Sex, Lies, and Something Called Flower Porn
Published September 11, 2019
50 min
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    As perfumer Douglas Little creates sexy, moody, wildly original, stunningly gorgeous scents, he’s changing the toxic fragrance industry. In this episode, he talks about the sexiness inherent in natural materials, what it’s like to make perfume with GP for goop, why his line of perfumes is called Heretic, why the link between sexuality and scent is so powerful, the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of using botanicals instead of synthetic chemicals, and what Flower Porn is all about. From his childhood fascination with the dirt and (sometimes poisonous) plants in the garden and his career in the wild world of luxury perfumes to some shocking things about fragrance—like why it’s one of the most toxic categories in the entire beauty industry and what it is about conventional scents that gives people headaches—Little’s story is absolutely fascinating. He’s so smart and has such a beautiful imagination—who knew that clean perfume could be as sexy and cool as he’s managed to make it? (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.)
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