A delight!
An amusing, well-researched podcast with quality production. It is full of pop-culture history and plenty of heart. It’s amazing what Tony fits into these brief episodes ... perfect for a short commute.
What do DD Ramone, Bruce Willis, and Rowdy Roddy Piper have in common....?
Heard about this on DLM. Just a perfect little podcast about some amazing and mostly forgotten/forgotten by most moments in music history. Love it!
Well thought out
Good length, interesting, and well produced.
If Pop Up Video was in a podcast format about bizarre albums.
Bizarre Albums has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Tony’s interest and love for all things ridiculous and strange is contagious! Can’t wait to see what other albums he has in store.
Fun and informational!
A great, easy to digest podcast about quirky albums, their origins, and their makers. Subscribe to this and follow on Instagram and/or Twitter for extra stuff as well
Love it!
Scott Fugger
I'm typically more into long form podcasts, but these episodes are perfect becuase they're quick, fun, and informational. I'm a big fan of thrift store vinyl pickups based on eye-catching album covers and Bizarre Albums is giving me even more to keep a lookout for!
Great listen
Michelle R from Michigan
Produced to perfection, perfectly legnthed, and highly entertaining! Thanks for the great pod!
Exceptionally well researched!
Chad Thunderbroom
I had the pleasure of listening to this podcast, after listening to another favorite podcast of mine , Rock Solid (hosted by the wonderful Pat Francis). What is most enjoyable to me, about this album podcast, is how impeccably we’ll researched it is. What a treat! I listened to all the reviews in a single drive. May I suggest Mr. Bungle’s first major label album? By the way, when will we have the pleasure of hearing Scott Baio channel Chachi on the Joni loves chachi album? Just a thought. Rock on and great job! Can’t wait for new episodes!
Binge Worthy
Entertaining, quick, informative and impossible not to love
Fun, interesting, fast, and informative!
I LOVE Bizarre Albums!! For a music trivia fan like me, this gives you a quick dose of trivia on some unique albums in a 15 minute episode. You’ll get hooked!
Very fun and well-produced
Each episode is a fascinating tidbit that takes you behind the scenes of some of the quirkier moments in the entertainment business.
Such a fun ride!
There truly is no one more suited to do this podcast than Tony. He has a genuine interest (or borderline obsession - in a good way) about entertainment-related trivia. He’s found the perfect outlet and we all get to benefit from this. The episodes are well-produced, they sound great, and they’re the perfect length at around 15 minutes. You never get that “ok this has been great, but I need a break” feeling from the podcasts that go just a little too long. Episodes are well-researched, full of interesting facts and cut with interesting clips. The arc in each episode builds nicely; the pacing naturally guides you along, starting with minimal background/set up and eventually gets to the meat of the album, and even interjects a lot of really great side bits that tie in along the way. After a few minutes you’re hooked, regardless of your level of interest in the episode’s topic. Subscribe to this one, folks. It’s incredible and he’s only getting started! I can’t wait to see where this goes.
Elated to learn this existed!
I learned that this podcast existed from listening to Jonah Raydio (another music podcast you should listen too btw) and was stoked to say the least. I love and collect bizarre and "why does this exist" type records. I've grown up listening to Tony through Motion City Soundtrack but now I get to hear HIS voice and his commentary on something that we have in common. And his commentary is amazing! It is well researched, thought out, conversational, and most of all entertaining. Also, you can tell this endevour wasn't gone into lightly because this podcast is not just thrown together. It is produced very well and the passion for it is obvious.
Ohhhh yeahhh
Awesome job, Tony!!
Short and sweet
discount time tra-vel
This podcast could easily be an hour long with a guest each week, but in a world of too many good podcasts, a 15 minute podcast is pretty hard not to add to your subscriptions. Each episode is a quick but informative dive into the history of a weird album, and there’s a seemingly endless supply that’ll power this show for years. I would like a bit more from Tony about his personal connection to each album. Give it a listen! It’s only 15 minutes!
Love it!
Keep up the great work Tony!
Fantastic podcast
Not Dave Lyons
Stop reading this review, and go listen to the podcast. Best music podcast I’ve ever heard.
I’m an instant fan
The Real Kipper
Discovered this podcast through Beyond Yacht Rock and I was hooked immediately. Tony does a great job of diving into the depths of delightfully strange albums!
So fun and well researched. The albums and memories he has been digging up are unreal. The Return Of Bruno!? Bruce Willis’ Seagrams commercials!? So much fun
You talkin’ Bizarre Albums to me? Yes.
I wouldn’t mind if these episodes were an hour or longer. It’s so good.
Chuckles Funtown
Tony really does his homework and brings the story of these crazy albums to life. Great production value and really interesting information.
A series that will never lack for material
A love letter podcast to those albums that you find in cutout bins or in the discount section of iTunes and wonder “why in Hades was this made?” Entertaining presentation with a deep dive into the background of how the album came to be and track-by-track commentary A must for music lovers.
Liked it from the Jump!
I'm not a music dude. I really only listen to film scores and bands from pre 1990, so I could give a rip about albums....BUT... this podcast is great. From the very opening of the first episode I was hooked. The albums are weird, the info and history is strange and the podcast is tight! I like that it is concise and doesn't go on too long. It is a nice little package wrapped with a weird little bow.
Add it to your rotation
The episodes are a nice bite-size length. Top notch research and production. You’ll be entertained and learn something as well!
Absolutely Riveting
Only three episodes deep, and I’m addicted. The depth of information blends well with the novelty of the albums. And I really enjoy the “bite-sized” length for leisure listening.
Motion City Soundtrack drummer is an amazing host and music historian
Matthew WJ
I love MCS with all my heart and I saw Tony’s wife Kailynn post about this pod on her IG and I had to check it out cause the first episode is about The Wrestling Album. I was happy to listen to a very thorough 15 minute history lesson that was full of very interesting factoids and samples of the album itself. The Simpsons Sing the Blues second episode is also a wonderful listen. Tony is such a great host, able to segue from song to song but also highlight interviews with production people and musicians and letting you know just about everything about the album, all in a tight and well managed fifteen. This podcast is supremely awesome and interesting.
Very epic podcast
Aidan Pfister
I always was interested in obscure records and the like but it’s always daunting to enter that world by yourself. Tony Thaxton is your guide through all the wacky noises the music industry has generated over time. I’ve seriously enjoyed the first two episodes and I expect more greatness to come!
Really good
Jam packed with cool info and interesting tidbits. It’s just a very interesting and cool pod.
Great and fact fill show
Tony Thaxton has put together an entertaining and fact filled podcast about some great and weird albums. Can’t wait to hear a lot more
Gold Stars for Bizarre Albums
Sagacious Crumb
Mr. Thaxton gives in-depth and interesting takes on those wacky and obscure albums from the past. You can hear his sincere love for these misfit songs, and he will make you fall in love with them, too.
Great informational tidbits
After two episodes, the story of the albums themselves are interesting. But this is a great overview of pop culture and some of the top talent involved in some unusual projcts.
Totally Rad
There are some truly bizarre albums out there and I appreciate Tony’s approach to relishing in their oddity instead of poking fun
Informational and fun
So fun! A great light listen full of fun facts and backstory. Well put together, great production.
Great Podcast
I loved all the little nuggets and that it didn’t just make fun of the music. It was also a great change of pace from politics and true crime podcasts. It was very relaxing.
The Perfect Podcast
I’m a huge music fan, this is such a genius idea. There are so many great albums I’m hoping that get featured in future episodes. The audio quality is stupendous and Tony is hilarious. He found a way to pack so much into this first episode. I learned a few things while reminiscing about an old favorite album. Cheers to you Tony! I can’t wait to hear more!
Funny and Informative!
So much detail packed into a 15-ish minute podcast. It also has that classic Tony Thaxton style we know and love!
Great music podcast... about Music!
This is the perfect podcast for a music lover, a history lover or just someone interested in the bizarre. I happen to be a fan of all the above. You can tell that Tony has taken the time to do his research and it’s all presented in very tidy and easily digestible format. I would put this up there with podcasts like “defunctland” & “cocaine and rhinestones” where more often than not the facts are far more outrageous than the fiction. As well after some research of my own I find that Tony is actually a music insider having been in a very successful bands over the years. I’m always excited to hear these tales presented by someone who’s had a look behind the curtain. I’m eager to hear what other bizarre albums or musical tales are told!!
Insightful and fun!
As a long time fan of T-Thaxt’s poddingcasts this one lives up to the hype! This show is informative and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for another gem Tony! Blue Moon Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang ba ba ding a dong ding good pod!
Wow- this is fun!
Eban Schletter
For many years I've listened to these sorts of records for kitch value (think Golden Throats), but this podcast gives such well researched backstory information and is presented so well it gives me a whole new appreciation. It's a lot of "wow! I never knew that" and fun packed in a short 15 minutes. Highly recommended!
So informative in the most entertaining way!
Love how Tony shares information and incorporates music and sound bytes to really paint a picture. So entertaining!!
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