just want you need
Edie is a sweet, confident, loving woman who shres from the heart. I have read her book and loved how her life story encouraged me to make changes. Now we get to listen to her awesome southern charm voice and continue to make more changes in our lives. Her wisdom is priceless.
Strength and comfort
Edie is an amazing combination of strength and comfort. Her podcast are a wonderful way to learn how to be a better you. How to put the time into being a better person for yourself and others.
Edie is a wonder!
In a world that wants us to believe that good is failing and that love is impossible, Edie is a voice of hope, resiliency and joy! She will change the way you think about yourself, your family and your place in the world. Highly recommend!!
Susie Q. Walker
Amazingly awesome podcast. I listen to every single one of them. So empowering and helpful in navigating this sometimes difficult world. Keep them coming.... Love wins -Susie- ❤️
Gol darn it!!
Miss Edie, I mightily wanted to believe that I didn't need this in my life. But after hearing one lesson, not too long, I was taking notes and moving on to another and yet another. Thanks for empowering me. You're right...it's up to me, and now I'M GOING TO DO IT!!
Positive Life Lessons
Dr Edie is kind, wise and down to earth. Her insights are transformative! She is a force of nature and a tremendous resource for getting yourself unstuck and moving in a healthy direction!
Incredibly Empowering & Encouraging
I started following Dr Edie on Instagram a few months ago, so I just discovered her, through similar interests. Seeing her real life and encouraging and empowering views there energized me in things I had already been challenging myself to do or get back to doing. Today, I found out she wrote a book and had podcasts. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I just listened to “Reclaiming Your Past” and it is full if such good info to pick up and not only move on in life but to empower you to thrive in or from those experiences.
Grace at its best!
Edie has taught me so much about how to live in grace with others. If you have not read her book All the Pretty Things, do yourself a favor and get it. We have somewhat similar backgrounds and it was a true gamechanger in how to see my past. I love her podcast. You know this is a woman who loves in a big way. Thank you Edie for giving so much of yourself to others!
Life lessons are SO helpful!
I love that I can listen to you while I walk or drive!!!
Great encouragement
Great encouragement to live your life to the fullest as God intended and reminder to “tell the better story” to yourself so you can.
Hope and courage!
celebrate hope
Thank you for this great podcast! You have such compassion for life. And you share hope and courage!
Edie Wadsworth always has something well worth listening to. She speaks on a variety of topics and knocks it out of the park every time. Always a joy to hear!
Dr. Edie is so informative, encouraging, and she radiates kindness. Her material always inspires the self reflection we might not know we need to make beautiful, positive changes in life and relationships.
Love listening to Edie. She is so uplifting and she is so honest. Love her
What we need. right. now.
Dr. Edie Wadsworth shares hard won wisdom that leaves a listener with so many quotable “yes” and “aha” moments - even in just one episode. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!
crayola man
Love this!!
Life-changing advice and tips
Edie is a light to follow and learn from! So thankful for your words and encouragement ♥️
Love Edie
I’m always glad to hear insight from Edie! Looking forward to listening!
I love Mrs. Edie!!!
Consistently sharing all her content with my people. What an amazing influencer to the momma world!!! You are very appreciated ma’am!
Just WOW!
Edie is so comforting and “normal”. She is wise but never makes me feel unwise. She is beautiful but never makes me feel less beautiful. She is so very encouraging and reminds us all to just be who God made us to be. You will find a love for her comes easily to you.
Incredible. Encouraging. Amazing!
Dr. Wadsworth has and continues to encourage me throughout life and I would be lost without her words and wisdom! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
So encouraged and challenged by Edie. Love listening to her speak. She is full of love and passion.
So thankful for these podcasts. Edie blends both wisdom and encouragement in each episode. I listened to them while I was out walking, and now I want to listen again with pen and paper ready so I can take notes. Thank you, Edie!
Your Best Beautiful Life
Dr Eddie is well read, transparent, funny, encouraging and her wisdom is ice changing. I am so blessed that. DGod out her and essential oils I. My life’s! Sherry
A favorite of mine!!
Dr. Edie is honest, raw and always practical!! Love how she shares all aspects of her life from her highs and her lows! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!!
She’s the Real Deal!
She lives out what she shares. Edie is the real deal and I am so inspired by her daily. She is authentic to the core, loves her people...all the people so much, and she speaks truth!
Janet H
TGIF - I’m super excited too😊 I’m turning 61 next week & still learning 🎉🎉 I just discovered that I have the Podcast app, with the help of my daughter 😁 I ❤️❤️ your FB page (you’ve helped me in SO many ways) So excited for your podcast! Thank you!!!
Everyone’s Best Girlfriend
Dr. Edie is honest, insightful, smart, beautiful, funny and truly wants all of us to live our best life. From health, to family, to recipes, to fashion, to getting a life back on track...she’s your one stop shop! She says what you need to hear with a big smile and even bigger heart! Just love her & her wisdom.
Wait is finally over!!
I have followed Edie’s blog and Facebook page. I enjoyed watching her discussions on Facebook but podcasts are so much better. Edie can go with me!!! Thanks for being my commuter companion.
Step by Step
Dr. Edie takes us step by step to our Best Beautiful Life in an honest, uplifting, and enlightening way! Her truth speaks to your soul, just as her recipes speak to your tummy!
Your Best Beautiful Life
This podcast is one I have hoped, wished, and prayed for for a long time. Dr. Edie Wadsworth will encourage you and teach with love and wisdom. A wisdom that comes from walking the hard roads of life that lead to her best life. She will share her heart, the hard lessons, how to love your people, and how to be unapologetically you.
The best!
Edie is the BEST! She’s full of knowledge and presents it in such a refreshing way. I love how real she is. Edie is truly inspiring! I love listening to her and learning from her! 😊
The best
Edie is the real deal. Her wisdom and mentorship has been transformational in my own life. Every time I hear her speak I walk away from the conversation amazed and thankful. She’s amazing. ❤️
I have always loved following Edie on her blog and social media platforms. Having this extension of her brand is just icing on the cake! Edie has a great voice and a wealth of knowledge. It’s the perfect binge listen for living your best life.
Laugh and Cry
Edie has such a gift of speaking to hearts of women. She will make you laugh and cry altogether. Make sure you’re following her on insta for happy doses of Tom Tom to brighten your day!
I’m so excited about Dr. Edie’s podcast! Her precious soul and vulnerability is contagious. She speaks truth and love and shares that love helping “Mamas” find their way. I’ll be tuned in each week for sure! ❤️
Life coach and such an inspiration!
Edie is an amazing motivator, she’s given me the tools to truly love myself and love other people. She’s an beautiful soul with a loving heart and this podcast is what every woman needs in her life! ❤️
Truth and WOAH
Her truth and epiphanistic explanations continue to rock my soul; I live her explanations about everything!
Always a great listen from my life mentor!!!
Time well spent!
Edie is amazing! I have been following her on social media and read her book All the Pretty Things. She is an amazing story teller, a beautiful person, and a shining light. She will lead you on a “treasure hunt” for your best beautiful life! ❤️
Living Life Positively
Such a positive support avenue that helps us be present in everyday life!
Good stuff!!
I have been listening to Dr. Edie for a long time, in books, blogs and Facebook live. I am so excited for a podcast I can listen to anywhere!
The best beautiful podcast!
Afton Porter
Edie lives a beautiful life that is so inspiring. She knows how to speak from her heart to mine. As I take her teaching into practice, life has changed with my relationships, mindset and as a business women. I am so grateful to be able to learn from her!
Such incredible wisdom!
No Longer Frumpy Mom
Dr. Edie is my favorite mentor and coach!!! She has such a pure heart and tells the TRUTH! Her honesty is healing for me! I always walk away with solutions, encouragement, and doable action steps to make my life more of what I want it to be. Also read her book! Best book ever!!!!
Your Beat Beautiful Life
Edie is a wonderful speaker who shares her heart each time she speaks. Such a joy to listen to her!
Your best beautiful life. Difficult people
I have been following Edie Wadsworth on Facebook for over a year and have learned so much. So excited that she now has a podcast. She is so humble, honest and uplifting.
Always Inspiring!
I don’t know exactly when I started listening to Dr. Edie, but I have been following her since 2010. She is so relatable and inspiring. She offers self improvement that you feel you can start “Right Now!”. She is amazing! So excited for this podcast ♥️
I’ve been a long time, Life in Grace blog reader. So I was super excited to hear Edie was coming out with a podcast. I look forward to listening on my evening walks ( I just started doing this so don’t think I’m a fitness junkie) once the kids have settle down for the night.
Worth Every Minute
Dr. Edie draws you in like a magnet and then fills you up with hope and encouragement. She’s authentic. She’s wise. She’s funny. She loves Jesus and wants you to love Him too. This podcast is worth every minute.
Difficult People
Excellent start!
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