October 26, 2019
We're back from our mini-technical difficulties-hiatus and talking about a highly recommended bait - Hannigram! This week, Zoe and I discuss how weird this ship is and how, and we cannot stress this enough, he eats people! This week's suggested pairing is Killing Eve. Go watch it its on Hulu.
September 15, 2019
This week, special guest star Adelynn attempts to explain the homoeroticism of the scary clown movie to us and Zoe and I attempt to understand the appeal of Reddie.This week's suggested pairing is Adelynn's Reddie playlist:
August 31, 2019
Welcome to our very first straightbait special! this week, Zoe and I revisit our first ship, talk about how much we love Billie Piper, and argue that it is inherently lesbian culture. This week's suggested pairing is the tenrose playlist that I made when I was 14:
August 17, 2019
Alright you guys. We did it. The hot new queerbait on the block. And Zoe and I unfortunately.......have a lot of very nice things to say about it. This week's pairing is:
August 13, 2019
This week's ship is a case study in the dangers of shippable twinks. Join us as we discuss how absolutely insane this ship is, how absolutely dead inside we both are, and how pegging is the only way to make james bond's pairing is:
August 3, 2019
In episode 4, we discuss why friends to enemies to lovers is the best trope, why Mitski's entire discography is just an extended sasunaru fanfiction, and I submit to the mortifying ideal of being known.Our suggested pairing for this week is my sasunaru playlist, which we discuss at length:
July 27, 2019
In episode 3, we finally talk about the queerbait that inspired this podcast and our love of queerbaiting in the first place: Destiel.Our suggested pairing for this episode is this youtube video:
July 19, 2019
In episode 2, we tackle Johnlock, and all the bad writing, misogyny, conspiracy theories, and horrifying fanfiction tropes that go along with it.Our suggested pairing for this episode is the youtube video:
July 4, 2019
In our inaugural episode of Bait, we take off our tumblr-2013 colored glasses and tear apart the caviar of queerbait: Merthur.
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