion for this podcast on the forum! Matt's Sleep Systems for different times of year - 1:05 Sleeping Bag Ratings - 3:00 Finding your system - 6:00 Down vs Synthetic - 7:20 Matt's sleeping bags - 9:50 Quilt vs Bag - 10:50 Sleeping Pads - 12:20 Tips for keeping warm - 20:15 Kifaru Slick 0 Synthetic Bag - Hammock Gear Down Quilt - Mountain Hardwear UltraLamina 15 - Marmot Plasma Bag -  
August 6, 2019
Today Jordan talks about some new articles from as well as some hot threads on the forum. Then in this weeks hot minute she talks about why learning some basic things about your bow can save you a ton of hunting time in the backcountry. Yeti vs Canyon Coolers - Outdoorsmans Fluid Head review - Yeti Panga 75 review - In the Red Zone by Jared Bloomgren - Scouting a new area, Tips from a pro by Jim Carr - Forum Thread - Backcountry First Aid and Survival Kits - Forum Thread - Is the .300 Win Mag dead? Managing heat on summer hunts - Cabela's String Separator - Visit and sign up for the forums! -
August 3, 2019
Today on Rokcast I'm joined by Dustin Wittwer, known for his own podcast Finding Backcountry and other brands Team Backcountry and Backcountry Logistics. We talk about the gear we use, including brands/models and why we use those items. This is a longer podcast for us, but don't worry we're still trying to stick to shorter podcasts. Gear lists take a while. I did end up skipping what stove and cook system we use but we'll be doing a stove and cooking podcast soon. But my short version is the Soto Windmaster with a GSI Minimalist pot. Backpacks - 3:17 Meat shelves - 7:15 Gear/boot expectations - 12:20 Footwear/Socks - 16:00 Sleep System - 25:00 Tents - 31:50 Clothing - 39:45 Food - 50:30 Water system - 1:09:30 Headlamps - 1:17:20 inReach's - 1:20:15 Optics - 1:27:00 Kill Kit - 1:30:00 Bow setup - 1:34:15
August 1, 2019
Today good friend Shaun Smith and I talk about planning your trip to Alaska yourself. Shaun has done a couple of trips including Moose and Caribou, each different ways so we break the different options down. This episode has some great tips and things to consider and think about before booking your trip. Have questions? Join in on the forum thread to ask ->
July 30, 2019
Happy Tuesday everyone! Welcome to the first episode of our weekly episode called Tipsy Tuesday's. Nothing alcohol related, we just like the name. We cover some hot news, new articles and gear reviews from Rokslide, current hot threads on the Rokslide forum and also the hot minute. This week's hot minute is about the importance of boots on the ground scouting in a new area. SD restrictions for CWD - CO state trust access - 30 days to 1000 yards by Howard Mee - 200" mule deer with a borrowed rifle by Steven Huettner - Canyon Coolers Scout 22 by Justin Crossley - Black Diamond Icon 500 headlamp by Brock Akers - Bear spray in non-grizzly area? Thread - Non-hunters purchasing hunting licenses. Thread - Season is coming right up, purchase your Rokslide kill kit, headlamps and more here ->
July 29, 2019 writer and extremely successful eastern and western hunter Tony Trietch talks with us about why he chooses Kifaru backpacks while hunting. We talk about Tony's experience with different companies, which Kifaru bags he's used, differences in older vs newer frames and what he's going to hunt with this year. You can find Tony's 2018 review of the Cavern pack here -> Look at Kifaru Internationals full line of packs, shelters, sleep systems, stoves and more here -> To gain knowledge about hunting the west and the gear to do it, join the forums. RokCast has its own discussion section for each podcast! What system Tony's running this year - 1:00 Why we like larger bags - 4:20 Our take on meat shelves - 6:30 Previous packs used - 8:20 Kifaru bags used and thoughts - 11:20 Tony's typical pack weight - 19:40 Typical packout weight with meat - 27:45 Hunter Duplex vs Duplex Lite frames - 35:10
July 28, 2019
In this episode of RokCast, Rob McConnell of S&S Archery talks with us about Garmin inReach devices and GPS watch options. We cover our thoughts on Garmin vs Suunto, inReach vs SPOT and some things we like about Garmin products specifically. Don't forget to use code ROKSLIDE to receive a discount on your next purchase from S&S Archery. Garmin Instinct - Garmin Fenix 5x Plus - Garmin inReach Mini - Garmin inReach Explorer+ - Garmin GPS Map 66i - Be sure to hop on the Forums to join in on the discussion, ask questions and learn about hunting the west. GPS Watches - 1:30 Garmin InReach - 18:40 Garmin bow site - 28:15
July 27, 2019
Robby Denning talks about his comparison findings with the Maven S.2 and the Nikon ED-50 compact spotting scopes. He did a variety of testing between the two and his choice on the outcome actually surprised me. You can find Robby's video review of the two here. Join the discussion on the forum for the Nikon here. Join the discussion on the forum for the Maven here. Maven S.2 12-27x56 Nikon ED50 13-30x50 via CameraLand (they also sell a straight eyepiece) Preface - 0:40 Comparison - 6:55 Glassing tip - 10:40 Eye relief - 14:50 Prices/Final thoughts - 31:20 Visit Rokslide for the latest podcast releases, article releases and join in on the forum conversations.
July 26, 2019
Today we have well versed hunting guide Casey Johnson on to discuss hunting in Grizzly country. Often times hunters will toss out the idea of hunting certain units only because it's also inhabited by Grizzly bears. We try to put some minds at ease while talking about our experiences, what to look out for and what you need to do to stay safe in bear country. Have a question about this podcast? Join the conversation here. Rokslide forum member Ty Abell wrote an article on the topic as well back in 2016, you can find it here. UDAP Shock Electric Fence Bear Safety and Information via USDA Beginning of bear talk - 3:00 Wyoming versus Alaska bear behavior - 4:24 Fear of hunting in bear country - 6:45 Logistical planning - 10:50 Food/Product hanging - 13:40 Meat care with bears - 15:15 Bear spray versus pistol - 18:40 Electric fences - 22:15 Pistol talk - 23:50 Awareness - 27:40 Forest Service hanging/storage regulations - 32:00 Want to learn more about backcountry hunting gear and tactics? Join the Rokslide Forum now!
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