Published June 2, 2020
33 min
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    If you are listening to this - you are probably privileged. Having access to the internet and time to use it puts us above many who don't. And if you've never had to worry about a police car driving by while you're minding your own business, you have it better than any person of colour.If the events of 2020 and especially the last few weeks have taught us anything it's that most of us don't know how 'the other  half' lives. we respond in horror to the destruction and violence that are tied into the protests in the US while overlooking the destruction of the lives of people of colour and the economic and physical violence they live under every day, generation after generation. It's past time we use the benefits we've received from being born Caucasian to help People of Colour navigate the waters we have already crossed, instead of keeping silent or using our benefits as a weapon to keep others from catching up.Ask yourself: have you been so caught up in your own challenges that you have blinded yourself to the struggles of others? The ideology that there's equal opportunity for everyone to better themselves is clearly false. It's time to relax our defensiveness, understand where the anger of people of colour iis coming from, and see ourselves through the eyes of others and open ourselves to their lived experiences, perspectives and opinions.Acknowledging another's pain does not mean you can't feel your own, it's not a competition. We cannot truly win unless everyone wins. So how will you use your privilege today to make the life of someone else brighter?It's time to think, talk, engage and act.Hey - support our mission at FU_Politics, restoring intelligent discourse, honesty and fact-based opinions to important conversations. Shows that sound like you - because we are you.  Become a monthly patron at or give us a one time boost at Paypal - FU_Politics - where Smartass begins with Smart.Patreon: Paypal: Thank you!FIND US HERE UNDER FU_POLITICS:iTunes - Rate, Review and Subscribe! Radio Podcasts Play FM In / Alexa Notes Feed
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