Fun look at records that you see and wonder what it’s about.
Perfect Podcast
Wonderfully curated and always interesting. Try any episode!
Just good fun (and informative), simple as that.
This podcast is awesome! If you are interested in weird music with weird origins stories, start here.
Scratches Just the Right It h
Del Montoon
If you’ve got a passion for the oddest of pop culture phenomenon, this is a wonderful, bite-sized podcast that will consistently satisfy your cravings.
In depth deep dives of music knowledge
Tony Thaxton is the man! Each week he brings you bizarrely interesting fact packed 20 minutes on albums that make you hmmmmm? Once I heard one episode I was hooked and had to go back and listen to them all. I think I tore through 36 episodes in two days and I can’t wait to listen to them all again. Do yourself a favor and get on board!
So engaging!
When I first subscribed, I cherry picked the episodes that sounded the most interesting to me to listen to first, but I soon discovered that EVERY episode kept me engaged from start to finish. It’s like Tony knows exactly which totally random trivia my brain craves. Highly recommended!!
Al Hifi
For pop culture history fanatics this essential
Shockingly thorough yet fast moving
Roger Vertigo
As a 55 year old lifelong music nerd I’m awestruck by the trivia and info that Tony puts together. Yet it moves so quickly that it never drags. Highly recommended.
So great!
A fun and interesting look into so many albums that, somehow, got made (though you learn why through the show!)
Pop-Culture Deep Dive
Tony Thaxton’s breezily informative podcast brings light to wild musical anomalies that will have surprises for even the more dedicated pop-culture enthusiasts. From crazy franchise tie-ins to inexplicable left turns from popular artists, the subjects are diverse and receive affectionate tributes from Mr. Thaxton. He has a knack for tying together disparate sources (like Richard Simmons and Fellini, for example) and never resorts to snarky commentary. Pop and counter-culture lovers alike should look no further!
I love this podcast!
Julianne G.
You’re doing a great job! I had no clue about that Van Morrison album, it was a great episode.
Entertaining and educational!
Great podcast. I’m subscribed and have enjoyed each and every episode. Highly recommended!
Tony Explores the Hits & Misses
Love to listen to Tone Zone give his take on bizarre albums.
Awesome podcast
Perfect for the music nerd! Totally worth the listen.
Love these interesting stories
TYin NoCal
Tony is a great story teller (and I’m a terrible writer of reviews!) Listen and enjoy!!
This is Awesome!
Tony, I am thoroughly enjoying your podcast. As you, I love good album and your research and information that you dig up is always interesting. Keep up the good work. Love it!
Love it
commander snuggles
I don't know much about music or music history. Normally, stuff like this isn't very appealing to me but I really like this show.
Great Podcast
I especially enjoyed the Van Morrison episode. I’d love to hear more episodes like this about real albums that aren’t TV tie-ins. Keep up the great work.
I heard Tony talk about this on NNF...
And was intrigued by the concept. What I actually got was so much more. These are short, thoughtful, deep dives into the world of vanity records, product tie ins and some just what were they even thinking. Fun, insightful and never punching down. I look forward to the new episode every Tuesday.
Awesome podcast
M. Shafty
It’s like a fine wine for the ears of music nerds and just general nerds.
Beyond entertaining!!
I can’t believe the amount of info crammed into 15-20 min. Tony really cares about the production goes above and beyond to dive deep into these albums and songs. I’m guessing he’s spent more time researching some of these albums then the actual artists did writing and recording them. A must listen for all!!!
Steven Cgull
Very interesting and short podcast. If you’ve ever bought the used records at thrift stores just because....you will like this show.
Cool Weirdness!
J. Bobby Westside
Bizarre albums is my new favorite podcast. Each episode has helped me to discover a love for novelty albums.
My favorite new podcast!
Checked out the podcast because I’m a massive MCS fan, stayed because Tony offers up well-researched yet concise deep-dive into some of the strangest projects ever committed to vinyl & beyond. Especially love that it’s not snarky or picking on the fat kid, Tony’s genuine love and curiosity for these projects shines throughout, making this a must-listen for fans of strange marketing gimmicks, curious actor choices, and having fun in generals
If you enjoy music history and musical oddities..
This is a must-listen. Love this podcast. Great, straight to the point, short but extremely entertaining/informational listen.
A quick favorite
I’m a music dork and a fan of the weird. This is the perfect mix of those interests.
Tony Thaxton, You Have Stolen My Heart!
Anyone who does a podcast on the ARCHIES deserves a permanent place in my heart! I watched the show and bought the albums when they were originally released. To have Thaxton celebrate his admiration for this classic just warms my heart. Thanks, Tony! You're clearly a gem of a man yourself! I can see why Andrea Savage loves you!
Fantastic Voyage
What a terrific show! There’s no pocket of pop culture too obscure for me!
This is such a cool podcast! I found it from following Tony’s instagram because of Motion City Soundtrack (who I will be seeing in January 🤘🤘🤘)!! It’s such a fun listen! It’s so cool hearing about albums I haven’t heard of with really cool histories! Definitely worth a listen and I tell everyone I know about it! I get excited every week to see what’s next!
Wonderful listen
I was drawn to this podcast as it comes from my favorite bands drummer :) I keep listening because it is awesome! I listen to a lot of podcasts and an odd variety of topics so it’s sort of hard to add yet another to listen to but this is a perfect length to listen to on a quick drive and it’s super entertaining. I love collecting vinyl and I always look for odd records so this is right up my alley and it is done very well. Kudos Tony!!
What a flashback!
The Archie’s was one of my first ever albums when I was 11-12. Played it over and over. And I had the “45” bang Shang a Lang cut from the back of a cereal box. That thing held up until I long grew out of it. Hearing the samples of the songs now I still remember every word . Saturday morning Archie cartoons and the banana splits show & hr puffenstuff were so hip to me! Thank you for the great memory
Love it Bizarre! Mmmmm...
Have to listen as soon as it appears. Keep it up, i appreciate your time!
Fun Podcast
This goes to the top of my queue every time it drops - I love the format and the 15-20 min length. Tony treats each oddity of an album with respect and really does excellent research to kind of give it a “behind the music” vibe. Highly Recommended!!
A Love Bizarre
Binge-listened to all of @tonythaxton's amazing informative @bizarrealbums podcast today. Highly recommend to fans of novelty records and odd pop experiments. Episodes are 15-20 minutes long (a welcome rarity). Well researched and with lots of audio clips
Great Podcast
If you are into music, this is definitely a podcast to listen to. It's just the right length.
Music fan must!
If you're a music fan and you're not listening to Tony Thaxton's superb Bizarre Albums podcast, you're doing yourself a disservice. Fun, funny and full of facts at the same time, but never mean. Good stuff.
Succinct and Informative!
This podcast is great for music fans interested in some of the weirder corners of popular music. I love that Tony draws connections to other musicians and bands just to show the crazy web that pop music can weave. He's also not deriding these albums, merely stating facts about them with added audio clips from other sources. Short, sweet and chock full of great tidbits, I wish more podcasts were like this!
This podcast is perfect!
Fantastic Podcast
This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. Would recommend to anyone
Great podcast
I’ve really been enjoying this podcast. It’s well researched, has amazing production, and it’s really interesting taking a lens to such weird cultural oddities. The short format is great for when you don’t have a ton of time but want to listen to something. Keep it up! Love it!
A delight!
An amusing, well-researched podcast with quality production. It is full of pop-culture history and plenty of heart. It’s amazing what Tony fits into these brief episodes ... perfect for a short commute.
What do DD Ramone, Bruce Willis, and Rowdy Roddy Piper have in common....?
Heard about this on DLM. Just a perfect little podcast about some amazing and mostly forgotten/forgotten by most moments in music history. Love it!
Well thought out
Good length, interesting, and well produced.
If Pop Up Video was in a podcast format about bizarre albums.
Bizarre Albums has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Tony’s interest and love for all things ridiculous and strange is contagious! Can’t wait to see what other albums he has in store.
Fun and informational!
A great, easy to digest podcast about quirky albums, their origins, and their makers. Subscribe to this and follow on Instagram and/or Twitter for extra stuff as well
Love it!
Scott Fugger
I'm typically more into long form podcasts, but these episodes are perfect becuase they're quick, fun, and informational. I'm a big fan of thrift store vinyl pickups based on eye-catching album covers and Bizarre Albums is giving me even more to keep a lookout for!
Great listen
Michelle R from Michigan
Produced to perfection, perfectly legnthed, and highly entertaining! Thanks for the great pod!
Exceptionally well researched!
Chad Thunderbroom
I had the pleasure of listening to this podcast, after listening to another favorite podcast of mine , Rock Solid (hosted by the wonderful Pat Francis). What is most enjoyable to me, about this album podcast, is how impeccably we’ll researched it is. What a treat! I listened to all the reviews in a single drive. May I suggest Mr. Bungle’s first major label album? By the way, when will we have the pleasure of hearing Scott Baio channel Chachi on the Joni loves chachi album? Just a thought. Rock on and great job! Can’t wait for new episodes!
Binge Worthy
Entertaining, quick, informative and impossible not to love
Fun, interesting, fast, and informative!
I LOVE Bizarre Albums!! For a music trivia fan like me, this gives you a quick dose of trivia on some unique albums in a 15 minute episode. You’ll get hooked!
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