Published January 28, 2020
50 min
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    Jean Charest - gone. Pierre Poilievre - gone. Rona Ambrose - gone. All serious candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada; some announced their leadership bid only to withdraw shortly thereafter, or declined to run. Who's been pulling the strings behind the scenes to make these once very-committed candidates to drop out?Meanwhile former PM Stephen Harper resigns from the board of the Conservative Fund, rumoured to be inspired by his desire to block Charest. But was that the reason? Is Harper the one still controlling the CPC and if so, did he get other serious candidates to walk away to clear the decks for Peter MacKay...or did he do it to clear the decks for his own bid to re-take the leadership?!Steven Kerzner (@stevenjkerzner) and Stephen Lautens (@stephenlautens) discuss these tantalizing speculations - and if there's a well-known, well-liked non-political person in the wings planning to do what Bloomberg & Steyer did to the US Democratic race?Listen. Comment. Share. Engage. SUPPORT!Our mission at FU_Politics is to restore to regular Canadians important national conversations that have been hijacked by pundits, political hacks, proxies & partisans. Intelligent discourse with a sense of humour, civility and fact-based opinions. Shows that sound like you - because we are you.  Become a monthly patron at or give us a one time boost at Paypal - FU_Politics - where Smartass begins with Smart.Patreon: Paypal: Thank you!FIND US HERE UNDER FU_POLITICS:iTunes - Rate, Review and Subscribe! Radio Podcasts Play FM In / Alexa Notes Feed
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